12/25/03 CE WALKS THE PLANK... A CE took a long walk on a short pier, the next thing he knew was he and his gear were in the water. The camera (Sony DNW-7) was a total loss along with some other do dads the surfer dude had on him. As one source put it " he came close to drowning", it is not know if captain Cook will give him 20 lashes or keel haul him for the crime of not saving the camera. I am typing this post while watching a ship full of drones go to ramming speed (TCM 1:20 ct). It reminds me how good it is to be out of the hive. A FE emailed me and advised me " Ben Hur is on, I am sure you will want to catch it." So while the Drones man the ores at the local cube. I get the day off and reflect on how all got better after Emmis. My hat is off to the hard working pre-Emmis humans at the local cube and to quote from the movie " We keep you alive to serve this ship, row well and live"

12/21/03 Over 17,000 individual looks in less than three years and over 50,000 hits...WOW, who would have ever thought that one posted comment would grow and grow into this. Thanks to the CE who pointed out the numbers. With its humble beginnings as a comment on my Alumni Links page to the definitive source on the evil empire, VUEBlues has become the number one site for all those researching Emmis. I have had a number of would be investors thank me for the info, A few financial consultants do the same, but by for the strangest was a recent inquirery about a drone from a privet investigator. As usual I will not divulge the source, so do not ask. Let us just think of who may be under investigation and for what? I will let all know if I hear the outcome. With the stock at $27.50 a share, I only have one word for those still holding it.


Live long and prosper, once you escape... number 41 has. A few CE`s & FE`s noticed I was driving a new set of wheels; I call it the "The Emmis Severance Special" because I recently bought a 04 with the severance from the hive. Yes I waited this long to spend it. Thanks Jeff.

12/16/03 Special Vacation update... Jeff to give drones a holiday bonus of about $200 each. This may be do in part to the public disclosure of his stock option grab. One CE put it this way "He is giving us less than the sweat off his scrotum in hopes that we will all work till we drop to make up for all those he canned. This sucks." That is why the site got its name. PBS Newshour show holds no punches and slams Centralcrapping VUE cube gets new locks because of security breach by a sub contractor. This cube still has the worst security of any station in New Orleans. Vic is forced to spend the week end updating M5 hardware and software. No word if he got AES & EBU into the mix. A vary inside joke. Emmis looking for new ops central crapping head ,check out there site. Some may notice that I have added the lone Emmisary to the top of this page as a reminder of the now defunct Emmisrobot site.And the band plays on.

12/14/03 M5 is the bomb... according to an article in TVtechnology. In a section of the rag they call user reports which also carries in small print that it is advertising, By Joe Addalia Director of Engineering
Emmis Communications Centralcasting Orlando, FL .This is the guy that sold Mickie and Jeff on the unrealized dream of low cast broadcasting. As one CE put it "HE personally is the one responsible for the massive layoffs. He was the chief of the WB in FlA when emmis bought them and is the one who
sold them on the idea of centralcasting as well as the idea that HE was the man to do it. SO basically.. as corporate EVIL goes.. he is way up on top."
In the article Joe states "Additionally, Florical’s deterministic command ability allows for the switching between sources at the remote site and the feed from the HUB if necessary. This gives another level of redundancy if there was an isolated failure at the HUB." This is the part that is to activate the servers at the local cubes and have them take over...never has worked, never will. Joe also said " The future for Emmis Centralcasting and Florical Automation holds many new ideas and concepts. " not according to Jeff who realized the worthless money pit that is Centralcrapping. There is a bunch more spin in the magazine article , feel free to read it but have a barf bag ready. Emmis Hawaiian cube has hired now retiring corp chief of LESEA broadcasting . The guy on the big island never did get his transmitter up to full power. I am shocked that Doug would take a position in the evil empire, he is to good for them. I ran into a CE while doing a site survey and when asked " how's life in the cube" this person replied "I am trapped and can`t get out." This has become a universal reply when you talk to most CE`s one on one. Jeff sells his options to fast as the stock is currently at $27 a share. To figure out how much more he could have made ,multiply $5 X 350,000 shares. Another CE told me of the systems now aging and falling apart from lack of maintenance, I saw this first hand when I upgraded and moved some hardware for my current employer at the Louisiana Super Dome. This is what has become of the WVUE exterior connector box I built and installed two decades ago, hanging upside down by a piece of rope , open to the elements and rusting. No one left to do the maintenance I did. Perfect position to let water run down the cables and into the Box :-) " Be happy in you work."

12/07/03 M5 Haunted by FE`s... Almost, it has been noted by many sources that the M5 has a new wrinkle, severe ghosting. I did not think this was possible but reports keep coming in from cable and non cable viewers of the M5. I checked a few times ( thats all I could put up with) and I only saw it once. One poor viewer who had no choice but to watch the M5 said " I kinda knew what to expect from your postings on WVUE but you did not mention about the horrible ghost problem they have." On another note a CE said " We may not get a year end bonus, I noticed Jeff took his in stock options." I am sure some one will let me know. Remember Emmis is the people company.

11/30/03 M5 Update...As another year comes to a close I still get the same reports on random casting by the M5, mainly screwing up Saints Football. Most contributors no longer watch the M5 because it has been to difficult. With Football you do not have a choice, I am not a football fan ,so I do not watch the M5 at all. Some reports typically say " Just as a good play starts ,they go to a promo and we miss the play. The audio still sucks, will they ever go stereo ?" and my personal favorite " When will we get the games in HD ?" answer to the last ...Not going to happen. You may wonder why questions about WVUE end up with me, as one caller said " you guys answer the phone , WVUE never does , if they do ,you are told to call corporate." The Emmis way to deal with a problem is to pass the buck. No more progress on VUE DTV. Now for the special announcement. FLASH Emmisrobot has ceased operation. Just before this was to happen, he or she contacted this webmaster with the following, " Hey, I have been following your blog for years and find it quite humorous. I have not been in the hive since the blood letting of March 01. I now work for @$^&*$#!@ and have not had the time or the balls to update my site.I think Jeff and his minions would do all they can to screw with folks who do not just take it up the A$$ and be quiet about it. I was notified that my site Emmisrobot would be closed do to inactivity. I do not plan to keep it up out of fear that Emmis would find me ,thus the use of this third party remailer I am using. To sum it up feel free to down load the site before it vanishes and use it in whole or part as you wish. Keep up the good work on informing the masses. Good luck , gods speed... The Lone Emmisary :-)." With that email in mind I downloaded the images and page source code from the Emmisrobot site. Three days later it was gone. I have removed the link from this site, it was dead anyway. All further attempts to contact the robot have gone unanswered. I have not decided how or if I will use the data and the mystery of who that person was remains intact. Many FE`s have the same fear of Emmis retaliation. As is stated in the history section of this site, I never set out to report this tragedy but some one has to. Live Long and Prosper ... The Lone Emissary.

11/23/03 EMMIS DROPS THE BALL... Or in this case the low power DTV transmitter, at least that`s what Vic is going to tell the commission in his monthly report. I do not buy it, but maybe they will. According to Vic "The manufacturer dropped the transmitter on there loading dock." In a recent discussion with an FCC Field Engineer he brought up the fact that you do not want to lie to the FCC "We just pulled a license for some one who put bogus info on a form. No fine, No suspension... just pulled it."Some asked "why I was not updating VUEBLUES" ,I got occupied with a few things like Harris Sigma IOT training ,the election and vacation. For Jeff`s info Harris Sigma IOT`s are full power DTV Transmitters. We covered both analog and digital since we replaced every thing. Had I still been stuck in the hive, I would have never got such training, no need with low power. On election night I bumped into a mess of CE`s and FE`s. Some of the CE`s said "God these as$ho!$ suck. Not only do they not plan but we have no engineering help." well that`s what happens when you terminate your news engineer. VUE was last of 35 media outlets to show up at the party HQ I was at. I did see some of the hardware is beginning to show signs of wear and no maintenance. I built the stuff well but it will not go for ever with no upkeep. I have also noted no new gizmos, to few doing to much to whip up the little gems. Special posting next week. "you live to serve this ship."

11/02/03 JEFF SELLS OUT AGAIN....On Oct 22/03 he exercised options on 40,000 shares and made $220,000, and again on the 23rd he got 145,000 more options ranging from $7.75 to $16.50 and then sold all for more profit.est $2+ million. The next was a planned sale on the 23rd of another 145,000 shares for a $4 million profit.That was not enough on the 27th he did it again to the tune of 175,000 shares. On the first deal he gave himself options at $16.50 a share and sold at $22 /same day, on this deal he was given options at $7.75 a share and sold at $22 on same day for a nice profit of just under $2.5 million.Any one else ever been give an option price of $7.75, don`t think so. The only other insider even close to Jeff on his insider deals is some one named RICHARD CUMMINGS. All those drones force to buy stock (in lue of pay) at a high price and hold it for 18 months can now get pissed. I am sure all this was perfectly legal but it does look bad for a company $1.6 billion in debt, just like Enron. Now for the local cube update, a few conflicting reports on the DTV transmitter came in. One said " they have taken delivery of a low power Harris." this was from an out sider visiting the cube. Insider CE`s say this is not so " We ordered a transmitter but the factory has us back ordered for some time." as I stated before it takes time to put one together ,even if you wait until your second extension and FCC admonishment to place your order. I am sure Jeff will try to spin this to justify the extension. Even if the tower was a valid issue it would not have prevented one from ordering the transmitter ,antenna and terminal gear. The real reason for the delay was spelled out in the first half of this posting, Jeffs profit taking. Just like Enron only a few are adding up the numbers. Thanks to a few bean counters for sending in data.Once again the investors and employees get the shaft.

