5TH YEAR OF THE M5 1/1/05 -12/31/05

12/27/05 YEAR ENDER... As we at emmissucks end 2005 and close in on the end of our 5th year of publication I can report the empire continues to crumble. I can now confirm Jeff West who was MIA after Katrina is now officially gone from the helm of the moldy WVUE cube. Some have asked "how is your rebuilding going?" ,just an FYI.... I now have a first floor and kitchen. This will cut my operating cost , no more pizza trailer :-). It will be some time before I have any furniture on the first floor, just tried to buy some things and found out every one else in the metro area is doing the same thing. While most of the US thinks things are back to normal down here, that is far from reality. If its not on CNN ,it must be back to normal. VUE drones are none to happy with the temp digs and a running joke is "lets pull some file!" No word on the sale of the last cubes. The stock is back down to its pre-buy back levels (less than $20 a share). Hopefully the last cubes will be sold soon and this bad chapter in broadcast history will be history. See ya next year for what will most likely be the last year for continues updates. Good luck to all those freed drones out there.

12/18/05 STILL HERE.... A number of viewers have asked "Are you still out there?" ,sure am. With the Emmis rain of terror coming to an end ,less and less to report. With the official transfer of ownership of some of the cubes to Company B , a number of Emmis management has "moved on". Some now FE`s claim the promised three months pay will be the last insult,

"I see you got the word on Jeff`s promise. I think this is a ploy to make him look good, after all your site has exposed him for the slime bag he is. Yes we may get three months pay, but the low end companies he sold us to may cut a good deal of the staff. Jeff did not do us any favors, he is just playing up to the media. I hope you did not buy his latest sham."

I emailed the person who sent this in but they did not respond. If you use a "generic" email, at least check the in box for a while. It was amazing that all the "pro" Emmis emails I have ever received have been to afraid to use their real email addresses. Afraid of what? Me or Jeff? Most of the "non-pro" emmis emails use their direct emails, some 650 unique emails in five years. As for the promised bonus, I got more when I was tapped :-) Bet that still chaps his hide.

I will continue to report on the fall of the evil empire when data becomes available. As Borg implants are being removed from recent FE`s only three cubes remain in the collective. As it turns out, resistance was not futile.

12/01/05 GOOD BY BONUS FOR TV FE`s.... This has not been confirmed yet.

"Dear Television employees,
This has been a difficult year, and I appreciate your patience and professionalism throughout the sale process. Earlier this year, we told you that TV employees would receive a success bonus if sale prices for the division exceeded initial estimates. As you know, buyers did indeed see a great deal of value in your stations, and now I am pleased to be able to share the basic terms of your success bonus.
The minimum bonus for each TV employee will equal three months' salary; for sales staff, this will be based on a monthly average over the past year. You will receive your bonus after the sales of the first 13 stations conclude, which will likely be in January. Emmis will mail a check to you r home address.
Please accept this bonus as an expression of gratitude and an acknowledgement of all you’ve done to contribute to the value of your station. During these past several years, I have been so impressed with your talent, your drive and your commitment to viewers, and I wish you every success in the future.

Take all you can get ,after all you got the corp shaft for years. WVUE back in NewOrleans cube.This exclusive from the on line Emmis authority, Emmissucks!

11/19/05 FROZEN IN TIME... I got a call this morning at 7am telling me to tune in WVUE , low & behold I saw,

frozen image and cartoon active audio. This went on for over two hours. I guess this is a new type of kids programming. The M5 will screw up till the end. "This unit must survive."

11/12/05 HE`S BACK ..... Breck is back in the metro area, via satellite from an industrial park. Also VUE has rehired one of its former weather guys and has an ad for yet another one. All this to keep Bob happy. Plans are to move the news staff back to the Jeff Davis cube in a few weeks. An insider tells this blog that they will have a combined news room /set in the stations biggest studio ,"A". This will be a temporary fix until the other sections of the station are fixed. No word on if the drowned live trucks will be replaced.

Now for a bit of humor at Jeff`s expense. Your web master has learned that Jeff likes to warm up his crowd at high level meetings by doing a puppet act with a moose hand puppet. I am also told the act is pretty bad and a second banana tells Jeff when to quit because he is boring the suits. It is odd that the big Jeff and the local (WVUE) Jeff are both puppet masters. The party who leaked this said "At least the stock holders and drones did not have to endure this act." Facts are stranger than fiction.

11/06/05 ON VACATION???? At least thats the story VUE management is telling the public while they try to placate Breck. How much will it cost to keep him? How many will lose their jobs to pay him? Stay tuned. VUE to move back to NewOrleans soon. They will move into the vacant space were master control and other engineering space used to be. You have to wonder how well they have done to protect the returning humans. One put it this way,

"They did not get rid of the asbestos over the last seven years, do you think they will do anything to protect any of us FE`s as they try to dump the station?"

I am sure Jeff will do all that is needed ,if it does not cost to much. No word from the other remaining cubes, all must be peachy with them. Emmis stock just under $20 a share, the buy back seems to be fading as investors see the company going no ware. "Chain rowers."

10/30/05 A LINE IN THE SLIME... Apparently Bob Breck is non to happy with his commute to and from WALA. He (Bob) has told the powers at be that he will walk if they do not fulfill their contractual requirements. Just a few of his sticking points, "I am contracted to work in New Orleans not Mobile AL!" and " I am supposed to have help putting these weather cast together.". Bob`s line in the slime expires soon, lets see if he follows through or caves. This Exclusive brought to you by the Emmis authority, Emmissucks.Com.

10/22/05 NOT MUCH LEFT TO REPORT... Since most of the humans I know are gone and the few who are left are busy trying to put some thing back on the air. One resent FE sent in this,

" I think you will enjoy this relic from the Quinn era ,it fits now more than ever for both the station and the corporation!"

I fell out of my chair on that note. For those who do not remember the "Neighbors In News" and "Thats My VUE Point, Whats Yours?" ,consider your self lucky. Emmis is making plans to rebuild some thing for VUE, what that is and how close to pre-Katrina that will be, remains to be seen.The piles of smurf brick are down to just a few feet and the water logged live trucks have been hauled off. One other staffer said "Did you notice the plastic covering the fence, looks like they do not want you to see what they are doing?" could be? No word from CCC or the 50th state on how the sale is going. "Be Happy In Your Work."

10/17/05 NEW ORLEANS CUBE CONTINUES TO CRUMBLE... As the demolition continues and the old VUE news dept is piled up to 17 feet high

on the side street and shorter piles on Jeff davis ,your web master has learned that the current captain of the cube may have caught a life boat. A few drones got out just before Katrina and one let me know how bad it was getting ,we bumped into each other at the barber shop. Others have jumped ship since the storm. It is rumored that the main weather guy has give management an ultimatum or he will walk. It will take some time if ever to get the old cube back to were it was pre-Katrina. With the station up for sale ,you have to wonder how cheap Emmis will be on the re-build, if at all. Some talk is on Emmis taking the insurance money, shutting down news and running the place from Orlando. Time will tell.

10/11/05 AS EMMIS SINKS INTO TV HISTORY...They will go out with a flair for the ultimate in stupidity.

These were their two front line WVUE live trucks,

Note the water marks on the vans and the street light pole. I guess the weather authority did not notice the cat 5 storm heading for New Orleans. I addition the entire first floor of the New Orleans cube has been put onto the curbs in 15 foot high piles for trash pick up. This will include the new over priced set, Brecks weather palace, the new cameras and all those Bach Boxes I built over the years. In one feld swoop Katrina did one thing I hoped for, removed all the gadgets I built from use by Emmis.One CE put it like this,

"I do not know how we will do Mardi-Gras or elections now, all the stuff you made has been destroyed. Maybe VIC will build replacements :-)"

I do not think so. I am glad a few of the remaining CE`s remember who made all those little gems. I will also state my Express remote was high and dry along with all my other ENG gear.

While yours truly was evaced to Baton Rouge another FE and I had a running gag involving Ray Shonback ,only the two of us "got it" but many others wondered what we were talking about. It is amazing to see the shock on some peoples faces when they meet your web master in person. It makes it worth while. When Emmis finally divest itself of TV this site will remain but will only update when Jeff pulls another big screw up.

I did get this from a reader of this page.

"Did you hear Big Easy is up for sale?"

Yes I did , I can understand why, producing a blog is not easy and requires time and brings the rath of readers and companies alike. Blogged free speech is not easy and requires a great deal from the web master. For those who do not believe this, feel free to give it a try.

I am rowing, but the finish line is in sight.

10/10/05 I`M BACK.... Much to the displeasure of Jeff and his band of gypsies. There is a lot to catch up on. First I now have a phone for the first time in six weeks. I got back to my QTH (home to the non-hams) and found some looters got my generator and a few other items from my back yard. I now am sleeping in my living room with a 12 gauge. I got about 12 inches of water on my first floor, that was just bad enough to destroy most stuff on that floor.

Now for some catch up on the evil ones. I could not believe when received the info "Bosses use drones to ferry personal shuttle craft out of harms way while leaving two live trucks to drown in front of station." It was true, I have the pics and will post them when I figure out my new digital camera. The VUE studios are being gutted and some drones report they were not given any chance to recover personal effects prior to demolition. Typical Emmis. The weather authority is now with out gear and down to one weather guy. Emmis has sold off most of TV but still owns VUE the hub and one in Hawaii . You could say the end is in sight for Emmis TV.

All New Orleans broadcasters got hit by Katrina but the difference is how the companies respond to crisis and employee personal needs. We all know how A-Mess has responded.

I must say that it is vary strange to walk the city streets and not see another human, I feel like it is a movie set from the film "last man on earth".I will be posting some pics. No one can describe the smell of death and decay so I will not try.Civilization is hot water, milk,ice and a phone line.

This unit has survived and is back computing.

Jeff Smulyan, head of Emmis Communications and former owner of the Seattle Mariners, has submitted a bid to purchase the Washington Nationals baseball team. This was passed along from Newsblues. God help them. Your web master will be returning to the disaster zone this monday after leaving the secure undisclosed location were emmissucks data has been stored and the last few post have been coming from. Home of the supper doppler 8000+ has power/water and sewerage. I do not know about phone lines so it may be some time before the next posting.
A high rankning WVUE Manager told another manager
 "Why do they (Emmis) want the transmitter back up, I no longer have a studio."
You could say the WVUE studio is A-Mess. This seg out truly fits the disaster zone, Row On!

09/13/05 WVUE EMPLOYEE HELP?.....Emmis once again proves how they love the humans they employ. I did not believe it my self so I held off posting this, they(Emmis) gave the drones a $100 ,told them to leave all company property (including there only means of transport) at WALA and contact them (VUE managers) each Monday. Many of these one time Emmis supporters are now openly advertising all over the net that they "are available for employment". It took a cat 4 storm to bring out Jeffs true colors for some of these folks. Bowing to public pressure A-Mess posted this;

a half assed way or pretending to care.
Your webmaster will be returning to the home of the supper Doppler 8000+ on Monday. It has been confirmed that the VUE studios and news room are totaled. You can now add toxic mud to the aspestose on Jeff Davis PKWY.The cheap P.O.S. transmitters did not get wasted. Emmis will suck to the bitter end. Row on.

09//03/05 HURRICANE KATRINA HITS WVUE CUBE HARD... WVUE and all TV stations are hit by cat 4 storm. WVUE newsroom and new over priced studios total loss. Bosses use drones to ferry personal shuttle craft out of harms way while leaving two live trucks to drown in front of station. Transmitter slightly moist. CE`s report having to give up company vehicles leaving them stranded over two states. Drones told to call about pay each Monday. Odds on reconstruction low to nil. Another viewer sent in this info:

"I know Emmis is probably the LAST thing you'd care to think about at a time like this, but this might make you smile. If you haven't already heard...The FCC fines Emmis in EEO matter.

Hopefully this will take you to the broadcast engineering may already subscribe to it...

So much for "the people company"."

Many have asked how your webmaster has faired. After some interesting and frightening time I am well and dry. Emmis sucks is being posted from a dry secure undisclosed location until power is restored to the supper Doppler 8000 computer site. I am sure Jeff wishes me well :-) The home of the supper Doppler 8000 only got 12 inches of water and no wind damage. "This unit has survived."

"Fall of the Emmispire

Wow, I just got caught up and read the last 2 postings.
I guess Emmis did a divide and conquer with its TV

I would just love to see the Evil Ones I used to work for
get what's really coming to them. Like the top brass in
Indiana, the top brass in Oregon has almost rubbed its
employees' faces in its nice cars, expensive dinners,
home upgrades. Hope those upgrades pay off when they
have to sell their homes. I could be sympathetic because
of what I went through, but since they agreed with
Emmiscorps to put me and a lot of others there, they
can get their just desserts. Sorry, Charlie. Sleep with
the devil, wake up in hot ashes. Play with the giant boot,
wake up a smashed bug. Treat your sailors poorly, go
down in the ship by yourself. Buy yourself a nice suit at
the cost of someone feeding his family, see how well
that suit nourishes you when your cabinets are empty.
Force a human to crawl home to his/her family and tell
them there's no job any more, be forced to do the same
with your family, only because you're so BIG, the fall is
so HARD. I could go on but I won't right now. Well...I

Kind of gives a new meaning to LEVELING THE
PLAYING FIELD doesn't it? Except dept heads and
managers don't have any real talent, just business
degrees and the ability to be more machine than

I have been getting a lot of e-mail like this one. As for you web master ,I am moving into Hurricane Katrina prep mode and depending on how bad it hits our area I will return asap. Data for this site has been saved out of state and the hard drives for the supper Doppler 8000 will be removed and taken to a safe undisclosed location.

08/24/05 WARNING WILL ROBINSON!!!!! I an not going to actively look into who is buying Emmis cubes but if some thing like this comes in ,it will be posted.

"Hi (XXXX)!
While I am thrilled about Emmis getting out of TV, rather than congratulating the new
(Company A) stations they now need to be warned. It is time for them to get out their resumes and be ready for more unpleasant changes!!!

(Company A) television stations in Indiana are hubbed! This includes WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, and WLFI-TV, Lafayette.

They WILL hub WTHI, Terre Haute AND WLUK-TV, Green Bay. On the same day
(Company A) television agreed to $ 260 million worth of Emmis TV stations, the (Company A) board of directors approved a new $200 million stock buyback program!

They've also installed Parkervision at WANE-TV

This has allowed them to automate the newscasts so they have eliminated all but a very few production people.

Jeff, living in Indianapolis, had to have known about
(Company A)'s centralcrapping facilities even before he sat down with (Company A) to discuss selling the stations. Once again, he's put bucks ahead of people.

Once the FCC approves the sale, it will likely take about six months or so for them to add servers, routers, and automation control for WTHI in Indy. A few of THI's people may be asked to work in Indy. Also, do not expect
(Company A) TV to upgrade the studios. Most of their stations are desperate need of new furniture, new paint, etc. Any "new" equipment the stations may get will likely be WISH TV hand-me-downs.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially since this is a time for liberated Emmis people to rejoice. Please warn these people,...they need to know!

At least the drones of the cubes bought by Company A have a chance to look into this and make plans to vacate if needed. I was hoping this sort of thing would not happen but to all those at WALA-10-Fox,WBPG-55-WB,WTHI-10-CBS,WLUK-11-Fox & KRQE-13-CBS start prepping NOW! Another observant informed viewer sent in this ,

"One could make the case that Emmis was positioning WVUE for sale as much as 3 years ago when they bid a ridiculous amount of money to get Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from WWL. Those are highly valued assets that make a station look attractive but don't necessarily result in cash flow.
King World had no reason to want to move their shows off of one of the strongest stations in the country except for the fact that Emmis offered so much money.

If a good broadcaster does their due diligence correctly they might be able to discern that the program costs at WVUE now far outweigh the potential for making money on these shows. The ratings will be decent but not WWL numbers. Plus, the normal Fox audience and the audience of these shows are not a natural match so the idea of adding these shows to help other WVUE programming (i.e. Early News and Prime)is suspect.

I guess the station could sell tomorrow but careful buyers may stay away from it."

Emmis will not go out quietly ,but it will be gone.

08/23/05 LANDSLIDE OF EMAIL.... With no surprise my email box was loaded with bunches of good tid bits,

"I guess it's true,"what goes around comes around." It seems as though the mismanagement ran not only at VUE but all the way to HQ. I for one will miss this site and your postings. I had it favorite placed! But strangely, I take no satisfaction at their misfortune and I thought I would. I took the opportunity they gave me when they let me go and took it farther than my wildest dreams. I now have union representation as I've cleared probation, I've been (XXXX) now for almost a year and the money is just extra. But the real thing I enjoy most about my new company is that they listen, they give you opportunities to better yourself and learn new things, and they care. I just wish I could have found this place years ago.
I'm now based in
(XXXX) so all my trips begin and end there. I'm still in the house in Slidell until my wife decides what she's going to do about her job. Sadly, the management at her company is reminding me of Emmis more everyday with the stories she tells me. At their Christmas party last year they had assigned seating. Now, today she tells me they've instituted a new dress code while none of them are ever in the public eye. I don't know how much longer she'll want to put up with it all.
I wanted to wish you all the best and say thanks for keeping us all informed. Keep in touch."

As stated earlier this site will not be going away. This FE is now out of TV and loving it. A few notes from CCC came in,

" When will they let us go? Do you have any ideas on who will buy us ? I know some will be fired when they shut down the M5 ,but it will be worth it. Glad you informed the planet about the evil ones. I am looking up the address for the unemployment office for Mr BMW and the purple one :-)"

another wrote,

"Glad to see the limbs of the M5 being scattered!

What no one wants the hellmouth WKCF?

Ha HA ha HA ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Something tells me there will be some kicking and screaming and the cops to get the eVILmis-managers to go "

Turnabouts fair play, they used the cops in 2001. A co-worker asked,

"what will happen to the CEO for screwing up so bad?"

Knowing Jeff and Emmis, he will most likely get a raise and stock options along with a bigger golden parachute. Newsblues reports Emmis is "Pleased" with round one, gee you think they would say any thing but?

" I have been reading this site for four years , I have never worked for Emmis but I do work in the Television field. After a year of reading I could not believe the postings so I decided to contact some people I know inside Emmis. I ran an informal poll of these people as I ran into them at various industry functions. Each and every time I brought up EMMISSUCKS ,I was told the website was just the tip of the iceberg, according to all these employees Emmis is hell on earth and Jeff is the devil incarnate. I for one am glad to see them get out the biz. Good luck I will be reading the end of the empire in the pages of Emmissucks."

In an unrelated story Newsblues reports the other M5 is being Dumped,


During a mandatory staff meeting yesterday, employees of Sinclair's WUHF-31-Fox in Rochester were told that the station had entered into a joint sales and news sharing agreement with Nexstar's WROC-8-CBS.

WROC will produce a 10 p.m. newscast for WUHF and will be responsible for ad sales. "Fox 31 News at 10 will go on hiatus starting Sept. 1 and will relaunch in November," according to Nexstar.

A little more than 2½ years ago, WUHF fired its entire news, weather, and sports anchor team to make way for Sinclair's Newscentral, which is now being, effectively, dumped.

Sinclair CEO David Smith used the occasion to lash out at Washington. "In today's environment of increasing competition for advertiser's budgets and with no regulatory relief from Congress, the Courts or the Federal Communications Commission in sight, television broadcasters must pursue other arrangements that will provide them an economic benefit in order to continue to be viable, competitive and meet the needs of their local communities."

Stay tuned as we continue to report on the fall of the Emmis Empire.

08/22/05****SOLD****.... Think its a bit much? I got word as early as 6Am this morning but had no confirmation until 10Am. needles to say I can not post at that time, so here the tally so far.

Sold To Company A for $260 Million

Mobile, Ala.-Pensacola, Fla:

Terre Haute, Ind:

Green Bay-Appleton, Wisc:

Albuquerque-Sante Fe, N.Mex:

Sold To Company B for $235 Million

Ft. Myers-Naples, Fla:

Tucson, Ariz:

Omaha, Nebr:

Sold To Company C for $186 Million

Charleston-Huntington, W.Va:

No Word On These Cubes Yet

New Orleans, La:

Portland, Oreg:

Orlando, Fla:

Honolulu, Hawaii:

Wichita-Hutchinson, Kans:

Topeka, Kans:

Not since the Israelites were freed from the pharaohs has such a cry of freedom gone out. I did not think I was going to be posting so soon but as the counter hits 50K yours truly wishes all those just liberated "Good Luck" . It is an odd mix of stations that have not announced yet, these include the hub and some spokes of the M5. I had word from three of the stations staffers of impending Meetings this morning. I will remind all, Emmis is not gone yet and some mid level mismanagers have indicated they will "get even" on the way out. This seems to indicate a scorched earth policy by some Emmis managers. Another CE said "I hope Emmis does not build the new master controls." This would be bad if Emmis were involved, after all, they have proved they no nothing about TV. Emmis has bought the low end of the low end for all its DTV build outs. On a local level Vic not only removed all the gear from WVUE`s master control, He had the place stripped to the bare walls and floor.WALA may have room but the building was a true Emmis design, an office building ,not a TV station. It will require a lot to bring it up to standards. As for the other cubes, first more staff will be needed and a lot of HR to remove the Borg implants. A lot of talented humans will now have a chance to make it work free from the hostile work culture of Emmis. All the Emmis Spywear will have to be removed and it will take years to rebuild what Emmis Destroyed in just a few years. I did hear from one soon to be former Emmis management type,

"I first contacted you as a cheerleader for Emmis. We were all told Emmis was in it for the long haul and not to worry. Jeff himself told me "You can bank on Emmis and our Television division." Little did I know he was already making plans to sell TV. I am sure all of us in management will soon be hitting the bricks with nothing but Emmis as our last place of employment. I do not think that will shine as an example of how well we managed our stations. Jeff played us just as he played all the working stiffs in 2001. Now even those of us who tried to make the best of a bad company , will pay for his deceptions and greed. You were dead on about Emmis. I may stay in broadcasting, I may be forced into another field. Good luck to all the FE`s and soon to be FE`s."

Emmissucks will continue to cover the fall of the evil empire with updates as needed. Others will give you the numbers but only this site will give you the full and complete story, AES & EBU.


"While I have no horse in this race and left WALA long before Emmis took over, the one thing WALA DOES have is space. Hell, the place is half empty. The facility was built to accommodate a Master Control room and the former CE built enough extra unused rack space to house the dreaded M5. The only thing they lack is the staffing that they laid off before the move to the new building."

This info is now over five years old so there is no telling how much of that room has been used for the M5 and the other station they combined with.

The winner (if you want to call it that) of the bidding has yet to be announced. A number of well known financial mags reporters have contacted yours truly asking "Do you have any inside info?" ,no not any thing specific, Emmis is managing to keep a lid on this one.

The drones from three of the spoke stations indicate "unofficial plans for master controls are being made." One station even reports compiling a list of humans to run such a master control.

Last but not least, I continue to hear from people "What will become of your website when Emmis sells TV?" I actually spelled this out a number of times but I guess I need to do it again and put it on permanent post in the history section.

" Emmissucks started as a voice for screwed employees and to tell the world how and why Jeff and his band of gypsies were systematically eliminating quality reasonably paid humans for low paid humans running poorly designed and thought out automation. With Emmis getting out of TV ,weekly updates will end. Updates will be made for ground breaking news, such as the day the M5 is shut down. I never set out to be the Emmis Authority but it started out as a way to vent but after a few weeks it just became a interesting hobby/soap opera. Many have enjoyed the weekly installments of "how the cube turns", even folks with no interest Emmis have enjoyed how greed and incompetence destroyed stations and in the end Emmis. Will the site continue, in a word "yes" one CE from HQ mailed me a note,

"I hope you do not pull the site once EMMIS sells Television. You should leave it so others can learn from all the massive mistakes made by this company."

With this he or she donated three years worth of registration fees. I have no plans to pull the site. When there is no more news to report, after the sale, after the M5 shut down and when Emmsi radio is sold off or taken over this site will remain as testament to how greed and incompetence do not pay."

EMMISSUCKS is the only online Emmis authority using supper Doppler 8000+ technology.

08/14/05 THE END IS CLOSER... With the sale of TV announced, a stock buy back scam, the stock price now hovers from $20 to $21 a share. Jeffs manipulation seem to have worked to a point. More on the pending sale from,

"The Television Business Report 8/12

Analyzing the bidders for Emmis' TV stations
Bear Stearns analyst Victor Miller is telling clients that Emmis Communications is likely to get 1.15-1.25 billion from the sale of its 16 TV stations, pretty much in line with the estimate RBR/TVBR has stuck with from the time Emmis hung out the "for sale" sign - - 1.1-1.2 billion - - and above the one billion figure that's been speculated by others on Wall Street. Miller's analysis sees two key markets in the sell-off - - WKCF-TV (Ch. 18, WB) Orlando, FL and KOIN-TV (Ch. 6, CBS) Portland, OR. With 36-40 million in revenues and 20 million in cash flow, Miller sees WKCF selling for 250-300 million if Emmis can get a multiple of 12.5-15 times. He notes that there are three potential duopoly buyers, Cox Broadcasting, Hearst-Argyle and Post-Newsweek. For KOIN, he estimates 28-30 million in revenues and 10-12 in cash flow, so a "premium multiple" could bring 125-150 million. Tribune could be a duopoly buyer and there are other major companies who are regional players. He notes t!
hat Viacom might even be interested in buying the CBS affiliate, but would have to divest a smaller market station somewhere to stay under the 39% cap. The desert is also hot, Miller says, at least as far as values for Emmis' KRQE-TV (Ch. 13, CBS) Albuquerque, NM and KGUN-TV (Ch. 9, ABC) Tucson, AZ, which together could bring 115-135 million. Miller thinks it is unlikely that one company will buy the entire Emmis group, but rather that there will be two-to-six winners out of the three dozen or so companies who've bid for some or all of the stations. "

The one interesting thing brought up by this report is that no one wants the hub and spoke stations of the M5 as a group. With this in mind there is only two solutions upon a sale, 1 a lease management agreement (LMA) to keep the M5 or 2 Destruction of the hub and the M5. Knowing that the M5 system does not work technically or financially ,I can not see any smart buyers keeping it. What will this mean for the M5 group, terminations at the hub of all those drones needed to run the M5. The spoke stations would have to build and staff master controls. Most of the stations have the room for this but WALA does not. Some have speculated that a Trailer would be used until a real building addition could be built. Time will tell. One thing for sure, a lot of mid level Emmis drones will be tapped with in months of the sale. Irony, Justice or Karma ?

08/09/05 EMMIS BITCH SLAPPED BY N.Y. ATTORNEY GENERAL... I want media reports,

"Emmis, the parent company of New York's WQHT-FM, will pay $240,000 to settle a probe of the station's "Smackfest" contests. Contestants, usually young women, took turns slapping each other for a chance to win prizes. Emmis admits that the contest "was not our finest hour."

Emmis normally reserves bitch slapping for their own employees. Emmis closes bidding for TV division, no word if any one bid for the entire hive. Emmis stock down to $20 on all the good news. Emmis "The People Company".

07/31/05 EMMIS OK TO WORK FOR-NOT.... Now that our station move is almost over I get a day off and time for a post. Another VUE FE is now working for us as a PA (As an engineer thats a power amp or pre-amp). This PA worked the early years of A-Mess at VUE and got a real foul taste of them.

A VUE photog recently told another stations employee that Emmis was "not that bad" ,this long time VUE photog (25+ years) was told by the non Emmis person "you would not say that if you were one of the many fired by them.". I was shocked to hear who it was who said this. I wonder how this or any of the photogs would think of the evil ones if they held on to TV long enough to execute the one man bands they were playing with, thus firing all photogs? Jeff has not given up his anti human policies and any thing he can do to activate his final solution to the people problem. Unlike most companies who view their employees as assets Emmis sees them as liabilities to get rid of. To Jeff your nothing but raw material for Soylent Green.

07/20/05 ITS OFFICIAL ,HELL HAS FROZEN OVER.... in a rare if not unheard of burst of honesty ,Ray Shonback in a meeting with WVUE staffers a few weeks back admitted that Emmis was wrong about centralcrapping and wrong about TV. He also admitted to not listening to qualified TV people and that those humans were correct. I had to wait until this info was confirmed because I just could not believe it. I and all the others can now once again say,

"I Told You So"

You could say this was Jeffs one billion dollar blunder. A follow up to the previous post, Jeff Baskin is the one leaving for KOIN. I did not post the name until I could confirm it. This seems to be the only way Jeff could move up, barring Breck keeling over. Baskin will be the chief meteor guy. If has read this page ,he knows how bad it is at KOIN.. The truth is out there.

07/19/05 WVUE LOSES WEATHER GUY???? It was reported by local blogs that VUE had more weather people than any one, now it looks like they will lose one of the veteran weather gang.

Emmis station locked out of police presser because of the biased reporting done by that station.

A telephone company employee reports that

"WVUE is like a ghost town, even I have to get an escort to work on phone equipment."

BELO just bought the local UPN station and has also announced that they will break ground on their new combined megaplex. I am sure no expense will be spared. This will leave WVUE in the oldest physical plant in town. I pas the construction site twice a day ,it will be interesting to see what they build.

Speaking of new digs ,yours truly will be helping move another station into their new home this weekend so no more post until after that is done. Row on.

07/09/05 KOIN TALENT CAVE... In a squeaker the uninformed talent rejected NABET. A CE at KOIN sent me the link to the OREGONIAN online that started with this,

"On-air KOIN-TV personalities reject union representation

KOIN-TV's on-air personalities voted 11-10 against unionizing Tuesday, leaving only off-camera workers at the CBS affiliate represented by a union. The result was good news for management at a station that is up for sale and lagging in its prime-time newscast ratings, and where off-camera workers organized last month."

The KOINer who sent this also said "if any of the 11 who voted down the union had read your site, they would be NABET now." He also pointed out that AFTRA still has a chance to defend the reluctant talent.

We continue to hear that some broadcasters are interested in parts of the hive no one is interested in whole empire.On the local front , we in the NEW ORLEANS metro area brace for Hurricane Dennis impact. The storm will most likely not hit us directly but we should get some wind and rain. The "weather authority" is splurging in O.T. trying to stay ahead of the pack on this one. For me its back to storm prep. Emmissucks, is your Emmis Authority.

07/03/05 OTHER SYSTEM SCRAPPED!!! In a stunning announcement Sinclair has indicated that its much touted NewsCentral will be scrapped. Apparently the system suffered from poor engineering huge operational cost and was seen as a political tool. The one thing that did in this M5 system more than all the others was $$$$. Sinclair unlike Emmis,came to their senses and scrapped it.

This past week was a banner week as I have been in contact with a huge number of FE`s from all over the hive. This was not planned but it was fun to hear the others take on the people company. One from FTX said,

" I knew we were in big trouble with in a month of Emmis buying us, I got out (XXX) years later."

This FE also told quite a few interesting tid bits of how the M5 screwed FTX up and other stations. It was interesting to see how my co-workers took his info on A-Mess. Also we were visited by some automation experts who just stopped by to visit, when the subject of Floracrap came up boy did they have a lot to say, none of it complimentary. One of them even interviewed with them and turned them down after realizing how bad off they are. He met the purple one and was unimpressed by her and the end product. This automation expert told me that the NBC version of the M5 by Floricrap was quietly replaced with another system. Floricrap never met NBC`s specs.

Now for some "sale" news, yours truly has heard that at least five broadcasters are interested in parts of the hive but none want the entire empire. Discussions of how to break up the M5 controlled stations continue.One of this weeks visitors said it best when he said,

"Emmis should have never gotten into TV."

06/26/05 INFERIOR MARIO BROTHER.... A number of contributors have been telling me of the "handel" they have hung on Mr. BMW. Because of his lack of height and mustache he looks like a "Mario Brother" from the video games etc. I will point out I have not met or ever talked to Mr. BMW , these are from folks who have.