10/25/03 Emmsi Stock correction... After the FCC press release the stock started to go back to the level it should be at.

investors have now seen through Jeffs earlier spin. Stock ended the week just over $21 a share.WVUE now has to file monthly reports on the DTV progress or risk fines or loss of the DTV license. M5 update....It has been noted by viewers of the world series that the M5 seems to have a mind of its own, slamming commercials were ever and when ever it wants no matter what is going on during the games. A few have reported that at one point the M5 repeated over and over and over DR. Phil and other promos in what can only be described as an endless loop. Some black holes were noted but no more than the M5 normally does. It is nice to see that everything is fixed. A FE over heard a discussion by some "automation" experts who could not imagine "what was in the minds of the Emmis decision makers who picked Florical." Answer- greed. Many inquiries came in about the lack of WVUE coverage of Blanco`s HQ on election night. From what high level sources inside the cube said " we made a deal with another station and they screwed us." I wonder if big E was involved. A CE sent in this link with the comment "Jeff may consider this as his next move." if he does not cut out news totally. Emmis cans Trick Howard news director at KOIN in Portland, he was terminated on Wednesday. Howard came on board after the purge in 2001. VUE Blues performs another vital community function. A number of broadcasters who were down on their current employment so I gave them the location of this site. All have contacted me and now have a new favorable out look on their current employers. Some comments sent in " I will never bitch again.", " if only a small fraction of what I read is true, I owe my boss an apology."," Thanks for the heads up, I will never consider Emmis as an employer!" The truth shall set you free.

10/20/03 THE SLEEPING DOG AWAKES.... In a press release by the FCC and an article in the Times Picayune tell of the total lack of movement on the WVUE DTV project. I do like some of the colorful verbage used in the news paper article, such as "putting them on double secrete probation." This is the FCC official release.

October 16, 2003


Michelle Russo 202-418-2358

Acts on Third Extension Requests for Few Remaining Broadcasters

Washington, D.C. - The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today said the transition to digital television is moving forward as 1,061 TV stations, representing 81 percent of all commercial stations, are currently on the air with a DTV signal. The FCC noted that broadcast stations have made significant progress and that most of the remaining stations have made diligent efforts to broadcast a DTV signal. Today, the FCC took action regarding 141 stations that filed a request for a third extension. Of these, the FCC granted 104 stations with an additional six months to begin broadcasting a digital signal. Seven stations were denied extensions and issued letters of admonishment.
To further a nationwide system of DTV, the FCC adopted in 1997 an aggressive DTV construction schedule. This required television stations affiliated with the ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC television networks to build DTV facilities in the ten largest television markets by May 1, 1999. Stations affiliated with these networks in television markets ranked 11 through 30 were required to construct their DTV facilities by November 1, 1999. All other commercial stations were required to construct their DTV facilities by May 1, 2002, and all noncommercial stations were to have constructed their stations by May 1, 2003.

Stations requesting extensions of their DTV deadline are required to demonstrate that failure to construct has been due to circumstances either unforeseeable or beyond their control. Moreover, stations must show construction progress since the grant of their last extension. Stations that fail to explain their inability to meet their DTV construction obligation will be subject to the recently-adopted DTV remedial measures including admonishment, forfeiture and reporting requirements.

The 104 stations that were granted a third extension demonstrated that their request was warranted and showed progress on construction of their facilities since the grant of their last extension. Examples of delays encountered by these stations are construction delays; delays in equipment delivery; local tower siting problems; the September 11th attack in New York; stations awaiting FCC action on rule makings or applications; and stations with financial problems.

- more -

Seven stations failed to adequately justify further extension of their DTV deadline. The FCC admonished these stations and gave them six months to complete construction of their DTV facilities or face financial sanctions. During this six month period, the stations will be subject to periodic reporting requirements to ensure that construction is progressing. The seven stations are:
WVUE in New Orleans, LA; WICZ in Binghamton, NY; WKBW in Buffalo, NY; KMVU in Medford, OR; WSJU in San Juan, Puerto Rico; WDWL in Bayamon, Puerto Rico; WJAR in Providence, RI.

The remaining 30 stations are classified “satellite” stations, which are full power terrestrial broadcast stations that are authorized to retransmit all or part of the programming of a parent station that typically is commonly owned. The issue of whether to permit satellites to turn in their digital authorization and “flash cut” to DTV transmission at the end of the transition period is currently under consideration, and thus the FCC today deferred the construction deadlines for these stations until that issue is resolved.

Action by the Commission, October 16, 2003, by Order (FCC 03-250). Chairman Powell, Commissioners Abernathy, Copps, Martin, and Adelstein.


Media Bureau contact: Shaun Maher at 202-418-1600.

This is the Papers coverage

According to the paper, Captain Cook has no idea so he has no comment. I guess he does not know were the FCC site is ,so as a service to all those at Emmis who continue to not no of the rules this is a link to the FCC Web Site. Emmis/Jeff will be looking for a scape goat for this one, it will not be the evil ones who made the indecisions, it will be a mid level drone who will be forced to fall on his sword. As this site stated many times ,If the FCC were to act on Jeffs BS DTV delays it would be actionable ,including loss of license. As of now all they are getting is a slap on the wrist and public disclosure of the incompetence inside Emmis. The commission just did not buy the load of crap Jeff was trying to sell. I not only got five phone calls on this but my mail box was full of living sections of the paper. With mounting pressure Emmis has now committed to an actual DTV transmitter. This gives VUE an antenna and depending on delivery a transmitter in 30+ days. Now all they have to do is rip the old VUE back up off the YES tower, get some transmission line, hang it and the new antenna, retrofit the YES building for power and AC, Buy and install the digital terminal gear, figure out that the M5 will not handle an HD stream, Up convert the M5 low res stream and get a pis poor digital transmission. Piece of cake.

10/19/03 An Engineers take on the M5... Not much new with Jeff and his gang so I think we will all enjoy this tid bit sent in by a newly assimilated radio engineer drone. This was sent in a few months ago with some art- enjoy. "Hey Guy, We were bought (XXXX) and things started getting bad at (XXXX). I could not believe they would get worse but that was before Emmis took over. As you would say, they suck. I wanted to find out some more about these clowns so I started looking on the internet and low and behold I found your site. At first it explained a lot of there actions, then I began to laugh but I ended up depressed thinking what lays ahead for us. I wish it were not true but I think you have a good vision of how the evil empire works. I like the movie and Trek references, they fit. A few of us were sitting here reading your page (on company time using a stand alone PC) , when some one suggested we could shed some light on how Emmis got the M5. Some time back some inept scientist discovered a new element that only existed in the board room at Emmis HQ. The element was dubbed "managemontioum" it is denser than black hole material and has unique properties of sucking in all profits. This was not a useful element until Mikie used the element to create the M5 illogical processor. The M5 processor ( schematic below) takes in all ideas and cash from employees ,advertisers and investors( cash inflow is handled by 10/0 cable) , it then generates the wrong answers, poor to no return for investors (this is safe guarded by using a 30 gauge conductor for this out put). Most cash flow out of the system is directly shunted to Jeffs pockets by another 10/0 cable. Humans leaving by choice or terminations make up the remaining out put, also a large conductor. The heat sink required for the M5 weighs 600 pounds and is force air cooled with 10 , 20 horse power fans. The entire system is commonly known as mismanagement."

10/12/03 CE`s yearn to be free... I ran into more CE`s this week than I have in the last two years. It is amazing how differently they speak when not in the cube or were other CE`s can over hear them. I bumped into these humans every were from Wal-Mart to Five Happiness and a few of the comments were, " I am trapped there", " I wish Emmis would sell us.", " I should just quit!", " Jeff should be sent to prison...and raped.", " Things have settled down a bit but we are at an all time low." and my favorite " It took decades to build our audience and just a few years to get rid of them.". I was amazed at how many still had not read the gag order, I suggested that they should. The FCC is now polling viewers and listeners of TV and radio stations to see if they are fulfilling there obligations to serve there communities, those who do not will not get a rubber stamp when it comes to license renewal. Under Emmis WVUE has no public service programming , News dose not count according to the commission. "Let my people go."