"Mr. BMW is not even five feet tall, he has a figure that is reminisce of the pilsbury doughboy but because he has dark hair and a mustache there was an inside joke of him being called Mario for awhile. "

" Have you noticed that Mr. BMW looks like an Inferior Mario Brother?"

"Joe A. suffers from a case of Napoleon syndrome but we at CCC just think of him as Mario, I think you will get it."

Last but least this week,

"Emmis management was forced to take IQ test, the results were negative. Just thought you should know."

"be happy in your work"

06/19/05 BELIEVE.....I think not , as I read through the EMMIS 2005 annual report. They still are touting the "top 100 best companies to work for" thing on the back of the insert. In Jeffs " The challenge before us" section he spells out doom and gloom for radio and his attempt to beat it buy selling TV. For more humor read it for your self.

M5 update... this is an update on how the great place to work handles abused drones that speak up.

"I'm a former Emmis employee. I worked at M5 for well
(XXXX). In your ongoing soap opera you missed
some good story lines. That is unless I missed them
as I scrolled through looking for information
pertaining only to M5. How about this one? Employees
unhappy with crappy pay so Emmis hires a shakey guy
named Scott Blair and pay him well over $100,000 to
find out why everyone is so unhappy. Then he does
nothing but fire people for no reason for a couple
months before Ray asks him to resign.

This is the norm for the people company ,they have an open door policy, that is if you complain or point out a problem your kicked out that open door. Emmis, a great place to work, NOT.

Emmis to spend $325,000,000.00 to buy back stock. They will be selling junk bonds to raise the cash. Read more a Thats brilliant, pile $325 million debt on top of the $1.2 billion debt just to make the stock look better. At Emmis perception is better than reality. "You live to serve this ship, row well and live."

6/12/05 AWAY ALL BOATS.... As the HMS EMMIS continues to sink more and more managers and department heads jump ship. While not every one in Emmis management is an A-Hole , any buyer will not know who is ok and who is not. This will result in most getting the tap. Emmis is not giving up on its quest to screw its drones, there is talk of cuts at some cubes to make them look better for a sale. Some drones have asked if they should back off on the fight and wait for the new owners, absolutely NOT! It could be years before a sale. A KOINer said,

"Do you think I should vote to certify ? or wait?"

This on air CE can only be helped by AFTRA. AFTRA will set a floor for "talent" and you can amend that with a PSC. With out AFTRA your at the beck and call of Jeff and his anti human policies.

Other viewers of this page have expressed there support on the continuing battle for truth and justice in the hive. Quite a few of these are from humans that have never had the displeasure of working for Jeff,

"I haven't walked in your shoes either. I've never been "tapped" from a job-I've been laid off before, but the companies that did it were fair and honest. They also gave me great reviews / written recommendations which were a tremendous help in finding a new job.

I have had my friends let go from companies that were very unfair / dishonest. I even have a relative who lived in Texas and worked for Enron! A friend of ours who works in Chicago was fired last year after she wouldn't handle some "questionable" legal matters for an accounting firm she worked at. She'd been with the company 19 years and had an excellent record with the company prior.

I'm happy that Emmis is selling...hopefully this will be the fate of similar companies as well! I don't know what people were thinking back in 96. I still feel that no group should have more than 6 or 7 stations at the most. The idea of a company reaching 37 percent of the US audience is absurd!
How can there be free speech if the ideals of a large company is what is dictated to their employees and that is past on to the US (and in cases), world audience!

You have a lot of people who appreciate what you do and many (including myself) who are willing to come to your defense!"

This was edited for space. I appreciate those who contact me to let me know they were helped by this site. "If even one gets out ,its a victory." A KOINer sent in this article,

"Today's Oregonian:
KOIN 6 TV's off-air production employees vote to join union Photographers, editors, technicians and other off-air personnel at KOIN 6 TV on Monday voted in favor of joining the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians -- Communication Workers of America Local 51. The 26-10 vote will cover almost 40 employees, subject to an agreement on whether part-time employees are included, according to union local President Kevin Wilson. The union is seeking to represent another 22 employees, including producers, assignment editors, commercial production employees, the station's information technology department and its chief photographer and his assistant. KOIN employees contacted the union seeking representation earlier this year because of issues such as unpaid overtime and vacations that were canceled after travel arrangements had been made. "We were very pleased with the outcome and are preparing to negotiate a fair and equitable contract," Wilson said. "We expect to begin bargaining in about 60 days." Another union, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, is seeking to represent the station's on-air employees, including more than 20 anchors and reporters. A vote on that union is scheduled for July 5.

-- Ted Sickinger"

Good luck KOINers in your quest for a fair workplace. Another KOINer asked,

"Do you think you need a UNION were you work?"

The short answer, No, long explanation...As I said before "you only need a union if you have poor management." I have worked for non-union and union employers. I have been a member of IBEW, OCAW ,UBC & IAMAW unions. My current employer is a old established firm who know how to treat there employees, they do not need to fake "great place to work" awards. And yes there are still broadcast companies that do care about there people.

Another viewer sent in this pic of Mr. BMW,

Feel free to contact him and let him know what you think of the M5. More info keeps seeping in on prep to break up the M5 for the sale. Some one recently asked,

" How much do you think the Emmissucks web site has cost Emmis?"

That is a vary interesting question with out a good solid answer. This questioner also said if the site affected the stock even by a few pennies per share, it cost Emmis millions. Leaves one to ponder? Resistance is not futile when the truth is out there.

06/06/05 NU DAY AT KOIN.... The NU is for NABET UNION as the rest of the country remembers D-DAY ,KOINers are celebrating the certification of NABET to represent the drones in a collective bargaining unit, pun intended. As I told the KOINers that have been in contact with me over the years "you only need a union if management is poor" ,well they have Emmis.

"Nabet won the election around 72% voted for the union."

This was despite the last minuet pleadings of Randy Bongarten directly to the staff

The AFTRA vote is in the first week of July and Emmsucks hopes the on air types realize how much better they will be under AFTRA rather then going one on one with the evil empire.

More from KSNT,

"As a CE with some understanding of what is happening at KSNT I know that
managers are dictated a "vision" from Ken S. A plan is "developed" with Ken
that must be implemented and it often involves hiring or firing based on his
direction. Topeka is what it is, a place for newbies to cut their teeth, and a
place for us old timers to do good work at a place we care about.

Our former GSM and now News Director learned the hard way. Our hope that the
new owners will see Ken for what he truly is and we can get back to the good old

I do not know any of the players at KSNT and only report what is sent in. Ken S. is the one quoted above "I'll start being nicer when everyone starts enjoying their job!"It is my hope that all the good managers who have been in hiding from Jeff will some how survive the upcoming management purge.

All this Exclusively from EMMISSUCKS your online Emmis authority, Row on!

06/05/05 AN ND`S NOTE TO THE HIVE... This was sent in from a KSNT CE,

"This is the e-mail we got from Michelle Barlow Wed. night. She made the official announcement after the 6pm newscast...

"This is a very hard thing to write, but here it goes...

My husband and I have decided that our time in the Midwest has come to a close. I am leaving KSNT by choice to pursue some other opportunities in the Southwest. Kansas has been very dear to us -- I am proud to say that I was born in Topeka, but my heart is still in the Southwest and has been for sometime now.

I will be working very closely with Ken (Selvaggi, VP & GM) over the next two weeks to fill the vacancies that we have. We have made great progress over the last week and today.

I just want to take a moment to tell you all how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the people of Northeast Kansas. Stay steadfast on your focus to be number one according to our plan and not what the other guys are doing and you will succeed.

My last day will June 14, 2005.

My two cents: what a bunch of BS! 35 people have either been fired or quit from the news department since she took over a year ago and she's leaving because she wants to "pursue other opportunities"? Please!"

By the number of terminations and evacuations under this ND, she was loved by one and all.

No word on how the NABET talks are going at KOIN and no word on who is running the worst cube in the hive to work in. The number of job openings is growing as the old guard leaves before they are "lunched". WVUE is currently installing a low end high power DTV system in an attempt to beat the July 1 deadline. The M5 continues to pixelize the VUE stream, I do not know how they collect on spots that only partially run. This pixelating comes and goes, some times a few minuets, other for hours. One person said this,

"It has become unwatchable. I only watch one show on FOX8 and that is totaled by the automation. For how to lose audience tune in FOX8!"

No recent word from CCC on how the new chain of command is going or how Mr BMW is taking the end of EMMIS TV. Another FE asked,

" I do not think Jeff and his gang realized how you would stick with the massive wrongs they are doing. I remember your bet with (XXXX) over a bogus radar ticket, you beat city hall and proved the police were in error, it only cost you five times the cost of the fine and you did that with out a lawyer! Emmis chose the wrong guy to screw. Go go go!!!"

I will go to the enth degree to prove a wrong and I will see the end of EMMIS TV as the entire broadcast industry rejoices as the hive implodes. Away all boats!

06/03/05 ABANDONING EMMIS...Thats the latest headline from NewsBlues as they report on the exodus from the sinking ship A-Mess,

"Michelle Barlow has suddenly resigned as news director of Topeka's KSNT-27-NBC. She becomes the latest on a growing list of news executives who have abandoned Emmis properties following word that the station group was up for sale.

Barlow arrived in Topeka from Forrest Carr's former station, Tucson's KGUN-9-ABC, one year ago."

Another KOINer resigns , Irene Mahoney A.N.D. jumped ship earlier this week. Many others are now looking and a few have contacted yours truly. It is amazing how web sites that called this one "caustic" are now enjoying covering the train wreck of Emmis. Some other viewers of this site have sent in a number of recent "job openings" that have popped up since the TV sale announcement. This is a direct indication of how many are grabbing a life boat. One of the five mid-level types who contacted me said the following could be posted,

" I did not always agree with your postings but I also did not like a lot of what Jeff Smulyan wanted us to implement as a matter of policy. Emmis HQ micro manages the stations to such a degree that any friction from a general manager is a death sentence. I had to bite my tongue many times and go to an isolated spot and scream. I met with some of the other GM`s and we all have been told a line of BS over the last year or so as Smulyan positioned TV for a sale. While I still do not totally agree with your site, I now see how you and all the others feel about this poorly run media company. I will be out one way or another in a short period of time. I will continue looking in on Emmissucks for the real story. Good luck."

I got my buy back offer from the hive and others also report getting this POS. We also got the Indiana Hearing notice. Your Emmis authority will continue coverage of the downfall of the hive as we issue our TPS reports.

05/29/05 ANY ONE BUT EMMIS... This from a former potential victim , a WNDU staffer sent in this.

"Hi (XXX)! Here's the latest info on the possible WNDU-TV sale. I am thrilled that Emmis is going out of the TV business!!!!

----- Original Message -----
From: John Affleck-Graves and Jim Behling
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2005 2:51 PM
Subject: Addressing the Rumors

To the staff of WNDU-TV,

Many of you have asked recently about rumors concerning the sale of
Michiana Telecasting Corp. Rumors range from claims that potential buyers
have already toured the station to "a sale has already been made."

We understand the anxieties and concerns that these and other rumors have
sparked and we would like to put those rumors to rest and let you know
exactly where the process is.

First, no deal has been made. Far from it, in fact. While several
broadcast companies have expressed at least some level of interest, none
has yet received any specific information about the station.

Second, no potential buyers have visited either the station or the
transmitter site. Some of you may have seen strangers in the building, but
we assure you they were not potential buyers. Rather, they were local
experts here to learn more abut the station in order to help evaluate the
University's options.

Third, the University has not committed to selling the station. It may or
may not happen. A number of considerations, including identifying a
quality broadcaster as well as financial issues, would have to be satisfied
before Notre Dame would be willing to sell.

There is no timetable or deadline for making a decision. Information will
be distributed over the next few weeks to interested and financially
qualified companies, but if the University did decide to sell, a new owner
could not be in place until the first of October at the very earliest.

This is the current state of our evaluation process. If you have any
additional questions or hear other rumors, we are more than happy to
address them. Meanwhile, thank you for your patience. We understand these
are anxious times for all of you.

John Affleck-Graves and Jim Behling

Jim Behling
President & General Manager
WNDU-TV/Channel 16
P.O. Box 1616
South Bend, IN 46634
(574) 631-1301
FAX # (574) 631-1637
e-mail: "

Emmis getting out of TV is the best thing for TV since Color!

05/23/05 ANOTHER ONE JUMPS SHIP... KOIN ND has turned in his torch,

" Dan Salamone is leaving KOIN, after running the worst cube in the hive for a year and some months. He has allowed the bad situation to get worse. Any one who buys us would have no choice but to fire him. We KOINers salute you for giving us a voice over the years. Hopefully things will get better post A-Mess."

The rats are first to leave a sinking ship.

05/21/05 M5 PIXELATES WVUE... Once again the M5 is heavily pixelating the WVUE air product, I was emailed on Monday and Tuesday. I still saw the errors this morning. No end in site. Many CE`s still in a party mood after Jeff throws in the towel. One sent in some art,

"Darth Smulyan losses control of the Empire."

Bob Noonan made the correct choice in not sticking with Emmis (see 2/25/04 post) WFTX cube becoming a really bad place to work as they lose more and more management. Newsblues reports this,

"While Emmis seeks a buyer for its TV station group, WFTX-36-Fox in Ft. Myers will continue to operate under the interim hand of Don Ray, current general manager of Emmis's WSAZ-3-NBC in Huntington, W.Va.

WFTX has been without a GM, and News Director Geoffrey Roth leaves at the end of the month for Pittsburgh's WPXI-11-NBC, where he'll be executive producer."

Geoffrey Roth turned in his torch when Jeff announced the sale of TV knowing the new brooms will sweep clean ,he jumped from the sinking ship. As first predicted by Emmissucks, the systems are slipping through his fingers. No buyers for A-Mess TV yet. The dark side always loses in the end.

5/15/05 THE END IS NEAR OR A NEW BEGINNING?.... The stock soured (almost to $19 a share) on news of the impending sale and many drones held private parties Monday night to calibrate the end of Jeffs tyranny. As some put it,

" I hope you are enjoying the announcement as much as this small group of humans at (XXXX). Can you tell us when he will sell? Is he going to sell all as a group or brake up the stations?"

"We the dowtroden salute you for sticking by all of us in our fight for human rights."

"Another blog called Emmissucks "caustic", that webmaster has never worked for A-Mess and if he had he would know that you have been kind in your post about (XXXXX). Those (XXXXX) have wrecked more lives and stations than any other owner in TV history. The Damage done by the "great place to work" will take decades to fix, if it can be. My hope is that Jeff and that webmaster have to work for some group as corrupt and incompetent as Emmis some day. Stay with it till the end."

"This is shock and awe. Ding dong the wicked which is dead. If Jeff makes money on this ,there is no God. Emmissucks has been the only site that has told the entire tale of the people company and its exploitation of TV. You deserve a Nobel for fighting evil.

These are only a taste of what I could post ,many more did not want their thoughts and comments on the empire posted. The justifiable fear of reprisals from Jeff is understandable. As for the other site that called Emmissuck "caustic" ,they are in business of blogging. Unlike Emmissucks they charge for access and they have not been in TV for a quarter century. They do not know modern corporate mismanaged TV like Emmis. They never worked for Jeff ,nor have they walked in my shoes. BTW I am just having fun with this, its not my JOB, I am not paid ,nor do I make any money from this information site. Yet another CE asked,

"What will Emmis do with the M5 stations? They can not be broken up. Who would buy them?"

I have no idea, it would take a lot to split the M5 group up, master controls would have to be built, staff hired and trained. The leases on the fiber line have six years left on them. There has been talk of master controls being built in the spoke stations. Another viewer of this site sent in this article.

"Journal has its sights on Emmis TV
Just hours after the group went on the auction block, Journal
Communications CEO Steve Smith was telling a Robert W. Baird investor
conference in Chicago that his company was interested in buying the Emmis
TV group. In fact, Smith said he'd called Jeff Smulyan before last month's
NAB2005 and told him that if Emmis were ever to consider selling its TV
stations, that Journal would be interested. "Our first priority would be
to grow where we have radio," Smith said, noting how well the Journal
Broadcast Group operations work in Milwaukee and Boise, where it has both
radio and TV properties. "We think there are opportunities because we know
the advertisers well and also have the ability to leverage costs," he s!
aid. How well do they match up? "They're in Omaha, they're in Wichita,
they're in Tulsa. We're in Omaha, we're in Wichita, we're in Tulsa.
They're in Green Bay, we're already in Green Bay with television, so
certainly it was an interesting announcement this morning," the Journal
CEO told the gathering. However, Smith also said there's still a question
of where values are in the market today, although he said that's less of
an issue in TV than in radio. "

The stock ended up the week at $18 a share and falling. Those who were smart sold the crap at 19. The market now ranks EMMIS debt as junk bonds. Jeffs house of cards is coming apart as predicted. Many folks kept telling me all week "did you hear about Emmis?" ,many wonder why it took so long. I only imagine that all that is wrong with Emmis management reached critical mass. Jeff has slammed print radio and TV in the last year or so, this in direct violation of one of those Emmis 11 commandments. If Jeff had only lived the 11 commandments he came up with, he would have probably done well in business.

Other CE`s are now worried about how long it will take Jeff to dump TV, as we all know, there will not be any more capital for the stations. They will be in financial limbo ,unwanted step children with no future at A-Mess. Yours truly will continue to document the fall of the empire. No one in TV will ever get one of those diamond watches from Jeff. I have my red Swingline, do you?

05/09/05 EXTRA-EXTRA EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT!!!!!....If you think that is a bit much for an intro here is the scoop, EMMIS to announce that all of its TV stations are up for sale . The official announcement is planned for 5/10/05 some time in the morning. I have not been able to confirm this through another source but confidence is high. This could spell the end of this site, our job will be done. Some may say "what about radio?" ,with less than 10 radio contributors over the years ,it would not be a viable blog. With the pending debt and litigation as well as labor troubles all over ,Jeff is out of options. I do not think he will liquidate in time to pay the debt. Meantime Jeff will continue to plunder the company with self given stock options and a nice platinum parachute. I can only hope that some large company with a realistic plan and good HR buys the group of oppressed cubes. If this does happen all the mismanagers will find out how it is to get tapped. This just in.........

"Tomorrow morning we are announcing that Emmis has
hired an investment banking firm to help us explore
strategic alternatives for our television business.
While we are open to a number of scenarios, this
decision likely will lead to the sale of all or
substantially all of our television business. In
addition, we are offering to buy back up to $400
million of our stock.

This has been the most difficult decision of my
broadcasting career, especially in light of the
remarkable performance by our entire television group,
led by Randy Bongarten. Yet after much careful
consideration, the board and I have concluded that
this is the right decision for our company.

Our industries have changed dramatically over the last
several years, and those changes have led us to two
conclusions. First, for Emmis to prosper, it must
lower its debt and position itself to explore new
growth opportunities. Second, in the future, the most
successful TV companies will be those that are larger
and more singularly focused on the challenges of
American television. What we are beginning today
ultimately will lower our debt and give the people at
our TV stations the chance to be part of an
organization that is better positioned to support
their long-term success.

We are dedicated to finding a solution that not only
is best for Emmis but also is best for our TV
employees. While an outright sale of our TV stations
is likely, we have not closed the door to other
options. For example, we are open to working with
partners who would take a majority financial interest
in the TV group while we stay involved in management.
Additionally, we have encouraged Randy Bongarten to
explore the possibility of creating a company that
could buy all or part of our group. Whatever the
case, our goals are to find the best home for the
people of Emmis TV while, at the same time, maximizing
the value of our TV assets. They have proven
themselves to be the best operators in American
television, and they deserve the opportunity to
continue the good work theyve done in the last seven

You all know how much I love Emmis my entire
professional life has been dedicated to building this
company and helping it and its people achieve new
levels of success. That hasnt changed. I know that
what were doing today is whats best for this company
and everybody who works for it.

People inevitably will ask whether todays
announcements means Emmis will be buying more radio
stations or magazines. Clearly, with a better capital
structure, we will have more flexibility to grow in
our current businesses, as well as to explore new,
related areas. While we believe that buying back our
stock is the most prudent investment we can make
today, we certainly will consider and pursue the right
opportunities for growth and value creation.

In the months ahead, we will keep you apprised of any
and all developments that result from todays
announcement. Thank you for all you do for Emmis
Communications and for your continued hard work and

Jeff "

Ramming speed!

05/08/05 CCC SHAKEUP....This just in from the home of the M5. Looks like the purple one has lost some power as Ray Shonback issued this memo to the drones at CCC,


Please join me in congratulating Mike Flynn in his new capacity as Director of Centralcasting, also Julie Brafford, in addition to her role as Operations Supervisor she has taken on the responsibilities of Training Supervisor of Centralcasting. Mike has been the Assistant Chief Engineer at WKCF WB18 in Orlando and has helped develop and execute the centralcasting concept. In his new role he will be able to expound on his vast experience and knowledge to the benefit of centralcasting and all the hub stations. Julies additional important position is to utilize training to help focus talent and strengthen the centralcasting staff. Her day to day knowledge is invaluable of the work ethic she brings and will pass on to the centralcasting team and to the future of the centralcasting operations.

Ray "

Or as all the rest of say "This unit must survive" This brought to you exclusively from Emmissucks, your Emmis authority

05/07/05 M5 UPDATE.... As moral in the hive plummets ,this great place to work continues to try spin control as the National Labor Relations Board gets involved in the worst cube in the hive to work for. Other cube report serious HR difficulties and possible government involvement. Your webmaster is forwarding this and other info to the "great places to work institute"

Emmis sends in big guns to try to avoid NABIT certification at KOIN. A-Mess will regret screwing the drones at KOIN when NABIT comes in. Oregon is union state and Emmis will have to deal with union work rules ,such as vacations and contract hours etc. As one KOINer put it,

"Looks like Jeff may have to treat us like humans and not like computers. I can`t wait."

In an attempt to spin Chuckies indiscretion, WVUE is putting him into a fat farm and will air his progress, this is news? Emmis stock is still at $15.50 a share and share holders are not happy. Chain rowers!

05/03/05 EXTRA-EXTRA KOIN SHAKE UP..... KOIN GM resigns, poor management forced drones to seek help from unions, Employee surveys show the real Emmis, not the great place to work. Two emails were sent in on this one.

"Free at last, almost. Our GM resigned. Emmis is trying to silence the decent in this cube. The only way that will happen is for them to sell us. I do not want to get my hopes up, Emmis may find some one worse. "

"You may have already heard this.....Nabet filed a petition for an election to represent KOIN employees in news, production, and engineering last Monday. Today, the Randy B had David Lipoff, the GM, announce he was "stepping aside". Randy had been here last week when the NLRB delivered the petition. He was here to discuss the horrible results from the latest employee survey that Emmis did a couple of months ago. He left on Wednesday. My guess is he went back to corporate to get permission to can Lipoff. He must have returned on Sunday to give him the news. In the meantime, the corporate news guru will be acting manager. I know they will find another zero to replace him but......DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!!!!. "

Ramming speed!!!

04/30/05 EMMIS BY THE NUMBERS.....Let us look at how well Jeff has done with A-Mess. The stock currently is at $15.50 a share, this is at a three year low thanks to Jeff and the gang. Jeff did not take a huge raise this year, instead he took huge stock options and sold them for a few Million bucks. The company paid $100,000,000.00 on the debt of the $1.6 billion.. Will Emmis make the balloon payment in 06? I have yet to get the year end report, they are still cooking them. It does not look like Emmis is a good investment. The stock holders agree, read the comments on the Yahoo Blog page for Emmis. As for local numbers, the morning dog on WVUE has fallen below the stuff that used to fill the slots, some 30% below and going down.

Chucky follow up, after his version of mipplegate he was invited to explain his actions to the news director. Insiders say the meeting lasted some were between an hour and three. As of this time no FCC indecently charges have been filed. The contributor of the last chuck pic also sent in this one,

This was to much for DG, he knows bad TV when he sees it. Be happy in your work.

04/21/05 CHUCK EXPOSED.....A viewer of this page sent in this with comment,

'This morning Fox 8 had too much Chuck on if you know what I mean."

VUE`s morning show (note I did not say news) has reached "springer" status. It is with deep regret that your web master announces that WD0GIP is a Silent Key. I had a massive posting planned for this weekend but it will be delayed. Stay tuned!

04/16/05 EMMIS KILLS ANOTHER NEWS OPERATION.... In a report sent in ,the Durango Herald reports on Jeffs latest news shut down by Emmis at KREZ. It was interesting to read on how the remote control in the blind help screw up this cube.

The ratings on the WVUE morning show continue to slip, the good news is less of Chucky is being seen. One viewer put it this way,

"If I want useless banter and contrived laughter ,I will tune in a morning radio show. When I turn on news, I want a short snapshot of todays news and info on rain and temp ,not a twenty minuet weather cast and some audio guys hygiene problems. Back to CH6."

I get a bunch like this per week. As for Emmis stock,it is down to $17.60 and falling , investors do not anticipate any good news from the year end report.Well its in, 2004, Jeffrey H. Smulyan raked in $1,706,726 in total compensation including stock option grants from Emmis Communications.From previous years' stock option grants, Jeff cashed out $3,730,000 in stock option exercises. He is going to take all he can before the bubble brakes. Think about this when you get your next pay check from the empire. The truth is out there, and here.

04/09/05 WNDU STAFFERS IN FEAR OF ASSIMILATION.... Normally I would not post on a station outside the hive but WNDU-TV, an NBC affiliate, in South Bend, In, owned by the University Of Notre Dame has hired a brokerage firm to see how much they could get for the station. Staffers of WNDU have contacted this site because of rumor that Emmis may be looking into buying WNDU. A total of five NDU humans have emailed yours truly and all fear assimilation by Emmis. The current station is totally human run, no automation . These humans fear job lose or having to put up with Jeff and his band of video gypsies. These people currently make from $11 to $17 an hour and think the corporate bean counters will find ways to cut down the numbers. Speaking from what I saw happen when a local university liquidated its TV operation, there will be cuts if the station joins the private sector. Staffers told me that Notra Dame has told them any sale would include a proviso to avoid a wholesale slaughter. Don`t believe it...especially if A-Mess buys WNDU. I have passed along to these humans the Emmissucks short list of broadcasters I would not work for and a few bits of advice on preparation for new owners and or terminations. I will post more if assimilation is eminent.

The local paper did a segment on morning shows ,in this column was this tid bit,

"WUPL had been filling its early morning weekday schedule, to negligible ratings result, with three hours of the slaphappy syndicated catastrophe "The Daily Buzz, " two hours of which will continue to air at 5 a.m."

Dave Walker agrees with me on the Buzzkill, it sucks, after all it is from Emmis. As Emmis nears its year end report ,the street showed its thoughts on the people company by ending the week with the stock just above $18 a share. As for Great Places to work, The institute has contacted your webmaster by mail for future input on "Greta Places to work". I have no idea how they got my address but I will just point them to this site.

Do not forget the cover sheets for your TPS reports.

04/03/05 MORAL IN THE HIVE PLUMMETS.... Quite a few cubes are now in open revolt against the Emmis mismanagement. Currently the worst cubes to work in are KOIN,

"Just as I thought it could not get any worse, it does. The wheels want us to "look" good in the eyes of corporate so they are playing with the staff. Since we are the biggest  flexible expense they are doing every thing to cut our hours and make us cover for those who leave. I think we have a hiring freeze but I do not know. Tell the world KOIN is the worst cube in the hive to work for."
I got many like this from KOINers and I must say it sounds like the worst of the hive. No vacations, no over time , no replacements and more work. Pretty bad, KSNW would be next,

"Huge numbers of people leaving for various reasons related to Emmis and the management they have installed. I can not wait for my chance."

Yep same old Emmis. Next would be WALA ,even with a New building built just for M5 style operation this cube is having the standard mismanagement problems, BETV reports it this way...
Unhappy Campers

"An insider at WALA tells us that while numbers are up at the FOX affiliate, not everyone is happy. The weekend producer quit last week after being told he would have to move back to the morning shift, a shift he was promoted from within the last year. We're told this is just the latest in many moves by new news director Bob Cashen. So far, he has moved a senior producer to the assignment desk and moved the desk manager back to producing. Another producer has also been moved. "Almost all the producers have been told they will switch shifts or potentially lose their jobs," the insider says. "Cashen has said these moves could be temporary -- but hasn't set a timetable in most if not all cases."
More has come in but they all seem to have the same dislike in WALA`s direction under Emmis. Now for another story of a brave selfless act that took place during the great purge of 01. You could say this was the fourth hero of that dark day in the hive. This drone a member of the WVUE Engineering team heard of the massive tappings. He then approached the mismanagers and offered to leave if one of the others with family to support could stay. This did not sit well with the mismanagers. After all the tappings were based on political and "other" factors. The Drone was told "NO, It is not just a matter of numbers." The drone knew he would be in the next wave because of his comments, he told me before that wave hit. He was correct. Emmis ,A great place to work.

Newsblues continues to report on the decline of online blogs related to the broadcast industry. It is strange that this site is not listed in their blog link section? After all they got some info from Emmissucks and this site is continuously updated ,unlike many they have listed.

Doing the math on the WVUE morning show. I gave it some time so my numbers guy could plot trends. We will go in one hour blocks, first 7am to 8- before the morning show they did a 1.6 rating and after, 1.6 ...this is with the expected "bounce" of new people looking in.Not good at all and trending down from there. Next 7am to 8, better news here, they did a 1.9 before and a 2.6 after but that is also eroding.When the morning show was discussed in the VUE-ABC days ,a two rating point jump was needed just to break even with the added production cost. That was when VUE got a bunch more per spot. After Foxifacation it was said that it would take three and a half points to break even. What ever numbers you use ,the morning pig is running in the red. How long will the new captain let this continue? All this from your Emmis Authority!

04/01/05 FLASH EMMIS SELLS TV.... Just after the Sarbanes-Oxley probe of Emmis was launched Jeff announced the sale of TV at a tremendous lose. Jeff also has indicated he may step down if the probe leads to an indictment. Emmis to announce sweeping changes to improve human relations. The running deep in the red M5 is to be scrapped in favor of low cost human run stations. If you believe any of this ,check the date.

03/26/05 EVEN MORE UNREST IN THE HIVE.... Just a few years after the rise of the machine and almost all remaining pre-Emmis CE`s in the New Orleans cube want out. It has been reported to yours truly through many street sources that all VUE photogs talk about is leaving Emmis, even the Emmis only speak of leaving. Even the small studio staff is abuzz with folks polishing their resumes. For such a great place to work , all the employees want to do is get out. Some KOINers sent me this,

"From the Willamette Week in Portland.

While the Bush administration and national TV networks have taken heat for airing fake news, Portland TV station KOIN also has fallen short, according to Columbia Journalism Review. The magazine's current issue dings KOIN for "repackaging" as news a city-funded video, narrated by retired celeb newsjockey Walter Cronkite, to explain Portland's effort to stop sewer overflows into the Willamette. In fairness to KOIN, the segment, shown Christmas Day, does allude to its being a city-funded video, but the distinction was probably lost on viewers. Cronkite, in case you were wondering, donated his services-though city environmental czar Dean Marriott did reward him with a nice bottle of Scotch."

KOINers are watching the station fall before their eyes. A large number of FE`s have sent in their tapping stories and I will post them in time. Many fearful of retribution of Jeff have asked me not to post their stories ,no problem. If you wish to tell your chronicle of exit from the hive ,just email me, even if you do not want it posted it helps to find out you are not alone.

"Fellow FE,

With my 27 years of devoted service at (XXXX) I was "Tapped". It was a dark day in our cube as a bunch of us old timers were given the boot so the cheaper new drones would be left. I got an exit meeting with our GM who wanted to know if there was any thing he should know before I left. I almost laughed but instead I said "you fired my brain as well". What was in that brain cost them in lost sales and clients :-). I am now on the other side of the industry, I am with an advertising agency. It is much easer to buy then sell. My territory covers a few Emmis stations, needless to say I do not buy them unless the client insist. As others have said in their postings, I am earning more with less hassles. Adore the site ...full speed ahead!"