10/5/03 Stock up to almost $22 ... this miracle was pulled off by the spin doctors this week after report $7.5 million Tuesday posted a second-quarter profit on strong radio operations. What they failed to report and the street failed to notice is that this profit would be a loss if they (EMMIS) spent what they are obligated to on the DTV build out. If you factor in the company debt and DTV construction cost the stock should be about $1.76 a share. This will give Jeff and the boys on the board an excuse for some more big bonuses! Once again for election night the VUE cube borrows an ALA live truck ,but this time it made it all the way to Poydras St. with out hitting a building. I ran into a bunch of FE`s on election night and one commented on his name being mis spelled on the link page. If you see incorrect info ,email me the correction. I was amazed to find out how many CE`s still do not know of the GAG ORDER , if you are a current drone I would read this thing. Pay close attention to paragraph 9. Row well and live.

9/28/03 TWO MORE LEAVE WALA CUBE....James Gordon and Amanda Abbott have escaped the evil one. One source said " They got out, I hope to be next!". Good luck and gods speed. Local WVUE cube may have finally committed to a DTV plan. Demolition has started at the WYES building to make room for the low or full power VUE transmitter. An antenna has been bought but all else is up in the air. With FOX now going HD instead of the original plan of low res ,many wander how the M5 will handle it. Should be fun to watch. Emmis is still putting on the spin to the commission trying to delay spending until next fiscal year. The Truth is out there...and posted here.

9/22/03 Sports Elimination continues??? As reported by TV Newsline WALA may drop sports. This would follow the condensing of staff and news cast. Emmis is doing this sort of thing in other cubes so to them it makes sense. The Emmis quest to terminate all carbon based life forms continues.

9/19/03 M5 Two year report card.... Well it`s been tow years since the M5 developed by the Daystrom Institute and Built by Cyberdyne Systems and installed in a secure location in Florida. The system came on line at 9 am two years ago at WVUE , the sole purpose of the system was to terminate humans and line Jeffs pockets with the savings.

Let us revue how well this ultimate solution to the people problem has worked. During the testing phase of the M5 several major problems were noted. Video quality was poor, switching was rough, audio was all over the place and distorted, The local back ups did not kick in when needed, telemetry was poor at best and errors can not be caught prior to hitting the fan. These problems were never fixed prior to shipment of the hardware. They (Emmis and Cyberdyne Systems) said "We can fix these glitches in a few months." I can not tell you how many times I have heard that one from a vendor. We all can remember a series of Feb 02 Times-Picayune articles in which VIC claimed to found and fix the audio problem , Captain Cook rebutted VIC`s claim. (check the archive for the articles). In any case the audio was slightly improved but has never been totally "fixed". As for the poor switching, that actually got worse than the test system in Florida because the makers of the M5 forgot about the speed of light and how long it takes to transcode a signal many times. The same also goes for the video, it got worse upon implementation and has not improved. As for telemetry ,the FCC fines, and total lack of control continue prove how well this part of the system works. Even a simple thing like moving the BUG off the opening joke on Futuroma, it never got fixed even after the Cubes PR person claimed it would be fixed shortly if posible (that was in April 2002) we are still waiting for that to be fixed. One unexpected problem with the M5 may be it`s down fall, it has a much higher operating cost than carbon based life form run stations. Actual operational cost vary from 8% to 30% higher than pre M5. This was never more evident than at WALA which has under gone major management changes after certain parties complained of the spiraling operating cost. More drones had to be hired for hive control in Florida ,fiber cost doubled when they found out back ups were needed (after some back hoe fade). The company in August 2002 finally realized the mistake and announced no further expansion of central crapping. To sum it all up ,the system does not work, cost are up and quality and revenue are down. Standard Emmis plan.More info pores in on DTV plans, or lack of them in the hive.Sources at Spectra site say VUE may be going back to plan "B" or "C" or what ever. They still have not found the cheapest way to do DTV. The latest may include putting the antenna and transmitter on the WYES structures. Give them five more minuets and they will come up with plan "J", any thing but spend money. I finish this posting as TCM plays the end of " The Battle of Briton" were our reworked Churchill quote "Never have so few done so much to screw so many" came from. As Denis Miller would say if he signed on with Jeff " I have gone to Hell and it is worse than I thought."

9/7/03 Empire update... WTHI in Terre Haute, has dumped its nightly sports segment, and the local paper is not happy about it. The drone who sent this in said " This is a plan to cut cost by bunching sports with news so you do not need a sports director ,photog or adequate staff." WVUE tried this some time back, it failed. A drone said "it took KHON over half a year to come up with a new "Brand" for the station from "The Channel 2 News" to "Fox 2, Hawaii's News Channel." The suits had to justify those high salaries they have. KOIN news anchor Beverly Byer diagnosed with breast cancer has gone public. Read more about it in this News Paper article. Emmis has a tendency to terminate drones that get sick ,so this site will follow this one closely. As we approach the two year mark for the M5 at VUE I am working on a report card posting for that week, should be fun. "greed is good" (the movie Wall Street)

9/1/03 Labor Day update... As I sit here with Cornell Sitou giving the "Be Happy in your work speech" (TCM 6:00pm) I can not help but think of all those drones trapped building a bridge under poor management. Lets not forget Jeff is probably spewing at the vary thought of a holiday for Human Labor , after all he has done to eliminate humans from the hive. A report on the new sports babe just came in and it was not flattering. As I told the contributor " She is new and having to deal with assimilation into Emmis." I will have to try to catch her if I can tolerate the M5. A FE told me the M5 still screws up the open to Futurama but he is now getting them on DVD and reruns on the cartoon network. As he put it "The opening jokes are funny ,now that I can read them.". Back to Jeff, some one asked " How`s Jeff doing ,after all he has not sold off any large blocks of Emmis stock lately?" Well he did not have to. He is also some sort of big shot for Finishline Sporting Goods and you guessed it he sold a but load of that stock at a hefty profit. Another viewer wrote " Not much new seems to be coming from Emmis lately, can you explain why?" It is vary simple ,he has scared most of the remaining humans into silence. The Nazi`s did the same in WWII. I have not been in the hive in almost three years ,it is up to the remaining humans to tell the world or go out in a whimper."The truth is out there"

8/25/03 New Orleans cube has hired Natalie Angel, a sports reporter from WTSP-10-CBS in Tampa as its weekend sports babe. Sports anchor Darrell Greene has been promoted to sports director. Another human assimilated because they did not do there home work. Advice is free, always do a simple check of a prospective employer using the net. In the case of TV stations search for the call letters and corporate owner. In the case of WVUE and EMMIS you will find this site as well as Emmis spin.

8/24/03 M5 failure exposed.... It has now been confirmed through many sources that the company Emmis leased the fiber lines from ,went bankrupt leaving the four cubes with dark fiber. The VUE cube leases from AT&T not the defunct company. Emmis has a habit of picking some real winners for vital services, we all remember who was the corporate accountants :-) A CE says the previous submission on the gaspmaster 8000 is wrong " The gaspmaster 8000 does not us carbon monoxide, it uses Zyclon-B." It took me a moment but I got it. Last night just before 9:00pm I noticed fluctuations in electrical power, my line monitors indicated voltage swings from 100 to 130 volts, I switched in my back ups ( which work unlike the M5) I then went exploring and found this...

The main 3K volt feeder for my block burning up. I called the proper folks to get it fixed and ran off my back up for the four hours it took to get Entergy to repair the line. It did give us a show for an hour as it burned up. The supper Doppler 8000 was not affected by this glitch in the power grid. VUE cube advertises to replace drone who switched cubes. A CE wrote " Hey (XXX), It has been a year since I last emailed you. Things seem to have settled down to the routine of prison life, we are all marking time. I will say most of us miss you and all the gadgets you would come up with. Not to mention we could actuly get things fixed in a timely manner. The remaining guys do there best but they are not you. We are not permitted to utter your name under penalty of death, just kidding they may not execute any one but they do rip you a new one if we use a reference to you. I may not be able to say it in the cube but must of us miss you.We still get your brand of humor on the Emmis sucks web site. Like WWII pow`s we live on the info you post, keep up the good work!" I appreciate that some do miss the web master presence in the cube, but I and the other FE`s are much better off out of the hive.Some more drones may be joining the ranks of the FE`s as WALA news consolidation nears, less than a month is what insiders say. If you find some thing before the Emmis ax falls -do it. I have been getting some suggestions for a web site "mission statement" like all those broken promises plastered all over the VUE cube. So to make things more interesting lets have another contest for best mission statement to be used on this site. Send in your ideas and will pick one in a few weeks as we approach the second anniversary of the M5 going on line. Resistance is not futile.

8/16/03 M5 Update ... More info on the melt down keeps flowing in. One party said " It`s to bad the power failure did not hit Florida, even if the hub has a generator the fiber repeaters along the lines do not. Every kid hears from their parents ," Do not put all your eggs in one basket." who knows what Jeff`s parents told him." I ran into a FE from the Andy Barton days who enjoyed hearing some of the antics of the evil empire. The Emmis story is much better than fiction and almost unbelievable.WALA cube has shake up in management structure, looking for a GM and vice Chief Engineer, I think the old vice chief may now be chief after the termination of the old Chief.Florida cube continues to seek drone to run M5, stock is at $20. It is with deep regret that I have moved John Landry to the RIP section. John was a fixture at the VUE cube for decades before retiring in the 90`s. John never got a computer but he did check the site from a friends machine. I bumped into him from time to time at the local Winn-Dixie and kept him up to date. John lost his battle with cancer some time ago but word just made it to me. He will be missed by all who knew him.

8/9/03 M5 MELT DOWN.... Not quite but it did show the multiple points of failure inherent in the M5 system. Most good engineering in broadcast tries to eliminate any single point of failure in the broadcast chain. This eliminates the single thread that can be broken. In the M5 system there are many single points of failure, any one goes down and your dark."the more you complicate the plumbing ,the easier it is to screw up the works." . This also flies in the face of the K.I.S.S. principle in engineering. In the recent failure of the M5 ,four fiber lines and there back ups went dark at one time. The un-manned back up servers located at each cube, FAILED to work. We have received a number of theories as to why 80% of the fiber network failed. Because it can not be confirmed will let you ponder that question for now. The humans at VUE used there back up fiber to get the WALA feed from the M5, then the up linked it to ALA getting them back up. It took humans to bypass the screw ups of poor engineering and planning. Mean time WALA is planning to condense some of its news cast in what insiders say is " A ploy to cut more staff." Some things never change in the hive. I bumped into the same FE again at one of those big box like shopping centers, he still says " (XXX) is as bad as Emmis." I will comment he does not work for a local TV company. This seems to be the only case of some one finding an employer as bad as Emmis. Emmis stock is just shy of $19 a share. "you live to serve this ship!"

8/08/03 EXTRA...EXTRA -EXCLUSIVE VUE BLUES REPORT :-) M5 unit blows big time plunging four of the five cubes in the dark for hours. Backups failed to work as usual. "Humans at VUE save WALA." More on this week ends post. "pull up"

8/03/03 Big Centralized systems under fire... Law makers are looking into two large companies centralized systems as not serving the communities they are licensed in. Hum sounds familiar. With the recent backlash against the raising of the ownership cap, central crapping may be next. More drones join the hoards looking for human run companies. One drone transfers from the VUE cube to another but stays in the hive. The CE who sent this info suggest he may want to use the Emmis Employee Assistance Program,

"This is the only help you get at Emmis, The Gaspmaster 8000." Some one else watches Dilbert. Breath deeply.

7/28/03 "There is another system!!!" I was hoping to go two weeks between post but this morning I bumped into two FE`s with some interesting info, The first was working in another state and is now back in the metro area. I asked him who he is with now and how did he like it. The response was a bit of a shocker " I am with (XXX) and they are almost as bad as Emmis." This was not expected but I guess there would have to be at least one other company out there as bad as Emmis to work for. The next FE worked for big "M" at three different locations ,he said "She slept her way from one position to the next ,always trying to do better by banging another mover and shaker. She is now working (if you want to call it that) in Lafayette LA." I can not confirm this info but I have heard it from more than one source. "Be Happy in your work."

7/20/03 DTV????... It seems as though Jeff and the gang are reconsidering going low power again. This will not happen until all other activity is finished at Load Star. There is no way VUE`s wants will hold up all those who made actual decisions and plans. Most of Emmis/VUE plans are tentative at best. Emmis continues to put off the inevitable,spending money on DTV. It is now estimated that the soonest VUE could launch DTV is Jan 04. That is if they ever can make up there collective minds. A CE for another cube asked " Would you consider doing a page of CE`s and FE`s for our cube?" To be honest I do not have the time and first hand knowledge to do that, if any one does get a page going just send me a link and I will post the link. Well the contest for the top ten useful things to use an Emmis year end report is over. I got 157 entry`s here are the top ten with commentary

#10 "Wall paper for an out house." limited amount of area would be covered do to the small size of the document.

#9 "wrap for dead fish" not known how toxic the ink is , I would not put the report near food items.

#8 " grill starter." probably work fine for this.

#7 " Fender protector, while working on your car." only if you tape it in place.

#6 " puppy rest room." most dogs would be frightened by the document.

#5 " EBAY packing material." Limited use not much bulk ,even after shredding.

#4 "Beer cozy" Beer may cause the ink to run ,messing up your hands.

#3 " punishment for condemned prisoners." this would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

#2 " Dart board target." only good to ten feet.

And the #1 Use for the Emmis 2002 year end report....


Note that the bird first tried to eat the page, then decided it was better to just crap on it. Please do not try this at home -PETA would object. An audio CE from another cube wrote " They are playing with the idea of eliminating humans here. Our future is this..

I think I will be better off." One of the Emmis Hawaiian cubes is caught in a scandal of taking trips on the governments nickel "Vericella also said that after Sept. 11, 2001, television news station KGMB-9 took a trip to New York paid for by the Maui Visitors Bureau." follow this link for more. Emmis is in about $1.7 billion in debt, a good deal of this will come do in 2009 and 2011, read more at Moody`s report. For those who do not remember, Jeff touted how Emmis was debt free when he took control of the SF stations. Row well.

7/13/03 FE reminder... If you have a change of address ,let me know so I can update your link. Another FE found this page and wrote

"Hey there -
Don't even begin to ask me how I found this website -- but lo and behold I did and it gave me a really good laugh. Kudos and a job well done to you!!

I ran down the list of names and there are many I do remember. I was there about a little over a year -- mainly as I was trying to gain that ever-so-valuable experience as I was just about to graduate from college (UNO). I worked the (XXX) and then also in the newsroom -- I guess you could have called me the "hey go copy the rundown and give everyone a copy" gopher-girl. I was there in the mid/late 1980's and Phil Nye was the GM -- and everyone everywhere in the building was running their own version of Peyton Place and was none too ashamed, either! (lolol) It was still an ABC affiliate at the time, maybe even still owned by Gaylord Broadcasting (??)(purely a guess on my part). Lead anchors at the time were Warren Bell and Margaret Dubuisson. George Jones was still there but was seen from rarely and heard from even less. Also -- Channel 8's slogan went from "making good things happen" (with a picture of an "8" that was sinking in the water) to a picture of a very "leaning and slanted 8" that tells a story all it's own. Kim Holden had curly/wavy hair down to her waist and was very fond of extremely short denim mini-skirts (she too was a gopher girl at the same time as I was). (XXXX)

Well - that's about it for now -- but should you need to reach me (for whatever reason!) Here's me: (XXXX) ... Take care, and keep up the great work!

A CE from another cube also just located this site " I was a bit amused at first but the more I delved into your page the more I see Emmis is the same every were. I thought I was alone in my opinion of Jeff and his gang. Rest assured you and the other drones are not alone in your thoughts of the axis of evil. If I can get some pics of our M5 ,I will send them in. BTW ours messes up more than the New Orleans one. I am one of the few left in (XXX) but I am sure they are working to replace me and the others.You are braver than I am, keep posting the updates."

As long as drones keep sending in info and the evil ones continue to rule this will be the voice of those yearning to breath free. Many voices have been silenced by threat of termination or worse. I have not been part of the hive in over two years, its up to the down trodden hordes to inform the rest of us.The truth is out there, and I will post it.

7/5/03 Indepenance weekend Update... Lets put the spin of the Q1 call in prospective, Jeff and the boys on the board managed to lose $165+ million dollars last year (when they all got raises for such a good job), this quarter they eked out $2 million in profit. This was done with creative book keeping, cutting even deeper on budgets including maintenance and trying to worm there way out of DTV. These go only so far, next quarter they will be in the hole again. This will not affect the salaries,stock options and golden parachutes of the crem de le-crem. A corp CE sent me this " I thought you might want to see how Emmis spends some of its money. I could not get into the Executive areas , Jeff claims all is equal through out Emmis- that is not even true at HQ."

If you have any shots of the perks at HQ such as the steam rooms,basketball court etc. Send them in so we all can see how "equal" things are at Emmis.An FE said "the stock peaked at near $24 and dropped like a bomb to $21 after the Q1 call. The only thing that saved it was they close the market for the 4th." Editors note, it ended the week at $21.06. Life in the local cube seems to have stabilized for now, the big guys are still pondering audio and news switcher automation. As one local CE put it, " I feel like I am in a WWII concentration camp, we have all these " Mission Statements" plastering the walls, mouse pads with the 11 Emmis commandments and the only thing we are doing is waiting our turns for termination. I would not take a shower in this place :-). I have never seen such a more paranoid bunch of folks with such low moral." Sound typical of Emmis to me.Another note, a few months prior to the anoucment of the elimination of production people, the production mission statement was removed. I am celebrating over two years of freedom from the evil empire. Live long and prosper, after you exit Emmis.