Chucky update from some one who put up with the morning mess,

"like you I will no longer waste my time on this "NEWS" show. This week we were treated to all of chucks bodily functions. From his bathroom phobias to his smelly shoes. I have no idea what this has to do with news or why a news director would allow this to continue."

Many people have asked the same question. I have no idea ,so I would call the ND and ask her. 483-1501 or 483-1500. It has been reported that the M5 is generating less black then before but the poor switching and below VHS video persist. A frequenter of this site sent me a fun link so I have tied it to the "LAUNCH" button next to the easy button on the main page, I think most will enjoy it. Kimbo may even try it? A FE sent me this,

"In my discussions with other former Emmis employees
I have figured out that you have four ways to leave Emmis
First is just find a job elsewhere and leave.
next is termination, this would include some notice ,from
the customary two weeks to a few months. This is not vary
common at Emmis ,they do not like to give humans time to
find employment elsewhere.
Next is the most used form of exit, the Tap. As you have
published this form of termination is instant and politically biased.
This is reserved for most worker drones. Last is the Emmis Lunch
,the lunch is used only on mid level management types. The manager is
invited to lunch ,this will be his or her last day at Emmis as their boss
lets them know they have just resigned and should not return to the station.
Some are given the title of Consultant.
Emmis....A great place to work."

With it being Easter Weekend ,I recommend catching Ben-Hur when it shows. Row on from #41

03/19/05 TREMENDOUS RESPONSE.... Not since the exclusive post of the now famous gag order has this site had such a spike in its traffic.Now for some more Tapping stories,

"Once upon a time, there was an excellent performer. Everyone
was aware of how she helped contribute to the station's
financial arena with her skills at selling.

One day, a new general manager was hired. He spoke out
of both sides of his mouth and thus, became a true master
of the corporation's caste system. The girl realized she was
a slave, and in order to avoid a beating, worked twice as
hard and took on two other jobs. The new GM seemed to
be wanting to find at what point she would break, so he kept
piling on duties and making demands that someone outside
of slave quarters, would have found overwhelming. She was
kept so busy as to not have time to think about how this
was affecting her family, the very family that the GM said
was important but yet, kept her so busy, she didn't get to
spend time with. More of his double talk.

Reviews came out and the girl looked forward to a raise. Instead,
she was criticized for things she did not do. When she tried to
get the GM to tell her what she needed to do to improve, she was
given a talk on the ethics of performance, rather than the specific
duties she was supposedly lax on. She began to realize that
she was being set up for The Tap. Her department head became
someone she didn't recognize. He had never criticized her work
before, but with the new GM, he left her out to dry, even though
she was not guilty of the things for which she was being accused.
He had previously worked for a place that did something similar
and he had stuck up for the employees he knew did a good job.
He had been Tapped because of that and had decided from then
on he would lie and betray his other ethics too, if the big boss
said so. So the girl was tapped. The funny thing about this
story is, she used to be afraid that if she shared her story, someone
would know who she was. But after she found A Miss Sucks Dot
Com, she realized that her story would be easily disguiseable
since it had happened to so many people. And she held hope
that she would know what karma would go back around to such
lying sacks of excrement..."

Yet another happy FE,

"I now get all my Emmis news from your site. They screwed me in 2002. After (XX) years with (XXXX) I was given a few minuets to clean out my desk while my suppervisor made jokes with another manager as they made sure I did not take any paper clips or ball point pens. I was then escorted out. The only excuse I got from them was "your job has been eliminated" ,funny thing is two months later they hired a replacement. I was tempted to go after them but what the hell, I was sick of the lies and back stabbing so I was looking when I got tapped. I found a job with a competing station two weeks later. I now enjoy kicking their asses. I do have one regret, I did not get to collect any unemployment on them. Keep up the fight ,we drones need sites like this.

Many FE`s now directly compete with their former stations,

"Hi (XXXX),

I LOL at the ckucky post. We had one of those guys at (XXXX). He managed to suck up with the department heads and GM. Our guy had less than two years with (XXXX) yet he canned co-workers with 30 years service at the station. This guy actually volunteered to chop staff and I think he enjoyed it. He did not tap me but I heard from other FE`s about his actions. My boss did the dead when I got the Tap ,we had a short meeting with the GM and they tried to "GAG" me. Like you I got help and they paid even with out me signing. All for one and one for all!

Yes you can fight the signing of the gag order. I do not know if the gag order has changed since Jan 2004, that was the last report I got. If your an FE and you left after mid 04 check your gag order against the one posted and let me know if it has been changed. A bunch more Tapping stories have come in and they will be posted in a timely manner. I also got a note from a viewer of this site and Big Easy,

"Emmis guy,

"Thought you would find this humorous, I got a reply on one of my post on the big easy blog board. This ahole thinks I am you :-)

"The signal problem has been fixed at Fox 8 so no more going to black at important moments.
To the previous writer......are you nuts?? The Fox 8 morning show is way better than 6's. But I guess since your still carrying a grudge for being "tapped" you would have nothing nice to say about 8 even if the pope himself annointed it the show to watch.
Are you not currently employed? Are you still unhappy in your life? Even the testimoniels you printed on your web site sound like other "tapped" FE's are happier than ever before. Maybe its time you moved on with your life. Get over it....everyone else has.

Who do you think wrote this POS?"

I visited the message board so I could read the string of post, vary funny. It was interesting to see the time stamps on these management post on big easy, most drones do not have time or computer access during the work day but what else would a VUE manager have to do, Florida and the M5 run the place. Mr BMW looks for cars and the WVUE managers scour the blogs trying to defend the M5. One blogger corrected the spelling of the person who sent me the link but that manager did not dare correct the two errors in the above comment. I would not worry about it, after all Emmissucks and your webmaster are the cause of all the problems in the hive:-) Because this site apparently has such power I am now going to give you the viewers of this site limited control of the M5. I am installing my version of the "easy button" click on it and the M5 will go to black :-) It is located above the archive links.

"Another great update! I tried to watch for Chucky today as I was waking up
getting ready for work, but my brain needed 5 minutes for "real" news, so I
switched back & forth to WWL & DSU..."

"I finally saw some other color on the "jaundice cam" when chucky dressed up for St. Patrics day. It is amazing how poor the video is on all VUE`s new cameras. The chucky cam is yellow and grainy, the new traffic cams are blocky and jump like internet video. I guess they fired all the technicians?"

Not all but enough to cripple them

"When I read the section on Bloggers like you being sued off the web ,I thought I would let you know if you ever get sued by Emmis ,just let us know and I will be on a plane with in 48 hours. I am sure you could get two or three hundred who also would love to testify in a case involving A-Mess."

This FE was not alone. I got over 20 such emails. I have much more but it will wait for the next posting." Be happy in your work."

03/15/05 HAPPY TAPPING DAY!....For those who do not know or remember it was four years ago that the NOPD surrounded WVUE as "minders" rounded up victims for termination. Terminations were held all over the hive as Jeff implemented his de-humanization procedure.This was the day I was tapped. Some FE`s put my tease and the date together and sent in some comments. Others were polled.

"Happy Tap day, Just figured out what was going to be in the Tuesday post and thought I would put my two cents in. I was depressed for the first week or so after I was tapped but then things looked up. I did not have to deal with Emmis or the A-hole managers and I landed a job with (XXXXX) and it pays better and we actually get profit sharing , not the empty promises from Jeff, real cash! While I enjoyed the pre-Emmis co-workers , the post Emmis "yes-men" made me want to puke. Emmis destroyed what it took 40 years to build. I do miss the way it was - pre-Emmis but I would never go back as the work environment will never be the same there. Good luck to all the FE`s out there."

"Your special post can only be about one thing, the great purge of 2001. I am out of TV now and miss the people but not the crappy company. The UNION severance and unplanned vacation gave me a chance to unwind like I never had before. I decided that I would go into (XXXX) and get out of poor corporate run broadcasting. I am once again having fun at my job and making 5% more than VUE paid me. Thanks Jeff."

"I am so much better off then when I worked for Emmis, I make as much money and look forward to work. The real poetic justice is Madelyn is now working at one of the smallest TV markets in the country, may all of the other architects of my demise left at WVUE suffer a similar fate"

"Is the special going to be on the slaughter of 01? I was out of work for (XXX) but then I landed a position at (XXXXX) . It was an adjustment after (XX) years at WVUE but I think I ended up with the best end of the deal. I did not realize how bad it had gotten in the New Orleans cube. Keep up the site ,I like watching this empire crumble."

Now a comment from another tapped FE from another cube,

A CE told me about this site today. I am a FE. Yup, signed the agreement/gag/order to get the severance. Had just finished a double shift week (80+hours)..(salaried so no OT) job. Following Monday was called in and informed my job had been eliminated... quite frankly I was too tired to care.

That Emmis take over scenario was very familiar... pretty much went down as described for the station I worked for.

Overheard while Jeff was touring our then under construction new facility:
Jeff to the project engineer "How much will the monthly maintenance fee be?
Project engineer to Jeff "$10,000 per month"
Jeff to his lawyer buddy "How much is that a year?"

Favorite quotes from the GM:

"I am an agent of change!" (in context... any change good/bad.. didn't matter.. just change)
"You're gonna be walking around here with a gun to your head!" (threat to employee)
"You're all a bunch of slot machines to me" (inspirational speech to the sales staff) "

If you have a comment on your tapping , send it in. A few viewers of this site and some one who tuned in the VUE morning mess asked "Who is this "Chuck" person and why is he on the news?" This info was never going to be posted but since he is now a public figure and people want to know ,here is some exclusive background.

Chuck came to WVUE from WYES and The Great Chefs series. He was brought on board not to long before the purge of 01 (time is relative to those with decades of service). He seemed to be an OK person. As Tapping day approached ( from about a year out) a few humans were asked to tap some drones for reasons that just did not make sense. In some cases the suggested cuts were border line illegal. The three people asked to do this refused. Knowing this would hurt there careers or even get them tapped ,they refused any way. All would eventually be tapped before or on 3/15/01. These drones had the moral intestinal fortitude to stand up to the evil ones. Now that most of those who did the tapping are gone I can mention these brave souls. I am the only one left who knows the identity of all three who did this brave selfless act. Back to chuck ,he was instrumental in the tapping of one of these three heroes and when VIC decided to run away to Italy, Chuck accepted the duty of tapping the Engineers on 3/15/01, including your web master. While I do not think he enjoyed this task ,he did not turn it down. The three did ,and they do not regret that decision, as one put it " I sleep well at night.". While I do not hold chuck responsible for the tapping ,he did not make any friends that day and many would not trust him as far as they could throw him. I do not think any one who was tapped by him would recommend him for a job were they work , as one put it "He just can not be trusted." What set chucky apart from the others who did the tapping that day was the fact that he was not required to step in as executioner ,and if VIC had done his own dirty work chuck would not have been asked to tap. I am sure he thinks " I was only doing my job" ,this was the same comment heard over and over in Nuremberg 1945-1949. I know what I would have said if they had asked me to tap others, and I would have been tapped on the spot. I am sure some will say I am picking on Chuck ,but if you become a public figure your open to exposure. Unlike the falsehoods about me spread anonymously by the hive , this info is easily confirmed.

Now for a Emmis wrap up . The company led by Jeff went from $0 debt to $1.6 Billion in debt today. By spending way to much to fast for TV stations. His game plan, fire most of these stations staffs and reduce cost to that of his radio stations . One problem ,its TV not radio! The cost of eliminating the $10 to $20 an hour drones turned out to exceed their pay. Also as we all know (and some of us foretold) it does not work technically. The over all quality is just a fraction of its human run stations, this when consumers are looking for higher quality (DTV & HDTV). Most of those who tapped their staffs have been tapped themselves. Moral in the 72nd greatest place to work could not be worse. Even post Emmis hires are quitting in droves, realizing the mistake they made. The stock has been hovering under $20 for years, half Jeffs goal. Jeff sitting in his $45 million tower has given himself raises each and every year with out regard to performance. The company has been sued for every type of discrimination known to man and lost most of the cases filed. Emmis radio has been fined repeatedly by the FCC for the actions of their DJ`s, recently HOT 97 wrote and played a racist little ditty that has many in an uproar, the same station just had a shoot out at its front door, two wrap guest had a beef with each other. The company has been fined a number of times for problems related to the M5 and received admonishment from the commission for dragging their feet on DTV.This is a company that loathes its human employees ,goes to great lengths to get "awards" and spins the truth like no other. A few readers of this site have said " Are you really that pissed off at Emmis?" I like any human was a bit pissed at first but that was short lived. Now, I just keep this blog to inform the world. I do not like their business or moral practices and will not hesitate in posting info on their indiscretions. The site continues to serve the CE`s and FE`s . Most of the material is sent in by others the empire is screwing or has screwed. The few who blame your web master for the ills at A-Mees have never heard the saying "don`t kill the messenger." The roots of this saying go back to England when the crown had to make it illegal to kill the town crier. Many did not like the news the crier would bring (mostly tax hikes) so they offed him. I have had a number of email discussions with other web masters of media blog type sites. They all have experienced the same blame game from both inside and out side the industry. It seems as though free speech is not permitted if you work for an industry that lives on this concept. Many have been sued off the web, others have just given up. #41 plans to continue as long as even one human can be saved. Since the day my life was threatened I have plans in place to keep the site going even if I am gone or slugging it out in the courts.

In addition to the anniversary of the slaughter of 01 it is also Soylent Green day. Now for a close to this post. I wish to raise a cyber beverage to THE THREE, Jolly good show.

03/12/05 SHORT NOTE AND TEASE...This will be a short posting. The M5 continues to get worse, pissing off the few who watch any of the spoke stations. A special posting is planned for this Tuesday 3/15/05 ...don`t miss this one!

03/08/05 CHUCKY PART TWO... This morning I thought I would check on how the pig was doing and caught it just as Kimbo tossed to Chucky for comment, while he did not rattle off endless "NO`s" this morning ,he did use short sentences to say no or nothing. Just after the cut back to Kimbo the M5 dropped in three seconds of black while leaving some audio up. I think I heard the M5 say "This unit must survive!". I could not take more than five minuets of this so I headed out to work. All day I got phone calls and emails asking me to explain why WVUE is going to black all the time. Simple answer THE M5.I prepped this while TCM is airing Desk Set featuring EMERAC. I can not take any more of the morning show so I will rely on others for info.

03/07/05 LOUISIANA CHARGES WVUE WITH ILLEGAL PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION... At least that`s what should happen after the launch of what they are calling morning news. This poorly staffed and news free news show had my email box full by 7:10am so I tuned in. After a fluff segment on rap crap Kimbo asked Chucky a slew of questions and he replied "NO" to all of them. I am not making this up. Chucky is the afternoon audio/video guy ,now running morning audio. I guess Vic did not find a part timer yet. Any way after Chucky had a minuet or so of NO`s they cut back to Kimbo who with the look of a dear caught in head lights , said " We will hear more from chuck later".


Do not adjust your set, it is that yellow. I am sure they will call it the jaundice cam. I watched about 25 minuets of this BS before heading out to work, I did not see any news so I turned to WDSU.Some other thoughts on the pig were sent in,

"I hope you get this in time so you can watch the new morning show flop. If they think this will compete with WWL they need s reality pill."

"Tune in VUE`s morning mess, it is a blast. Never have I seen so many poor choices for a show. I should have recorded this one for training purposes."

" Do you remember when Jeff told all of us "We will do things wright or not at all" , he missed this pig. I hope they do not run credits.

"I am a bit sad you are not here, you would have given this disaster a ranking of 20 squeals. And you were dead on they are trying to do this the Emmis way, no humans."

We shall have to see how this network time killer does in the ratings. I will be watching the numbers and let all know. I do think DG was good and strong but I do not think he will be able to carry this pork to victory. My advice watch it for the fun of the train wreck and tune in some one else for news.