7/1/03 The Street Does not buy it....After the Q1 call Emmis stock fell 5.1%. The street knows spin when they hear it.Even with the pad in the super Doppler 8000 , the meter got pegged. More ideas roll in on the uses for the Emmis year end report, top ten to be posted. No more news on Jeff`s search for a new toy. Resistance is not futile.

6/29/03 LOCAL CUBE UPDATE... WVUE to get new assignment editor to replace drone who escaped to Texas. While as one insider put it " Its not official yet" it is all over the web ,but the other sites have the wrong position being filled. This human still has a chance to break free if they get medical help to rid them selves of the nano probes. This person did not do there home work before assimilation , always search the web when considering a new employer.Emmis Q1 Earnings Call
Scheduled to start Tue, Jul 1, 2003, 9:00 am Eastern, I have put in a 100dB pad on the supper Doppler 8000.A CE recently stated
" I do not know if they have a clue about DTV or they may be planning to bypass the studio totally, but info is sketchy at best." some things never change. Also from another CE " not a peep on the employee surveys, if you don`t like the results cancel the test!" More drones showing signs of discontent and actively seeking an escape. As one put it,

And the band plays on....

6/22/03 "There is another system" (guess the movie that was from?) Florical .makers of the M5 have introduced another more advanced system... it incorporates humans at each spoke station to oversee these back ups for local operation when the M5 screws up. The enhancements known to most of us as local "master control" would take over when the M5 hangs up or transmission lines are cut etc. This would be handy in times of emergency such as hurricanes. Jeff will not "upgrade" the M5 because it would involve hiring humans in addition to the ongoing high cost of the M5. A similar system run by Sinclair screwed up twice in the last three weeks leaving two different cities with out breaking news when Tornadoes tore through town. The News Central would not relinquish control for the pending disasters.WVUE touts itself as the weather authority but what will be said if this hurricane season the M5 breaks down again, but this time it may fail with control stuck switched to the Florida feed. As Mike Boeman said "open the pod bay doors Hal" we all know the rest. And a collective "we told you so" is being said by all those good engineers that were let go for having spoke against the M5. "The Truth Is Out There"

6/15/03 M5 Update... With all other stations in town nearing completion of there DTV installs ,Emmis is still trying to get started on the VUE DTV -CH 29 build. After claiming to the commission that the tower would not hold the antenna Jeff and Mikie have decided to send the low power tuna can to another unsuspecting cube. They are now going to try full power from load star/ spectra site. As one CE put it " with a 90 to 180 day lead time to build a transmitter and antenna, we will be lucky to go digital by next January!" He also said " This will only happen if they get off there collective (pun intended) asses and place the orders now. They are probably looking for the cheapest piece of crap they can find, all others bought Harris but they do not care for quality." Another CE said " We plan to split the STL, this leaves us with no back up, but why not all the M5 back ups do not work any way. The total lack of planning has not improved one bit since you left." some things never change.Another source indicates the Cable world folks still have to walk through the hood to get to there operation, this is not sitting well with them. A number of FE`s now are working at cable world. A viewer of this site sent this in.


This was more in the Emmisrobot style but why not. Got art, send it in, an FE would like to see more of the Emmis clowns in art. If you have some of the corporate Chief engineer, head of TV ETC. send em in.. A few stock holders have been sending in ideas on uses for the Emmis annual report, such as " Bird cage liner, Ebay packing material, toilet paper and more. I will post a top ten in a few weeks so send in your idea for the work of fiction. More drones looking to escape, will post when the flee. You live to serve this ship, row well and live.

6/8/03 Hive report... Finally the people company sent out its spin control reports and here is some of the feed back I have received." What a crock of s#$t. My 8 year old daughter could put out a better book report for school. Every year this thing has gotten worse. I can`t wait to see what they do next year." also this " I noticed that once again Jeff was the only pic in the annual report. It looks like the pic is his vision of how Emmis should be according to him, Jeff a few mics and computers. I am including a scan."

"The Final Solution"

Another contributor noted this tid bit " I could not believe what was in the annual lies from Emmis. On page two in a highlighted section was the following spin, " With two tropical storms bearing down on New Orleans, residents knew where to turn for information: WVUE-TV`s ratings tripled." what they failed to mention is that as you put it in one of your earlier postings ,they were forced to do wall to wall news... the M5 crashed. This also proved by there own numbers HUMANS = High ratings. You will never see this in that poorly contrived piece of carp." An FE told me " Those cheap bastards, they own how many magazines and printing presses and deliver this staple bound report in a folder. Then they want us to opt out of getting this minimal documentation. Jeff must be getting another big bonus." and finally this was sent in " I get annual reports from 24 companies I hold stock in, and this takes the cake for worst presentation, worst organization of info and most spin." Tell me what you think of the batch or lies. This was sent in just for fun.

Emmis wants you, if your silicon based!

6/1/03 M5 tie in... After the LA. serial killer was caught the following was sent in by a viewer ," I have been keeping up with the situation at FOX 8 through your site. I finally had the opportunity to truly compare the M5 with normal broadcast systems. On the day the serial killer was caught many locals carried the WSB feed. This is what I saw and heard, the audio was low and distorted going up and down. The video was hazy and the blue background was crawling. I can honestly say you are correct in that the M5 still does lower the transmitted quality. I do not have to comment on the poor switching, that is now the norm for FOX 8. I will be getting a digital big screen soon and I can`t wait to see the M5 in HD on a 60 inch set :-). P.S. Love the page." On another tack Emmis continues to violate FCC regs in Hawaii by not selling off one of its stations. This was a problem when I was still a CE ,I wonder how long they will get away with this one. "The FCC is after them for this but Jeff claims he can not find a buyer." Thanks to the Hawaii connection for the update. Termination update, I have been getting some interesting info on how a bunch of mid level drones have been getting the ax. For the most part the victim is lured to an off site location , restaurant ,bar or other location. They are greeted by there higher ranking drones ( note I did not say superiors.) The victim is told Emmis will no longer need there services , please do not go back to the station ,your personal belongings will be brought to you. If you want severance please read and sign this ,You have 90 days to think about it. You guessed it , one of those gag orders. While these victims did not get the police escort that others got, it shows the policy continues. These now FE`s were given the customary 10 seconds notice. Most of these people had between ten and thirty years at there stations. Loyalty continues to be rewarded by the people company. Communications were shredded to protect these free humans.At the farewell party for an escaping on air drone he was heard saying "I will miss the people not the company." same here. I do not like to post any thing unconfirmed but the rumors persist on this one. " I hear that the FCC visited again and the tower lights were not working. They tried to call locally and got no answer. They called Florida and when the blue haired one answered the FCC dudes asked " are you having any tower light problems at WVUE" the blue haired one said " no" the FCC guy said " That is funny ,we are parked under your tower and the lights are not working." This all happened at high levels so no one will talk about it .It is rumored that the fine was $15,000, $10,000 base fine and $5,000 for repeated offense. The team will not confirm any of this but they do not deny it." We may never know. If any one has more info ,send it in.

Jeff the "Terminator" sent in by a mid level FE.

Young Arious says " living well is the best revenge."

5/24/03 M5 update.... Jeff gives up on Dodgers bid and is now going after the Angels. He wants a toy vary badly. While the VUE drones have been told "DTV will be up in a few weeks" The site manager for the DTV installation broke up laughing. M5 system continues to have digital break up on the air and poor audio. The reports keep flooding in. A few years ago Vic said it would be "fixed in a few months." A number of other stories are in the works but it may cost some carbon based bipeds some cash or allow the the empire to worm there way out of a situation. I will post when it is safe for the FE`s and when they can not worm there way out. A few viewers of this site have said " your counter is still broken, when I hit refresh it does not count?" The counter in use is a smart counter. It only counts new viewers in a day, not multiple hits from the same person. I will ad a hit counter later but keep the smart counter also.CUBE TALK alert,since Cubetalk/VUEBlues has its own site now ,I will be ending the postings on this page. Please book mark the Emmissucks page. This page will revert to its original function, a VUE alumni link page. A link will remain on the employeeweb page and future updates will be made on the Emmissucks site. Even with a good portion of the CE`s I knew are now FE`s info continues to flow, a good portion is from CE`s I have never met. Remember Emmissucks is there to help shed light on the hive and how they abuse the humans who work for them. If you have a horror story about the people company, send it in so we all can enjoy it and warn others so the do not get shot full of nano probes. ( a borg thing) On a recent phoner with an FE ,I asked "what did you think of your experience with Emmis?" , I got a five minuet continuous stream of expletives. Nothing that can be quoted do to its content. Nice to see things have not changed under the iron fist. All the art is enjoyed as well so keep it coming. Still no year end stock holders reports, stock still just below $20 a share. Resistance is not futile , power to the humans.


5/19/03 M5 EXTRA.... A CE just sent this tid bit in , "Jeffrey Smulyan raked in $901,125 in total compensation, Smulyan has another $5,874,000 in unexercised stock options from previous years. His base is about 24X a normal drones income, this does not count the stock options he and the board gave him. The more he screws up the more he gets :-)" For those who do not remember, this is an increase from last year. This while the company forces drones to take stock, sells off stations to meet debt and the stock tumbles. Another new FE sent this in " This is (XXX) -- former reporter at WVUE. I left in (XXX) to take and anchor job At (XXX). Keep in touch... (XXX).com " Sorry for the heavy editing but we protect FE`s from the wrath of the people company. A viewer told me the M5 has been tearing up the FOX programming, this may be the feed or just poor tuning by the M5`s control people ( if there are any). "I am the M5 ,this unit must survive!" From #41 - keep rowing, at 24X speed!!

5//18/03 A clarification from a VUEBlues reader...

Just want to comment on your report concerning the "settlement" in my lawsuit against Emmis. First of all, the "settlement" is not a given, I have instructed my attorney to halt discussions. Also and more importantly any settlement I may reach does not allow Emmis to "avoid a lose", that's because the Jury's verdict in my favor stands in tack and always will. The only way the verdict would disappear is if the trial judge overturns it, which he has said he will not do...or if Emmis appeals and wins.
The purpose of any settlement would be to wrap things up NOW. Without a settlement, we have to wait several months for the Judge to award attorney fees.
As for your statement that a $175,000 settlement is only 1/4 of what I sued for. That is not the case. I sued because Emmis violated my federal rights. Federal law protects a woman who takes time off to have a baby. Emmis demoted me and decided to fire me while I was on maternity leave. You see women who have babies are not valued, they lose the "fire in their bellies". My goal in filing the lawsuit was to take these people to court and make them tell a jury why they did what they did. I wanted to take them thru the very difficult and very public judicial process. After being on the air here for 20 years, I felt the jury would know my work, and they would know the station's witnesses were lying. I was right. I consider anything on top of the verdict "icing on the cake".
Since my win, dozens of women from here as well as across the nation have phoned and emailed me. They not only congratulated me but they thanked me as well, saying the verdict is a "sweet victory" for all women who want to have babies and a career.
Thank you for hearing me out.
Mary Zanakis "

Email your encouragement to Mary at

As I have said before, if you find an error or clarification ,send me the correct data and it will be posted. My other sources said Mary "was going for $770k," this was apparently incorrect. The source also included this link to a Honolulu newspaper article. Apparently they got it wrong also. As for avoiding the lose I think the sources were referring to this portion of the case. No Comment on the gag order or similar document.This came in on our new Emmissucks email, if you fear even using that one ,let me know and I can set up a disposable one just for you. A CE sent me site info for an anti spamming site that uses these to avoid spam, but they also work for being untraceable. At least I get my corrections out faster than the New York Times, just kidding. Emmis stock holding around $20 a share. I have received many comments on the Jeff funding pic, most can not stop laughing. Some asked if they can copy it. No problem the artist said "it was a work of love." If you have some art ,send it in. After all I am not a creative type, just an engineer type FE. Ramming Speed! Exclusively from VUEBlues your Emmis authority.

Jeff hearing of more cubes being assimilated

(Thanks for the pic 3 of 7)

5/11/03 More drones escape from the hive, One on air sports guy goes to the lone star state and one photog/editor joins public service. Three others are activly making plans. The number one product in the hive is still resume` tapes.Upon escape from the evil empire do not forget to send me your new email so you can join the long line of FE`s. A CE from the east sent in this,

This quote was included..." It looks like Jeff found his new funding." I love it. The carbon based bipeds have sent in a bunch of composites over the years but this was vary creative and not profane or indecent. Feel free to send in your art, but please zip it and keep the file size under a meg.More info on those "anonymous " employee surveys, a number of sources think they may not happen at all and the other group thinks Emmis is looking for a firm that will give them the results they want, not the truth. How anonymous is a survey with a pin number? Smart drones have said they will lie and indicate "all is fine in the collective." Emmis settles out of court, Honolulu's KHON has settled, for $175,000, a lawsuit brought by former reporter Mary Zanakis. This is about 1/4 what she sued for but this way she did not have to wait for all the trials and appeals, and Emmis avoids a lose and can get Mary to sign the ever popular "Emmis Gag Order" or simular document.

5/4/03 Hive does not want to play by the rules, A CE from the Radio end sent in this tid bit...

40 Monument Circle, Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

November 13, 2002

Jonathan G. Katz
Securities and Exchange Commission
450 Fifth Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20549-0609

Re: File No. S7-40-02
Disclosure Required by Sections 404, 406
and 407 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

Dear Mr. Katz:

I am writing as Chief Executive Officer of Emmis Communications Corporation to offer comments in response to the proposals of the Securities and Exchange Commission in Release No. 33-8138; 34-46701; IC-25775. Specifically, I am concerned about the Commission's proposed requirement that a "financial expert" have, through experience as a public accountant or auditor or a principal financial officer, controller or principal accounting officer of a public company or "performance" of similar functions, experience with internal controls and in preparing or auditing comparable financial statements. I believe this definition is drawn more narrowly than necessary to accomplish the results Congress sought to achieve in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and if adopted as proposed will work a hardship on smaller public companies.

I note that in formulating its definition of a financial expert the Commission has gone beyond the Congressional mandate in Section 407(b) of Sarbanes-Oxley to "consider" an audit committee member's experience in preparing audited financial statements of comparable issuers and has simply adopted without significant change the language in the Act. In so doing, the proposed rules would impose a far more restrictive test than, for example, the current Nasdaq listing requirements, which require one member of the audit committee to have had "past experience in finance or accounting, requisite professional certification in accounting, or any other comparable experience or background which results in the individual's financial sophistication . . . ." Recognizing the narrowness of its proposed definition, the Commission invited comment on whether "experience reviewing or analyzing" financial statements should suffice for qualification as a financial expert. I believe it should.

While the proposed rule is styled as a disclosure standard and appears to afford a board of directors the opportunity to determine that an individual is a financial expert because of "similar expertise and experience" to that specified, the practical reality is that a board of directors would face a heavy burden of explanation - and the company would likely suffer criticism in the market - if the board chose to depart from the Commission's enumerated criteria. Accordingly, most of the thousands of public companies that do not now have an individual with hands-on auditing experience on their audit committees will be forced to compete for the relatively limited supply of candidates who qualify as a "financial expert" in the company's industry and would be qualified, contributing members of the board of directors. I fear that in such a competition, smaller companies such as Emmis would be at a disadvantage and would be forced in many cases to accept a candidate who met the Commission's standards for a financial expert but would not otherwise be chosen as qualified for the company's board of directors. Indeed, the irony is that a company could satisfy the Commission's definition with a junior-level auditor from a public accounting firm but not with an experienced investment banker or venture capital investor or a chief executive officer from another public company. Clearly, the best interests of the investing public are not served by such a result.

Congress recognized in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that the role of a company's audit committee is to monitor the performance of the company's independent auditors and internal accountants, rather than to micromanage the audit itself or function as internal accountants for the company. Similarly, in describing the oversight function of an audit committee, the Blue Ribbon Committee on Improving the Effectiveness of Corporate Audit Committees, cited by the Commission in its release, cautioned that an audit committee "is neither intended nor equipped to guarantee with certainty to the full board and shareholders the accuracy and quality of a company's financial statements and accounting practices" and that financial reporting, accounting, and audit functions should instead be "conducted by full-time professionals dedicated to these purposes." As such, it is more important for the protection of shareholders and the integrity of the financial markets that audit committee members understand the meaning and importance of the financial information presented to them than that they be able to prepare audited statements themselves. Thus, I urge the Commission to broaden its definition of a "financial expert" to include individuals with experience in reviewing or analyzing financial statements.


Jeffrey H. Smulyan
Chief Executive Officer, President
& Chairman of the Board "

"Hey, Just thought you would want to see that Smulyan does not want to play by the same rules that all other corperations have to. After the termination of Arthor Anderson it took some time to find people who would work the numbers like they did. Now the SEC is cracking down and the boys on the board are worried. Love the site!" A New Orleans TV viewer e-mailed me this comment, " I just spent over two grand on a digital television system at (XXXX). I started calling around to find out who was transmitting digital and were. I found out that (XXX),(XXX) and (XXX) are on the air but all I got from FOX8 was "call our corporate office at (XXXX). At that point I started searching the net and found this page.This page has answered some nagging questions I have had about the crappy transmissions from FOX8. I also see that if and when they go digital it will be low power and low res with as you would put it "The M5" messing up what is left. I do not know if they realize that viewers like me will not watch crappy quality after spending so much on digital. There are other stations,DVDs,Satellite and much more out there." I also got this from a cube in our 50th state, Just thought I would update you on Joe Moore's play named "Dirty Laundry", well lets say that unofficially he caved to pressure from the hive and did a last minuet rewrite borrowing from other works. If you want the official line follow this link.The Honoluluadvertiser An FE reminder , please email me your change of address so we can keep the links list up to date. Note a bunch have been updated. A CE sent in this pic,

With the following caption " This Joker is card #56 and is wanted for crimes against humanity." Emmis stock has rebounded to about $19.50. A large number of Emmis insiders sold off millions of Dollars worth of stock at the last peak of near $20. That peak was 4/21&22/03. Jeff was not among those but many others are bailing. We stock holders are still waiting for our reports.From #41 to all those still chained below decks, "Row well and live."