03/05/05 M5 UPDATE.... The M5 continues to deteriorate as it chucks more and more black holes in the spoke station feeds. MR BMW is blaming AT&T and AT&T is blaming over load of the streams. The result is even worse than normal M5 feeds, and yes it costing Emmis in a lose of revenue. As one who told me put it,

"This pig is getting really bad. I do not know how we collect on anything we air. This can`t go on much longer before it implodes, do you know of any openings for (XXX) out there?"

Sorry but no at this time, keep looking. No one has guessed correctly on last weeks audio clue, keep trying. I got a bunch of comments on R&R ,all were not flattering, most were like this,

"Clear, Accurate. To the Point."

KOIN slogan: "News That's To The Point."

Coincidence? I think not.

I laughed out loud at R&R. Wouldn't
you know, that's who hired the
national research company who told
KOIN that's what the viewers wanted.

I'm still curious about how KRQE is
a success story. One employee who left
KOIN to go to another station in the
same market tells me that KRQE is
a bigger factor in the ratings race
than it has been in a long time.
Is KRQE still succeeding or was it
because Salamone was the right
man for THAT job? Is KRQE still doing
well now that he's gone, and if so,
is it because of what he put in place
there? If Salamone gets a formula
to work at KOIN too, you know I've
theorized this before, especially since
Salamone said he wouldn't be in
Portland for more than five years:
if he succeeds, will Lippoff be put
back in control under Salamone's
formula while Salamone is then
transferred to New Orleans?

What if Salamone doesn't succeed
in Portland but KRQE is doing OK,
and what if Salamone doesn't succeed
in Portland but KRQE goes downhill
while he is gone?"

To be honest ,I do not know Salamone & Lippoff ,but if Jeff likes them they must suck.Now for a new segment, Were are they now? I will on occasion post info on certain FE`s who have left Broadcasting after WVUE or Emmis. Our first FE who was a WVUE photog for decades has moved on to become a cabinet maker.He does not miss news but he does miss some of the people.Vary few of those humans remain at the New Orleans cube. And so it goes.

02/26/05 First word on cube KSNW, it seems to be the same old Emmis pattern ....

"I had worked at KSNW for nearly 10 years before Emmis purchased the station from Lee Enterprises in Oct. 2000. For the first year things were ok...then the wheels begin to fall off as R&R laid down their law. Their interpretation of the research called for new station positioning - "Clear, Accurate. To the Point."

I fought it, argued against it, etc...all to no avail. This was going to be the way. At the time, KSNW was a solid # 2 in the DMA and growing in the key demos. I took another opportunity across the street and have never looked back. Since then, KSNW has turned over nearly the entire management team (GM, GSM, ND, MD) and replaced almost all of the on-air talent. Ratings have nose-dived. They are now a distant 3rd in the DMA & Metro.

Which might explain the rumors I'm hearing. And that's really too bad - I enjoy beating them!!! Although, as long as R&R continue to call the shots from afar, they'll probably continue to plummet."

I asked who R&R is and the drone reported "Randy Bomgarten & Ray Schoenbeck".It figures it was those two clowns. Jeff wants a new toy, and others to pay for it,

"Jeff Smulyan, chairman and CEO of Emmis Communications, is making a pitch to own the Washington Nationals.

The former owner of the Seattle Mariners between 1989 and 1992, has made a $100,000 deposit to bid on the team formerly known as the Montreal Expos. Smulyan’s investment in the team is personal and is unrelated to Emmis, which owns radio and TV stations and a publishing division.

Smulyan told the Washington Post that he is discussing alternatives with several other interested groups and investors and his investment could be part of an investment group.

The Nationals were purchased by Major League Baseball’s 29 owners for $120 million in Feb. 2002 and are looking to get at least $300 from the sale. "

More at MEDIAWEEK Jeff loves to play "sports guy" and as before I am sure he will wreck them as well. Jeff is looking for an exit strategy from Emmis so when the bubble burst he will be safe, the bubble is the balloon payment on the staggering debt Emmis has. As I am prepping this post Stalag 13 is playing on AMC , truly inspirational. I continue to hear how the new WVUE news management has become a bunch of total A-Holes since being elevated by A-Mess. I guess I will always remember when they were human ,never seeing their borge side.Speaking of VUE news management, one CE pointed out that they have posted a job opening for A.N.D. on the Emmis web site, word is the launch commander lost her job? The site still claims WVUE is a "42" DMA when it is still a 43, also they have Captain Cook listed as commander. Lots of errors on the Emmis web site.WVUE also continues to try to fill the morning show and word is they are trying to get a few sponsored segments to pay for the whole show, no takers yet. With the stock still hovering between 18 and 19 bucks I was told to check out a blog board on Yahoo in the financial section. If you think Emmis employees (current & former) do not think highly of A-Mess you may want to read for your selves what investors think of the pig known as Emmis.Also on how many insiders are dumping Emmis stock. I have an audio quote from "Another System" click on the link to listen :-)

02/17/05 Jeff throws fit because no one is buying his dog and pony show...

Multichannel News reports that

"Emmis Communications Corp. Chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan would consider selling his TV-station properties, worth $1 billion, if the industry's competitive position against cable does not improve, according to A.G. Edwards & Sons analyst Michael Kupinski. Smulyan is urging broadcasters to pool their digital spectrum and offer consumers a blend of HDTV programming from TV stations and 30-50 cable networks for $25 per month. Consumers would need to purchase $99 set-top boxes. Smulyan told Kupinski that if TV-station owners don't rally around his wireless-cable plan and fail to get cash from cable, he would exit the TV business at some point."

Spots and Dots reports

"Emmis Communications' CEO Jeff Smulyan told
analysts that he would consider getting out of the TV
business if the competitive position versus cable does
not improve. He has been one of the strongest supporters
of cash payments to broadcasters for carriage. He
also said that his efforts to create a wireless alternative to
cable have been slow to get off the ground. If that doesn't
work, and no cash payments are forthcoming, he would
consider selling his TV stations, he said."

The $1 billion would almost pay off Emmises debt, you could say it would rewind the clock back to 1998 for Emmis. Will he do it? Is it more bull or an attempt at press for Jeff`s folly? Is hell going to freeze over? Maybe the cost of now upgrading from low power DTV too high is giving him second thoughts about TV? WVUE will have to replace all the transmission line, The antenna and add more power amps, Jeffs gamble on low power failed.

Exclusive info, another retirement party for captain Cook will take place 2/18/05 in the evening. Also an official statment that Jeff West has the con at VUE. Tuesday is Soylent green day.

02/12/05 MARDI-GRAS IS OVER BUT THE CIRCUS AT EMMIS CONTINUES...This was reported in NEWSBLUES ,"Dave Bailey, vice president/general manager of Emmis's WTHI-10-CBS in Terre Haute, has announced his retirement effective March 4. Bailey began working at WTHI in 1966." Emmis does not like employees who hang around that long.Also reported by Bigeasy and Newsblues "Patrick Evans has been hired as new weekend anchor at WVUE" also " BETV has learned weekend news anchor Darrell Greene and assistant news director Kim Holden will be the morning news anchors when WVUE debuts its two-hour morning show (6-8 a.m.) March 7th. " WVUE has tried no less then ten times to launch a morning newscast since 1980, money always killed the project.

Emmis re-visited, not...A number of FE`s have been contacted by VUE mis-management over the last year or so in attempts to get them to come back as part timers. All except one have turned them down outright. One did a short visit and decided nothing had changed, he will not return. To quote one of them " Not only will I not go work for them, but I would not tell my worst enemy to go to them." This past week sheerly by accident four FE`s ended up in one of our studios at once, and another was on a cell call. We all realized this at the same time.Karma? We all have the same thoughts about the people company.

M5 has a new wrinkle, some one who wanted to watch WVUE( I cant imagine why) reports that the system would flash a frame part of a computer display every few seconds, this went on for hours. The viewer watched so he could try to figure out what was being displayed. He said it was control info from the M5, how this got into the program stream is any ones guess. I wonder if it said "This unit must survive" or "sterilize ,sterilize ,sterilize"

A number of visitors to this site as well as FE`s have now contacted those "award" people, this is just one of the emails on the subject,

"I wrote both the awards people you featured on the site, since
you made that suggestion last time I wrote you. I told them
to access to see the other side of the story.
I'll let you know if I hear anything back. I made it a point to
tell them that their credibility was at stake. We'll see. I hope
you will continue to direct others to do the same from those
anonymous email addresses. "

Feel free to contact those "awards" people and let them know the truth about A-Mess

02/05/05 MARDI-GRAS UPDATE.... As Carnival comes to a close Emmissucks can exclusively report a new Captain takes the helm at WVUE, Jeff West ,was some sort of sales guy. Captain Cook may still "consult" from time to time.

Some of the crowd on Bourbon St. from our position across from two of the Quarters strip clubs. I deployed the Version 3 "Bachbox" once again,

Version 3 in service in the Revelers Room.

WVUE pressed into service the old Version 2 " They are not allowed to call it" Box. They could not set up with all the other media, they failed to plan and had no support infrastructure. It seems as though planning is a thing of the past under new management. They were also forced to use microwave transmission instead of there normal fiber line. I also met up with an FE from the late 80`s early 90`s and we reminisced about the good old days of VUE , pre-Emmis. In addition I talked with a few FE`s who have come and gone since my tapping day. It was amazing to find out things are getting worse and some of the "new" news managers are partially to blame. These humans were fine when I was there but apparently they had their spines removed and replaced with Borg implants. You could say they have gone over to the dark side.One of these now FE`s who I warned just after he singed on ,told me,

"You were so correct, what are your thoughts on (XXXX)? I do not think your web site goes far enough to warn potential employees. What ever you do ,keep up the good work."

Emmissucks is planning a special wrap up and Big Game report next week end. If you are forced to watch the M5 for the game, let us know what it does to it.

01/31/05 RAY SCHONBAK TO THE RESCUE ????....As reported by NewsBlues ,

"Donita Todd, VP-GM at Emmis's WFTX-36-Fox in Ft. Myers, suddenly resigned last week. The company sent Senior VP Ray Schonbak to the Cape Coral offices to manage operations until a replacement is found."

I wonder if he will line them up and shoot them if the numbers do not improve? Check Famous quotes section for more details. Look out FTX here he comes.

01/29/05 LEST WE FORGET... 60 years ago the Russians liberated Auschwitz , they may have to do the same with Emmis,

" With the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz I thought this would tie into Emmis a bit.

Jeff is thinking of a "new" look for HQ.

A birds eye view of KOIN

We all need to shout to the world and not go to the final solution quietly. I encourage all to contact Emmissucks. This time we know better and have a way to alert all.

The gates are open, run for your lives!!! I am out with in a month or two ,good luck and gods speed to those I leave behind."

I`m glad another one escapes. I normally do not use the WWII material ,but with this anniversary ,why not. As the soon to be FE states, let the world know about the empire ,send in your experiences with A-Mess .Morning show update , A CE said the while WVUE NEWS is looking for a few full timers for the show ,VIC is only looking for two part timers to fill the audio and video spots. So far no takers.No one has guessed the WWII Jap to Emmis tie in, so here is the last clue.

"Be happy in your work"


"Just days ago, Dan Salamone (Station Manager) and David Lippoff (Vice-President) canceled all vacation time to it's employees. Many employees plan their vacations well ahead of time and purchase plane tickets and vacation packages. KOIN Mismanagers told employees that they would have to eat the cost of their pre-planned and pre-approved vacation expenses. Of course everyone at the station knows that only the employees are affected by this policy and that Management will be taking their vacations as planned. I predict that this new developement will cause many employees to abandon this sinking Titanic of a EMMIS Television Station."

I am sure this will make Emmis a shoe in for Great Place to Work 2005. Ramming speed!

01/26/05 M5 UPDATE, ITS BEEN A WHILE... The M5 system is getting worse (if that is possible). A number of reports from around the hive indicate Emmis is overloading the centralcraps digital flow ,resulting in even poorer transmission. Some Exerts from a DTV blog were sent in,

"Does anyone know how to file a complaint with the FCC concerning crap broadcast like WALA??

I'm tired of contacting Joe (ASSdalia) and (R) Fields over and over for the same problems.

I talked to Fields up at WALA. He said that the source of the audio/video breaksups is in their fiber optic connection to Orlando. Evidently they don't have the required bandwith to stream both Analog Fox, HD Fox, Digital WB (he said WB-HD, i kept correcting him but he didn't respond to it) and Analog WB. He said that to either remedy the problem for the Super Bowl, or possibly for the long run, of taking digital WB off the air. This is still in discussion, honestly I don't think this will happen, but you never know. Anyway he said he would stay in contact with me via email til the problem was resolved.

I'm not going to trust WALA to have this fixed for the Super Bowl, I'm anticipating having to "move" to watch the Super Bowl error free."

There is much more on these blogs but I do not have the space. Yet another Ethical fopa from Emmis Radio. This was sent in Tuesday,

"NY radio station apologizes over tsunami slur

NEW YORK, Jan 24 (Reuters) - A New York radio station apologized on Monday for repeatedly airing a joke song that ridiculed victims of the recent tsunami in South Asia and used racial slurs, saying the piece was in poor taste.

New York FM radio station WQHT, or HOT 97, ran the segment on its "Miss Jones in the Morning" show. The piece used racial slurs to describe people swept away in the disaster, made jokes about child slavery and people watching their mothers die.

"You can hear God laughing, 'Swim you bitches swim,'" was one line in the song.

The hip-hop and R&B station, known for its "shock jocks," apologized on its Web site, saying it, "regrets the airing of material that made light of a serious and tragic event. We apologize to our listeners and anyone who was offended."

WQHT's program director and deejay Tarsha Nicole Jones, who uses the on-air name Miss Jones, apologized on the program and said the segment should not have been broadcast.

The piece drew wide criticism from Albany to New York's City Hall, with many lawmakers calling on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to fine HOT 97.

"At a time when virtually the entire world has come together to help in the tsunami tragedy relief, employees of HOT 97 have come up with this song," said New York State Assembly member Jimmy Meng, a Democrat from Queens. "We are disgusted and demand immediate action by the FCC."

An FCC spokesman in Washington had no immediate comment.

The piece was also denounced by the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, which said it had received calls from Muslims offended by the piece.

Station-owner Emmis Communications Corp. issued an apology and said the seven-person staff of the show has agreed to contribute one-week's pay each to tsunami-relief efforts.

The incident is not the first time HOT 97 has been accused of racism and poor taste. The station made headlines when deejay Star, now at another radio station, called Jennifer Lopez a "rice-and-bean eater" and satirized the plane crash that killed R&B singer Aaliyah in 2001.

Four weeks after giant waves killed as many as 234,000 people across the Indian Ocean region, workers are still pulling hundreds of bodies from the mud and rubble each day and aid groups say they are struggling to reach isolated areas. "

That morning on the way to work I tuned in the Humans of the W&J show and low and behold they were talking about this "hip hop" radio station that wrote a song about the tsunami victims. They went as far as they dared in stating the lyrics to this ditty. This "song" sets a new low in radio. And yes the powers at be had to know and approve it. I guess this passes as positive ethics at Emmis. A FE sent in a bit of KOIN history showing how the evil ones think,

"Rick Howard, former news director, carried out all of what corporate
told him to do. He took the fall even with his own newspeople. He
had different ideas but was told what to do. It was a lose-lose
situation for him. If he had played his own cards, they would have
fired him for playing his own cards. He followed their orders and
when their thinking didn't achieve the results they wanted, they
fired him - uh, gagged him and let him leave voluntarily. His associate
producer April Thomas also got caught in that loop and got so sick
over it with ulcers that she decided herself to go before they tried to
gag her."

Exclusive.....Captain Cook walks the plank last Thursday as he officially retires from the hive. His main job is done, revenge on Big M for "helping him retire" the first time. This move will make it so he can liquidate his options and stock before the balloon payment is due thus maximizing his take. No word on who will replace him at the helm. Big wigs from HQ attended the "party". More if it becomes available. "You live to serve this ship, row well and live."