4/20/04 Hive status report, Jeff spins at 3000+ RPM on conference call. He never lets the facts get in the way of a good story. Still no year end stock holders report. Caution when telling FE`s about big "M"s speech, do not tell some one just after they take a big swig of a soft drink, they will lose it all over you. A FE just asked " What is the supper Doppler 8000?"

This is it, an ICS/KONTRON 7520 server chassis with a 20 slot PCI backplane, an Endever dual PIII 800 MHz SBC, 1 GIG ram, HP scanner, 250 GIGS of U160 hard drive space, Plextor CD drive and burner, Targa 2000 pro and much more.With the exception of the scanner I run a duplicate system for back up. These SD8000 systems also have the proprietary Emmis BS detectors with 200 dB attenuator for Jeffs spin control calls.I ran into a "contractor" and an FE at Wal-Mart .The contractor said " They are not doing any thing any more so I do not get any work from them." and "what little they need done ,Jeff does." (not the big guy Jeff). We got to great lengths to bring you the most accurate web cast.

4/14/03 BIG M (MADELYN BONNOT) Speaks at NAB , on "how to retain employees"...You have got to be kidding. This is the person who brings in the cops for massive terminations! The terminations were orchestrated by her and her minions. Between this bunch of BS and load of bull Mikie spewed , I would not believe any thing said at NAB. I do think the NAB should do there home work on "expert speakers". This brought to you exclusively buy VUE Blues, Your Emmis authority.

4/13/03 M5 update....Many viewer complaints continue to filter into the VUE cube. Most are of the substandard audio, much lower number of complaints on the poor video from the M5. A CE from a non VUE cube sent me his insider list of the Stations about to be Assimilated into the hive. This Drone is designated 5 of 30. this is the list,

"WBRC Birmingham
WDAF Kansas City
KSTU Salt Lake City
WHBQ Memphis
WGHP Greensboro
KTBC Austin"

In addition this CE said "I do know the 2003 Employee Survey's have been pushed back to June. Good thing as we still haven't resolved the major issues from the last year...or the year before...or ...." The #1 complaint since Emmis got into TV is poor HR and general poor employee relations and low moral. I hear SR is high ( Silicon Relations). Still no year end stock holder report, it is taking time to make the numbers jump through hoops and do back flips. I was hoping info would taper off ,each time I think it will , more happens.For those who have not done the math , this will probably mean a cut of 100+ drones at these new cubes. This was a surprise email from a FE , " I waited until some time after my gag order expired to contact you. I worked in (XXXX) and was in (XXX) wave of terminations. You may not remember me ,you used to help me with (XXXX). I have been keeping up with the antics of Emmis and Jeff through your postings. I do not know if you realize how therapeutic it has been. I now work in (XXXX). I still can not get over how they treat people. If I had the guts I would start a site but as you suggested I will just peak at VUE Blues.Keep up the good work #41!" I hope the FOX O&O deal falls through, I would like for the info on the empire to fade. Be Happy in your work.

4/9/03 Exclusive VUE Blues report.... This just in from a viewer of this site (not an FE or CE). Emmis has filed the following with the FCC,

"Emmis Television License Corporation

Station WVUE, New Orleans, Louisiana

FCC Form 337

Application Statement

Emmis Television License Corporation is the licensee of WVUE,New Orleans,Louisiana. Station WVUE operates on NTSC Channel 8 and has been assigned digital television Channel 29. The Commission granted Emmis a six (6) month extension to May 26, 2003 to complete construction of Station WVUE-DT. Emmis hereby request an extension of six (6) months of the deadline to complete construction of station WVUE-DT.

Emmis anticipates having WVUE-DT on-air prior to November 26, 2003. As previous reported, Emmis, along with a collocated FM station , has undertaken tower studies looking toward mounting an FM antenna on the WVUE DTV tower to resolve a blanketing interference problem caused by the FM station. Further analysis revealed that modifications necessary to upgrade the current WVUE tower structure in order to support WVUE-DT would be neither practical nor economical. Emmis is currently in negotiations to locate the WVUE-DT facilities at a community site. Immediately after those negotiations are concluded, Emmis will pursue operation on an STA basis pending action on the modification.

In sum, Emmis has taken step to complete construction of WVUE-DT by May 26,2003; however, the deadline for commencement of digital operation cannot be met. Accordingly, a six-month extension of DTV Construction Permit BPCDT-19991028AEP is respectfully requested."

This is your basic load of crap, Emmis is just cheap and trying to use the FM station as an excuse to delay and move. And why would they want to do that? An attempt to break the WYES contract? After all they are only putting up a low power system. They do not even want to spend the money to get that up and running. If they do move ,I only know of one site that would work ,Spectrasite ( formerly Loadstar). And so it goes, gotta save the money for the new toys. Just as this viewer did, if you see some thing of interest -send it in so we all can enjoy it. Ramming Speed!!

4/7/03 VUE BLUES special.... Emmis and Jeff trying to buy six FOX O&O TV stations for $500 million. Warning to all carbon based life forms at those stations , start packing. "Emmis would end up with only a minority interest in the Dodgers but control of the TV stations, according to sources close to the deal. The stations, in small markets such as Salt Lake City, Austin, Texas, and Birmingham, Ala." Source on this info LA TIMES. " Smulyan's bid is expected to top $850 million: a $350-million value placed on the team plus more than $500 million for the stations." This is a company in such bad shape they force drones to take stock and the stock is down 20% for the last year. A company that had to sell two radio stations to meet there financial obligations last year. "Emmis, which has one of the highest debt levels in the radio business."As one CE put it " He does not know how Al the chicken king lost his company." Stock holders are not included in these bone head deals.The deal has not been sealed and would need FCC approval. Resistance is NOT futile.

4/6/03 Jeff is trying to buy a new toy using EMMIS funding ,"LA Dodgers bidders grows to include Emmis". Many remember Jeff played with the Seattle Mariners team some time ago.For more info on how he screwed them go to . He probably misses the corporate jet.After sending the web master at one of the "sports sites" my take on Jeff he replied,


I just saw an article in the Seattle Times today that
Jeff is after the Dodgers. Man I hope he isn't allowed
to do that. He nearly screwed us big time."

As one CE who sent in some info put it "Jeff Smulyan could not make sports work before, he is failing with TV & Radio so now he`s going to try sports again? All with stock holders money! " All from VUE Blues your Emmis authority. "You live to serve this ship, row well."

4/3/03 As predicted by this page, Jeff has cut most of the staff at the newly assimilated cube. This is in keeping with Emmis commandment #3 and "I have no major changes planned for [put station call here]" To all the new FE`s ,feel free to email me, provided you did not sign the standard Emmis gag In addition to the drone terminations, it seems as though the people company is now looking for a new caption dunsal to head WALA and the WB station. The old now FE chief Engineer must have voiced his thoughts on the M5? A CE sent this in "stop the presses, Emmis stock hits $50 a share. April Fools!!"

3/29/03 Extra-Extra new faster site for VUEBLUES and its archives. I recently discovered that I have more free space on AT&T and more email addresses, so this is what has been done. A mirror and now primary site for only Cube Talk/ VUEBlues has been set up at ,I do like the address :-) This location will only have the Emmis stuff, the link section will remain were it started long before the people company took over. In addition a new email address has been set up, you guessed it , so when you think of Emmis sucking, look to Emmissucks for the latest intel. I will be cutting down on the material on this page to make more room for my other pages, the bulk of the info will be at Emmissucks. Six FE`s and a few viewers of this site all commented on the timing and placement of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur on WYES last Saturday. Most said " How fitting ,Did Fred have any thing to do with this programming decision?" I do not think he has any pull in the programming dept, and yes I also caught the broadcast. One CE has sent me an MP3 file of the sounds heard below decks at VUE, as soon as I can figure out how to post it ,I will on the Emmissucks site.A recent FE sales person said "They go through sales people like toilet paper, low pay and low percentage. Not to mention the central casting screwing up what you manage to sell." The M5 is loved by one and all. All the veteran sales people have been purged from the system. Most have taken there clients to other stations or even other media. Stat tuned for more exclusively in Cube Talk your Emmis authority.