01/22/05 YET ANOTHER AWARD DUPED.... This time its the " American Business Ethics Award™" Yep Jeff claims he got this one in 2003.

The CE who sent this pic in said,

" Jeff has pulled the wool over another one of those "good companies" awards ,this time it was the " American Business Ethics Award™" . I would like you to explore the criteria and tell us what you think."

Well I did just that, can you believe once again the company nominates itself and fills out all the paper work. I wonder how many of these Jeff will find? This takes "the fox guarding the hen house" up to a new level. I have sent them an email, I will post any reply. A viewer of this site sent in a link to this blog comment,

"iPod Threatens Broadcast Radio
While Emmis Chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan thinks satellite won't be a threat to terrestrial radio, he does feel the iPod, and likely all other MP3 players, are a bigger threat. Writing on the Emmis website, Smulyan said, "Despite the buzz surrounding satellite radio, I believe iPods are a bigger threat, because you have a larger number of people with an alternative source of music. That said, I can remember when people were predicting the death of radio after 8-tracks came out. Despite continually evolving technologies, nothing has replaced the local information and local personalities we give our audiences. We know our communities, and we respond to their needs. Over the holiday season alone, Emmis radio stations raised $500,000 for charitable causes in their local communities - I don?t see how satellite radio can match that reach. Sirius and XM may or may not be viable businesses, but the reality is that two of Emmis' stations reach more people then the entire satellite industry, and those satellite subscribers still spend much of their listening time with terrestrial radio."

"Either this is a bit of realistic common sense regarding the excitement over satellite radio or it will be looked back upon as another clueless comment from a company that doesn't get it. As they say, time will tell and with it, bring a brutal reality for some and a rosy future for others."

If it upsets Jeff, it must be good. I went out and bought an iPod. When a local radio station lost its human based morning show ,they lost me. Radio with out humans is nothing but CDs with commercials. You can cut out the commercials and just play CDs in your car. If enough humans do this, Jeff will be out of business.No one has guessed who the Jap officer is so here is another visual clue.

Your webmaster is happy in his work and thanks to FE Bob Noonan I found the Fudruckers in Harrahs and have yet to pay for a burger there. You could say they pay me to haul them out :-) (Red sevens)


01/18/05 INSTITUTIONAL REPLY... The Great Place to Work Institute sent a reply to my email,


Thank you for sending us this information. So you know, we take all
employee comments into consideration in our evaluation. If Emmis
decides to apply for next year's list, we will make sure to include this
in our evaluation. All comments will remain confidential.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Erin Bartulski
"Best Companies" Project Coordinator

Your webmaster will send them a reminder and links each and every year :-) Some CE`s and FE`s confirm "skewing" the info sent to the "institute",

"Jeff made a trip to the station where I worked. He met
with the big and middle managers. He talked to some
people about what they thought of Emmis. To his face
and in those days after initial layoffs and before we
understood the real agenda, while we were still really
trying hard to believe the pap, we said nice things.

Some of us were subsequently sent surveys "anonymously"
that said we could help Emmis be in Fortune Magazine as
a best company to work for. Our names were chosen
anonymously, it said. This would be maybe 2.5 years ago.
We weren't supposed to mention at all that we had been
chosen and were filling out a survey for Emmis.

Slanted from within, slanted from without. Noplace to
stand solid."

also another report,


I got one of those random surveys ,soon after a visit from my boss. He asked me if I thought favorably of Emmis. I do not know what they expect any one to say. I knew the implication , so I lied through my teeth to my boss and on the survey. Now I know what it was for, I regret not telling the truth on the forms. I would still have to lie to the boss, they fire anyone with a "negative attitude" . I am not happy in my work."

The spin never stops at A-mess, row on.


01/16/05 SUPPER COP FLOP....Since I did not have the full article ,a CE sent it with some insight ,in case you didn't see the entire article.

"I loved the comment about addalias bottom line, as if he is the CEO or something.

Why central crap traffic now?

The reason is because it took him 5 years to figure out how all the pieces of shit work to be able to speak to each other correctly! Oh BTW, the crap about moving the file between hub and the spokes through the WAN is total BULL SHIT. It doesn't work that way. More shell games from A mess!

Emmis Employs a Super-Cop
Station group goes the centralization route

By Ken Kerschbaumer -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/17/2005

While many station groups look to standardize traffic systems, some are planning to centralize them. The Emmis Communications Centralcasting facility, located in Orlando, Fla., handles master control for five stations: WKCF Orlando; WFTX Ft. Myers, Fla.; WVUE New Orleans; WALA Mobile, Ala.; and WBPG Gulf Shores, Ala. Each station has its own Harris/Encoda traffic system tied into a Florical automation system located at the hub. Together, the systems handle playout of all SD and HD programming.

Joe Addalia, Emmis Centralcasting director of operations, says a program from Harris/Encoda helps the traffic and automation systems speak the same language. The station group works with content packaged as files, moving it between the Centralcasting hub and the stations across a wide area network (WAN). “Purge lists, dub lists, logs, as-run logs and user reports are what keep the processes flowing,” says Addalia.

The facility highlights the delicate dance between automation and traffic. In addition to on-air operations, the Florical system also handles programming from other sources, including networks. It deals with as much as 18-21 hours of syndicated programming on weekdays and nearly 80 daily satellite feeds.

The Harris/Encoda system does require some manual intervention.

Addalia's bottom line: First figure out the workflow. Then buy the technology that can do it. “That's especially important with traffic,” he says, “because otherwise the workflow is based on the system's limitations.”

If you look at the archives you will also find that Emmis has been trying to solve the traffic problem since day one. Emmis continues to spend millions so they can eliminate even one $10/hr carbon based drone.They continue to explore eliminating audio people. Yep a great place to work.

01/15/05 EMMIS TOP 100....NOT!.. Fortune Magazine responds to my email,

"Thanks for your letter, which I will forward to the editors and to the Great Place to Work Institute, which compiles the 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Paul Bennett

As of this posting no further comment from Fortune. This Email gave me my first clue as to how such a sham could be perpetrated on the world. Apparently Fortune has out-sourced its survey to Great Place to Work Institute . By doing this they no longer have control. According to the web site ,the selection process is not what you or I would think it is.

The Company Nominates itself, if accepted "the company" who nominated itself "administers" an employee attitude survey (Great Place to Work® Trust Index©). We all remember when Emmis did this of all its employees, the results were so negative ,Emmis stopped doing it. The company who nominated itself now Completes the Great Place to Work® Culture Audit©; this instrument asks for organizational data as well as responses to nine open-ended questions about the firm's workplace practices, philosophy, and work environment. Finally The company that nominated itself Sends other relevant supporting materials (employee handbooks, orientation and recruiting materials, employee newsletters and videos, etc.) that give us a fuller picture of why the company is an outstanding place to work. In a word the great 100 list is a PR spin tool for any company willing to "bend" a few rules and send in biased info to this "institute". The institute does not investigate any thing. If they did ,they would have found this site, the FCC filings, the law suits for the various forms of discrimination Emmis is known for and much more. I do not expect any other reply from Fortune, it looks like they are just the PR agent for these "top 100" I am sure the CE who sent in the info thought he was trying to show us all that Emmis is great to work for. All he has done is show us Emmis is good at skewing results and PR spin.The memo from Jeff is the icing on the cake, he acted surprised. I wonder how many people he had working on that project? Other CE`s & FE`s who I told of this said,

"Are you F'ing kidding, maybe the 100 worst to work for."

"Who ever did the submissions on this pig should do my taxes."

"Doesn't any one research what they are about to print. I will not renew my subscription. I can not trust any thing they print. "

"You can quote me on this, working for Emmis is like being locked up in a Goolog."

Much more of the same came in but it would get lengthy to post it all. From another CE,

"Emmis Employs a Super-Cop
Station group goes the centralization route
By Ken Kerschbaumer -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/17/2005

Abstract: While many station groups look to standardize traffic systems, some are planning to centralize them. The Emmis Communications Centralcasting facility, located in Orlando, Fla., handles master control for five stations: WKCF Orlando; WFTX Ft. Myers, Fla.; WVUE New Orleans; WALA Mobile, Ala.; and WBPG Gulf Shores, Ala.

This part of Central crapping is far behind what I predicted, to be honest this is the only part of the M5 system that made sense. Let the pink slips fly.

01/12/05 FIRST WORD FROM KSNT.,.. As those around the hive find out they are not alone ,one CE at KSNT-27 sent in the following,

"True story. GM at KSNT-TV in Topeka when told that staff moral was in the
toilet and the crew could use a little positive re-enforcement: "I'll start
being nicer when everyone starts enjoying their job!" Clueless. And we wonder
why 30+ of our fellow employees have left in the past 15 months...


This dumb quote by a GM is much like captain Cooks comment ,so it is now posted in that prime place on this page so we all can admire the wisdom of such a comment. It looks like KSNT CE`s are escaping the hive in mass quantities. By my guesstimate that 30+ must represent more than half the staff , that speaks volumes for the company and management. The now FE`s found one thing Jeff does not want CE`s to know, there are many jobs out there with much better employers. And now more from KOIN,

KOIN is a Tapeless operation for it's commerical playback. One night a very experienced and capable MCR operator is on duty when the commercial playback malfunctions. The MCR Operator can do nothing about it. The next day The Director of Engineering (Lee Wood) walks into Master Control as he leaves for the day and tells this operator to check his email. The email ends up being a repremand for the malfunction the night before. It told the operator that they lost several thousand dollars because of this malfunction and Lee Wood puts the blame on the MCR Operator who wasn't at fault at all. What bothers me the most is that The Director of Engineering didn't have the spine to talk to this operator face to face and instead he leaves an email and runs away.

Employees at KOIN are on call 24/7 and make what little staff they have left run the whole station. They bust thier butts during Holidays and weekends. During these times, Management is nowhere to be found. Only Management gets to work a 40 hour week while making their staff slaves to the machine.

This sounds familiar , Vic tends to leave the country just before terminations, leaving them for his "collaborator". It must be taught in Emmis mismanagement school, just after all their spines are removed and replaced with Borg implants. In this case they blame the human for a M4 screw up. No error I wrote M4, the system is not as bad as the M5.

First the New York Times, then Sixty Minuets now FORTUNE Magazine,

"Dear Emmis Employees

Of all eligible U.S. employers, FORTUNE magazine chooses just 100 as the best places to work for in America. I am extremely proud to announce that Emmis Communications has entered this exclusive group. Not only have we joined the elite list of companies, we are one of only a handful of media organizations to have ever made the cut. No other media company is included in the list this year.

Those of you who have worked for other media entities know first hand that Emmis is a different kind of company. From the beginning we wanted this to be a pro-employee company. The Eleven Commandments of Emmis outline the work environment I envisioned for every station and magazine, but it is each of you who translates those guiding principles into a living Emmis culture where people are given the tools they need, the freedom to try new things and the permission to have fun.

FORTUNE chooses companies based largely on the results of confidential, anonymous employee surveys—so this honor comes from and is a tribute to the sales people, editors, engineers, programmers, assistants and everyone else who makes Emmis so exceptional. This employee support is especially moving to me.

What does this mean for you? First, it will help your entity attract the best talent, making your product and performance even better. We work in an industry where moving around is common, but this distinction will help solidify Emmis’ reputation as a destination employer. The recognition will also enhance your entity’s status in your community and within your professional organizations.

A million thanks for making our company a great place to work. Look for Emmis in FORTUNE’s annual special issue, available at today, and on newsstands Jan. 17.

Jeff "

A pro-Jeff CE sent this in using an anonymous email account and included this comment,

"A E-Mail sent by Mr. Smulyan himself........Guess Fortune Magazine Doesn't think Emmis sucks."

Not Exactly, all this proves is that Fortunes reporters and editors failed to do some basic research. Had they done their home work they would have found ,This site, the law suits brought by EMMIS employees against Emmis, FCC info and the Emmis smoking gun on how even Emmis knows its CE`s think of Emmis...THE GAG ORDER! A link to this site and my comments were sent to the editor at Fortune, I am sure there will not be any response. I was going to post this stuff this weekend but it is time sensitive. Resistance in not futile.


"A young man crawls under the fence at the transmitter site, climbs the tower and then plunges to his death. When the body is discovered and removed, The Director of Engineering (Lee Wood) laughs and makes jokes. He then tells the employees to put a sign up at the site gates telling anyone who wishes to kill themselves to go to the next tower over. He says this with a giggle. It's awful to see management to have such a low value on human life."

Carbon based life is cheap in the eyes of Emmis.


This afternnoon they laid off KOIN'S best director because he wouldn't go along with the Vision. The Vision is total BS developed by a has been GM and a wanta be News Director. It doesn't matter if you do your job, you have to buy all the bullshit. They also laid off a production person because he was not capable in graphics. Of course he was not hired for graphics, but that doesn't matter either. Lastly they canned the main weather guy. They can use the three youths for the weather and save a real salary. All three of their salaries don't add up to the former main guy. All this because they are tightning the budget. They will make that 38% return on all the CE's backs! Row On!"

I must say ,after hearing from most cubes in the hive over the years ,KOIN has been the worst hit by Jeff and his incompetent mismanagers. Why some one has not "gone postal" I do not know. And yes I think KOIN is even worse off than WVUE. For those CE`s who want to know how Jeff thinks of its carbon based employees , read the gag order (link on this site) pay particular attention to paragraph 9. Look at it this way, the lucky ones are now FREE AT LAST!

01/08/05 EXCLUSIVE KOIN SPECIAL... In only what could be described as flood of data concerning the continuing extremely hostile work environment at A-Messes KOIN. Some of these were quite lengthy and have been edited for space.

"Greetings. I have an archive of Pete Schulberg articles that HAVEN't been
located in the 2004 postings, and news on how much the big changes Dan
Salamone brought to KOIN "didn't" affect the Nielsens. Also KOIN is
attempting to ally itself with the Portland Tribune, where writer Pete
Schulberg works. I think they forgot that newspaper reporters don't have
to suck up to advertisers the same way TV station management makes
its news drones compromise its standards for advertisers.

Emry pulls up anchor and sails (Article wasn't dated: I assume July)
It’s an excellent reason for leaving any job if you can swing it: wanting to spend more
time with the family.
But when local broadcasters up and quit, saying they want to spend more time at
Little League practice and hauling around the kids, it's often an eyebrow-raiser.
Usually, there are other factors. (I'm adding, a la Shirley Hancock. Shirley wasn't
the only one who thought KOIN is a hostile work environment)

How many times has a radio or TV personality, using the “family time” line,
high-tailed it over to another station within months or even days? In Portland,
almost too many to count.
In Julie Emry’s case, it’s even more complicated. The 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. co-anchor
for KOIN (6) abruptly resigned her position last Thursday, even though her two-year
contract doesn't expire until September.
“At this time in my life, with three kids, I don't need to be chasing every ambulance
and be available for every show,” said Emry, who is married and the mother of
10-year-old twin boys and a 14-year-old daughter. “People are forced to work a ton
with a smaller staff.” Most of Portland’s TV stations have experienced staffing
cutbacks in the past two years, as ad revenue fell after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist
Discussions had been under way between KOIN management and Emry about
expanding her four-hour workday agreement to include anchoring the 11 p.m.
news with Jeff Gianola. (Note: Same with Shirley Hancock, who stayed and
worked even after refusing the 11p news, and this refusal was behind her forced
KOIN told Emry that it needed a single anchor team on its evening newscasts
for promotion and marketing purposes. Gianola had been co-anchoring the 11 p.m.
newscast with Mike Donahue, who now will do reporting in the field. For Donahue,
dean of Portland anchors, this marks the second time he’s been moved off the
anchor desk at KOIN. (Should we add that the all-male anchored 11p news was
gaining in ratings at an extremely high rate when the change was made?)
Emry and Gianola were the anchor team at KATU (2) when that station ruled the
ratings in the late ’80s and early ’90s. But after the pair was reunited at KOIN in
September 2002, KOIN’s ratings remained flat and the station was unable to topple
top-rated KGW (8).
Both Emry and KOIN maintain that if Emry had agreed to longer hours, she’d be a
KOIN fixture now and in the future.
At the same time, it appears to industry observers and viewers alike — if the
Nielsen numbers can be trusted — that the chemistry Emry and Gianola had
at KATU has diminished by a notch or two at KOIN.
When Emry was hired by KOIN, I mused that once a member of an anchor team
goes off the air, only to return several years later at a different station, getting the
magic back can be a tough proposition. Viewer habits, tastes and station
allegiances can change quickly. And in Portland especially, once an anchor leaves,
for whatever reason, and then returns, it rarely works as well as the original stint.
“We had a very fair offer on the table,” says Station Manager Dan Salamone. “But
we have been looking at our options all along because we knew there was a
possibility this would not work for Julie.”
Salamone says the station has been looking at a half-dozen candidates inside and
outside the station to take over for Emry. In the meantime, Gianola will fly solo at
5 p.m. and 11 p.m. and morning anchor Katie Baker will co-anchor with Gianola
on the 6 p.m. newscast.
As for Emry, don’t count her out of television just yet. Wouldn’t some of KOIN’s
competition feel just fine having a part-time anchorwoman who wants to spend
more time with her family? Don’t bet against it.


A new season sweeps clean
Has there ever been so much commotion during a sweeps period? While the Nielsen
folks were determining what we watched this past month, viewers were huddled
around the TV in amazement. And who could blame us?
Just dwell on these major TV developments:
• “Desperate Housewives” tries to become the best reason to watch “Monday
Night Football,” with a pre-game locker-room seduction skit starring “Desperate” ’s
Nicolette Sheridan and player Terrell Owens.
• Tom Brokaw goes away, while Dan Rather announces, “Me, too!”
• The $2.5 million man, Ken Jennings, finally tanks on “Jeopardy!”
• NBC wishes that “Friends” had never left as the peacock gets its feathers clipped
by CBS.
• The “Most Watched Video on Cable After the First 10,000 Showings” award goes
to the NBA melee in Detroit.
And hey, if CBS wants to get a household face to replace Rather, how about Jennings
(that’s Ken, not Peter), or the guy who threw the cup at Ron Artest? Besides,
Jennings could double as anchor and fact checker.
On the local front, the name of the game is “Catch KGW if You Can.” It’s proving
just as difficult for both second-place KOIN (6) and third-place KATU (2). (My note:
KOIN and KATU have fought over second place for years, switching places often.)

Overall local news winner

It’s KGW (8).
Once again, Portland’s NBC affiliate captures the ratings prize in head-to-head
matchups during the dinner hour and 11 p.m. time periods.
At 5 p.m., KGW increases its lead over KOIN and KATU, capturing almost twice
the audience of either competitor. With a 10.7 rating (translating to more than
100,000 viewers) and a 22 share (the percentage of the audience watching TV
at 5 p.m.), KGW’s dominance is as strong as it’s ever been.
At 6:30 p.m., KATU managed to tie KGW for the top spot. But at 11 p.m.,
KGW wins again despite KOIN’s CBS programming winning the prime time
(8 p.m.-11 p.m.) sweepstakes.
My take: KGW continues to take advantage of the huge “Oprah” lead-in audience
at 5 p.m. (From me: But KOIN mgt knows that Oprah watchers are not
news watchers, and it's not Oprah's lead as much as it is people turning to KGW's
news at 5pm; the Oprah lead in was responsible for KOIN stealing Ellen away
from her 10am slot on KGW, where she was stealing from KOIN/CBS Price is
Right, and putting Ellen against Oprah at 4pm - guess that didn't do any good
for the news either but it probably helped Price), but it also has become the go-to
station for breaking news.
Over at KOIN, the Jeff Gianola-Kelley Day anchor combination, complete with
altered news set and fancy graphics, hasn’t had much of an impact — yet.
With ABC making strides in the popularity of its network programming (i.e.,
“Desperate Housewives and “Lost”), this would be the time for KATU to make its move.

Crime doesn’t pay?

The crime story-infested 10 p.m. news on KPTV (12) may finally be wearing a
tad thin. Compared to November of a year ago, the prime-time newscast has taken
a hit and lost close to 20,000 viewers from the more recent May sweeps.
My take: There’s too much other news happening, both nationally and locally, to
dwell on nonstop crime coverage night after night after night. The big three networks’
strong 10 p.m. series also are having an impact.

‘Good Day’ shines

KPTV still shows strength in the morning, finally knocking off KGW in the 6 a.m.-7 a.m.
local news time slot. (From me: KOIN now is calling the AM show KOIN News 6
Wakeup Oregon. Not that Wakeup is "really" one word...) But “Today” on KGW has come
back to barely regain first place from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. against “Good Day Oregon.”
My take: KPTV’s morning team keeps the show light and bright as it offers the news,
information and aerial traffic reports.

CBS hitting its prime

For the first time since BF (Before “Friends”), CBS has taken over the No. 1 slot in prime
time from NBC among the 18-49 age group. And once again, in Portland and around the
country, CBS romped in total viewers. But the “CBS Evening News” is still running in third
place, which raises the question — should the name be changed to “CSI: The Evening
News”? My take: No longer do CBS execs have to explain that it’s OK that mostly older
people watch their network. Give credit to the “CSI” franchise and, of course, the staying
power of “Survivor.”
KOIN sharing helicopter (from another Schulberg article)
Teresa Burgess, general manager of KPTV (12), said her television news outlet leases its
helicopter in partnership with KOIN (6). She could not recall specific figures, but said,
“Outside of staffing expenses, in news it’s our biggest expense.” (From me; Could not
recall specific figures?? Oh puh-LEEZ, she had to be seeing them on her desk every day
for a year! The coleasing was the brainchild of Randy Bomgarden)
(And from January 7: Remember KOIN research showed that people watch news most for
the weather. Portland does not have as high a population percent of news viewers as most
other cities in the nation so the efforts there go to getting non news viewers to watch, as
a strategy of increasing the share against KGW)

There’s no business like snow business
Three, two, one … salivate. That’s what’s happening in Portland radio and TV newsrooms
as the winter storm countdown begins, giving stations the opportunity to saturate the airwaves
with weather overkill. (from me: overkill is an understatement, it was the lead story on KOIN
KGW and KATU on Monday and Tuesday as they predicted snow for THURSDAY and FRIDAY
and now here it is thursday, and they have put off their top story now to maybe sunday,
perhaps monday, or even tuesday or wednesday, at least below 500 feet which is where
Portland is...)
Never mind that we’re a little behind schedule. If you remember, last year at this time,
KATU (2), KGW (8), KOIN (6), KPTV (12) and Northwest Cable News were in the midst
of wall-to-wall coverage of the big snow of 2004. The weather story broke all records for nonstop
coverage and succeeded in posting stellar ratings. (Me again, excuse me, I can look out of the
dam window to see it's snowing, just keep me up with my soaps or I"m taking the bus down
the street to rent movies) The fact is, when it comes to major weather news, there is no other
type of local news programming that brings in more viewers. Mount St. Helens erupting takes
second place in viewer interest to that first snowflake in east county or the West Hills.
At the risk of divulging trade secrets, here’s a preview of what we can expect (again) and what
reporters and videographers are prepping for.
Gorge screeching: The ability to shout live commentary along Interstate 84 near Troutdale while
looking unbearably cold and having your parka hood blow off, reducing your carefully coifed hair
to a tangled mess. The goal here is to show how miserable you are. Meanwhile, back in
Portland, it’s not nearly so bad and viewers are actually laughing at you.
Sylvan sensationalizing: Being able to reach fever pitch reporting on the snow falling while
standing on the Sylvan overpass and measuring the snow depth with a pencil or ruler. At night,
it’s also important for camerapeople to set up enough lights to blind any oncoming drivers.

Spinout spotting: Look for the best examples of vehicles slipping down hills, SUVs getting
stuck in ditches and TriMet buses stalling. Then replay the video 20 times an hour to make
it look as if the situation is a lot worse than it really is.
Doppler doting: Give credit to weather radar for showing snow and precipitation, although it
would have been nice if the warning could have come a whole lot sooner. Every once in a while,
remind viewers they can get the same information by looking out the window.
Obvious stating: All stations need to do is to quote Oregon Department of Transportation
spokesman Dave Thompson, who told KOIN this week that “the roads are not completely safe.
It’s winter.” But that’s not what will happen. Instead we’ll be told to “drive safely,” “be careful,”
“dress warmly,” “don’t drive unless you have to” and “bring your pets inside” — several thousand
Kid gloating: Interview unintelligible children while they’re throwing snowballs at the camera
and bubbling about how great it is that school has been canceled. Maybe this year someone
can find a kid who actually misses school. If that happens, expect a giant “Exclusive!”
splashed across the screen.
And there's an Oregon blogs talk site that talked about KOIN's web site, interesting to note
that the response comes from a KRQE drone!!!, from various members of the site:

So KOIN changed its website, it seems. Except in both Safari and Moz Firebird, it breaks and
gives a "reduced version" because the "site uses advanced I-Frame technology which is
supported by most versions of Internet Explorer and newer versions of Netscape." It instructs
you to "please use Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, or Netscapte 6.0 or later."

I love the phrase "This site uses advanced I-Frame technology..." They must have had their
engineers working around the clock to come up with that breakthrough!

It looks like they want their reduced version of the site to work, it's just that the "Local
Headlines" aren't working. (Some variables in the story URLs aren't being replaced.) It might
actually be a better way to browse the site if it worked--sort of like a text-only version. The big
frame method that you get in IE is not good.

Maybe an email to let them know links aren't working on the lite version would help.

From KRQE:
Sorry for the trouble on the KOIN site. There's no team of engineers behind the infrastructure,
just me. (from me: HELLO!!!!! Dammit A-Miss will find a way to use centralcrapping if it kills
them which it is)

I initially set it up with I-Frame to decrease load time for viewing stories and other popular
pages. Unfortunately, I found very quickly that the way I had encoded the I-Frames, they
didn't respond well in Safari and most Mozilla browsers (Safari didn’t like a 100% width for
the frame) and we had CSS issues (Did you know Mozilla won’t recognize CSSS elements
that include a numeral in the name?). Anyway, to make a long story short I’ve gone back
to a flat, I-Frame free ASP page and will offer the I-Frame setup as an option.

On the positive side, the index page is now 1/5 of its original size. (He gives his email
address at KRQE to write if there are more problems.)
(And one of the first complainers responds:)
Well, now I feel like a jerk. Sorry to be so harsh, Xxxx, the major media sites seem like
anonymous monoliths with giant budgets and teams of people. I forget that sometimes
that isn't the case. (Oh my friend, you had it right the first time.)

Thanks for your input, Xxxx, and glad to hear you are listening to your critics and making
things right. Bravo!

And Xxxx responds: No problem. I've learned that the day we in the online media stop
responding to the public, especially, those not in the 95% group of "average" or "Microsoft"
users, is the day we've failed in our duty. Thanks again for listening. (Online media?? Oh
no, a drone displaying that he thinks - working for A Miss, you don't let them know you
know how to think, it's too dangerous)

Other KOIN news not written about elsewhere:

5 KOINERS went to corp HR to complain about hostile work environment and different
types of discrimination. The last of the five recently left the hive. The first three were
beaten and pummelled and accepted invitations to leave because the alternative
was clearly a longer, more torturous death. Upon leaving all were gagged. The last
two slowly had their job duties shifted to others, which made them lose their value,
and KOIN mgrs let them know how useless they were while pretending to be
sympathetic. One of the two, plans had been made to get rid of at least 1 year
prior to the HR complaint being made. So if you are A Miss employee facing
discrimination and hostile work environment, it's probably because they already cited
you for departure and you better look for another job before your confidence is gone
and no one wants you: This is also a growing trend for those employees who use
medical coverage. If personal trauma happens and you have to go for therapy and
the therapist gives medication to you, you will be attacked by your department head
in the very areas where you are most vulnerable. Try and save your teeth before s/he
kicks them in. Get in as much insurance use as you can to get yourself well because
soon, you won't have it. Your performance may still be top of the line but you will
find criticisms of things you didn't do, so they can justify getting rid of you. Either
that or the same scum mgt who discriminates against various employees for
whatever reason their greedy little mind will come up with, will get you for the same
stuff they are doing - watch those emails, they will be monitored.

Row on."

This from a KOIN CE,

Hey Emmis guy,

I have not seen any more info on the crap Jeff and his band of carpet baggers are doing here. The changes are not working. The team dose not seem too have a clue about what the viewers want. They are like a pack of wild dogs ,just pissing all over trying to mark territory with out regard for real news or TV. I have never seen so many suck ups in my life, Emmis must breed them.

Keep up the needed work, I never thought at the age of (XXX) I would be looking for a new job. I do not want to leave, but these people suck.

I am not happy in my work :-(

A Recent FE said,

"They did me a favor. Emmis is driving the place into the ground. The anti human goal of EMMIS is making good people go bad. The remaining pre-emmis staff is now so paranoid that all the one time friendships are under strain. Inter departmental fighting is now the norm as people try to protect themselves from the Emmis head hunters. May Jeff burn!"

I was going to start this posting with a totally different focus but you never know. Emmis entered into an agreement with Bonneville to swap three Phoenix radio stations – KTAR-AM, KMVP-AM and KKLT-FM – in exchange for WLUP-FM (The Loop) in Chicago and $70 million in cash, which Emmis is using to pay down debt. Emmis has owned WKQX-FM (Q101) in Chicago since 1988.The closing of the transaction is subject to several conditions, including approval from the Federal Communications Commission, and is expected to occur in early 2005. After the close of the transaction, Emmis will own 25 radio stations in eight markets. This deal is just another in a long list of radio sell offs to pay on the huge debt Jeff has acquired. I must applaud those about to be set free of the hive, one of which sent in the info. To the CE`s at WLUP, start packing ,pink slips are on the way. If any one at WLUP attends jeffs "welcome to EMMIS" speech ,let me know if he has come up with any thing newer than " I have no major changes planned for (insert call sign here)" A site watcher caught the humor in the in one of the pics below.

"Were in the world did you find that pic from Soylent Green? It does fit the Emmis theme.What does the Jap have in common with A-Mess?"

Glad some one noticed, the pic was sent in. We will see if any one else can guess the other pics tie in with the Evil Empire. Send in the scoops!

01/01/05 HAPPY NEW YEAR.... As we start a new year of Emmis sucking I was reminded of how bad it is in the hive. I ran into two FE`s at the big "W" and the first one who got the Emmis "TAP" in 1999 ended up working for the big CC radio company, he has told from time to time that the big CC radio corporation was as bad as Emmis. He has now moved to another radio company and said,

"The difference is knight and day, I am finally with a company that cares for its people. I could not be happier."

I and few other were discussing who we would not work for in broadcast, the same four names kept coming up, and yes Emmis was on the list. It was amazing that ten people from differing broadcast histories had the same list. The next FE just said "Jeff did me a favor, I got out of that dead end job at a dead end company." Captain Cook is ramping up his exit strategy from the hive, he has to get out before the big balloon payment comes due. After all you would not want to be holding Emmis stock or options when the bubble burst. Thursday I saw Bridge on the River Kwai on TCM and could not help but think of Emmis. As we approach Emmis year end ,Emmis HR has some new toys they want try out.

"It's our people that make the difference"

This tid bit just in from Central Crapping Command,

"Soooooo many bottles of beer on the wall at the hub they spilled into the M5!

WVUE-DT isn't the only one with problems, out of curriosity I called our local slave ship captain in
(XXX) and he says loose quote " some jackass with initials capital J.A. in Orlando pulled some equipment to do something and FFFF'ed up our digital for the week."
NMS, Your not very good at your job. Tisk, tisk what would jeff say if he knew.

One viewer even posted this, "There is definately something wrong with Fort Myers(Cape Coral) FOX HDTV(35-3). I have a Mits 62725 with built in HD tuner. Has worked fine since we got the set 6 weeks ago. We've been away since 12/23 and got back last night and FOX HD is breaking up every 10-15 seconds. Since picture is great when it doesn't break up I suspect a processing probelm. All other stations work fine."

"Be Happy in your work!"




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