3/22/03 Hive status is poor, the stock is almost up to $18. I had a few emails on one of the last teleconferences Jeff and the gang did. "I take it you didn't listen to the Bear Sterns media conference that was advertised on the Emmis Web Site? At the end one of the folks at the conference started telling Smulyan that he over paid for these new Radio Properties. It was pretty funny." yes I caught it and so did a few others, "Smulyan was put on the spot about the poor investment in the recent radio station properties." and "The street knows Jeff F$%ked up again." I just got communication from an FE who has not talked to me since his departure in the purge of 2001, he said " I have stayed up to date by checking your site. I have wanted to cheer you on but I signed the gag order and I did not want to risk the wrath of Emmis. After reading one of your recent postings I checked my effective date to find out when I could speak my mind. I just passed the two year point so here I go....The first thing I did was go into my back yard at midnight on the day after that piece of crap expired and I yelled at the top of my lungs for five minuets about those blood sucking bastards. My neighbors probably thought I was nuts but I felt a whole lot better. I do not think I will post a web page but I will from now until I die ,tell one and all what I think of the people company. I think you have been vary conservative on your commentary, I will not be so kind. I only had (deleted) years at WVUE but the time under Emmis was the worst work experience in my life. I was better off before them and much better off now. As you have said the PRE-Emmis people are not the problem, the Emmis culture is the problem.One of these days the management will get what they deserve, I hope to live long enough to see it. BTW give me a call at (deleted) and I will give you an ear full of what I think of them. I love the SCI-FI and Ben-Hur tie ins ,they fit what those a$$ holes are doing. As you would put it #41 living well is the best revenge. It sound like Jeff has a new friend ,I did call this shafted FE but do to his extremely colorful vernacular I can not post any of what was said. I have mellowed since my departure but many others still have a bit of well earned destain for Emmis and its leaders. As I told a CE on Bourbon ST. " Emmis is now just a hobby to me, like Ham Radio or Telephone Collecting ,it is just fun to do and much cheaper than the other hobbies. M5 update, it has been just over two years since the NOPD surrounded the station for the ides of March blood letting. The Emmis version of "shock and awe". Most FE`s are now better off and much happier. Even though some management CE`s said "all the bugs would be worked out in a few months." only a limited audio improvement has happened. No video improvement and still poor switching and almost no transmitter monitoring and control. Since the tower light incident they have been doing that locally when they can. The entire broadcast industry now realizes that full central crapping does not work and is not economically viable, Jeff will stay with it never admitting he made a mistake.To the brave abused PRE Emmis CE`s , resistance is not futile.

3/16/03 Emmis stock up to $17. With Captain Cook moving into Jack Hawkins position in the evil empire ,many are wondering who will lead the drones on the VUE cube. Will he try to do what big M did? Will let you know. A CE said " The timing of the Radio anouncment was curiously set for after the end of the Emmis fiscal year." Typical Emmis ,trying to cook the numbers. Spin control to max. He also said " They only bought 51% of the group." Just enough to screw them up.The M5 continues to screw up, one of its more notable errors happened a few Saturdays ago when Entergy burped for a few hours, the blue haired one had no idea on what to do or some other lame excuse, so the station was off line for hours. This included the tower lights. I wonder if they made the appropriate phone call to the FAA? One of these days we will see a small plane stuck in the VUE tower. A number of interesting bits on Mardi Gras 2003 have come my way, but to protect those involved they will not be posted. Lets just say they did miss me, my planning and hardware.The Emmis stock holders now have to wait for Jeff and his gang to cook the books before we get our year end report, they have a 1000 gallon crock pot for this. From #41 to the remaining drones, row well.


They continue to slide another 2% today.close $15.49 and going down.Turn on the pumps!

3/8/03 Mardi Gras Wrapup.... I must say it was an interesting week for the Emmis drones. Each time I think things will settle down, Jeff and his band of gypsies prove me wrong. This week they decided to purchase a bunch of under achieving radio stations. This what led to the steeper than normal decline of the stock. As one analyst put it " Emmis is already having problems, now is not the time to take on more debt. They should concentrate on getting the current properties profits up." A word to the carbon based life forms just assimilated by Emmis, when Jeff visits you and says " I have no major changes planned for (insert call sign here) ",don't bet on it. As he has stated before ,"We go after under valued properties with the hope to make them more profitable." In English this means he thinks cutting staff will make the station look better on paper. This does work for a short time until the ratings follow the cuts. As with the stations in Colorado, he hopes to "boost" there value and sell them to unsuspecting buyers who do not realize what he did to make these short term gains. The key to this is not to hold these stations too long. Some will notice I revamped the link section to make navigation to the archives easier. As for carnival, It was funny to see Vic out pulling cable assemblies I built on Jigs I built. The ultimate irony. Many drones who have not been in the field for years were pressed into service. When I started my informal squeal rating of the VUE coverage, the first female on air person poled said it should be a "13". I had to inform her that since big "E" was no longer involved that it would be impossible to go above a 10. After averaging the seven drones who participated in the pole ,the official rating for WVUE Mardi Gras 2003 is 8.5 squeals. During cleanup on Wednesday VUE was a no show, I assume there gear was last out and it may still be on location. No one left for the clean up fun.There was an interesting article in Broadcast Engineering ,FEB 2003, page 80/S3. Titled In "Centralcasting Less Seems To Be More". In the opening paragraph "The Centralcasting concept has run into some snags that have given it the seeming relevance of a pet rock: it appeared to be a good decision at the time but is currently in the back of the closet." The article Mentions the two groups moving forward with a limited form of Central crapping, NBC and Sinclair. These organizations are not going to Full Emmis style central crapping. another thing brought up is the cost of the DS3 lines start at $1k to $2k per month per line and you will require multiple lines. A minimum of Two ,one for transmission and one for back hall monitoring. If you want back ups that will mean two more, Cha Ching !! This is what has happened to WVUE after a back hoe fade :-). These lines are only capable of 44.736 Mb/sec and the standard def NTSC requires 140 Mb/sec, HDTV requires 1.485Gb/sec. As stated in this article "These signal compression will reduce quality in these contribution feeds." An English translation means you get the M5 look. Some have said that putting a HD signal through such compression will lead to VHS quality at the end, "whats the point". Stations who elect to central cast HD will be wasting there money and losing viewers who will notice the poor quality on there $2000 DTV sets. If your were a viewer with your new $2k and up DTV set ,would you watch the M5? This article was slightly biased for central casting because the main advertisers are trying to sell the hardware in the publication, but they can not hide the numbers. Mean time Emmises Mikie is slated to speak at a forum of SBE engineers at the NAB on the benefits of central crapping. If you make a mistake it is best to con the entire industry in to making the same error. As one CE put it " Send that to Mikie, he will buy any thing." It would be interesting for some of the attendees to pitch the following questions to Mikie, "#1 Does central casting lower signal quality? #2 How long will it take to recoup our investment ? #3 How much will it cost per spoke?#4 Is there any operational cost savings? #5 Does it work?" The true answers to these are #1 yes it degrades the signal,#2 aprox 35 years if ever, #3 Cost will start at a million dollars and up per spoke, #4 No, operational cost end up going up when your hub has to expand staff and if you wish to have back ups this will require more DS3 lines and more spoke staff, #5 No ...just watch any spoke Emmis station. EXTRA ,EXTRA.... JOE " CAPTAIN" COOK named regional VP of Emmis TV, taking big "M"s old position. This completes his revenge for her "helping him exit Emmis" Now he can move back home. Will he? If so who will take over as Captain Dunsal? So let it be written ,so let it be done. VUE Blues ,Your Emmis authority.

3/5/03 Hive stock crashes !!! I was occupied with Mardi Gras so I did not keep up ,but one CE sent me some interesting facts. Emmis crashed on Monday going from its normally low level of $20 a share to just above $16 a share.While all locals took a hit ,no one took an 18% hit like the unstable people company.Plot it for your self ,EMMS,BLC,HTV&TRB. Stop rowing and start bailing !

3/4/03 Mardi Gras Update .... During my stay on Bourbon St. I ran into an old popular New Orleans radio guy who at one point dated big "M" and had some business dealings with her. He basically said "she is ruthless ,back stabbing and an over all poor business person." When informed of her current status he said "Could not have happed to some one more deserving." This guy is now in Denver Co. I also got to talk with the radio people I listen too on the way to and from work, they were live also. On Sunday I did cash in a bit ,while cutting through Harras I could not resist, so I tossed in a buck and a half and hit for $60. This gave me plenty of quarters for the vending machines. I did run out of VUE blues cards by mid day Monday. Once again I ran into an EMMIS radio person ,we had to talk. This CE drone told me "I thought Clear Channel was bad, I was wrong. I have only been with #*$#@ for a year and I am looking to get away from EMMIS." I think every person should spend some time at EMMIS, it would give you a bench mark to truly rate others. The lack of Carbon based life forms was evident this week end when VUE was a no show on Bourbon street live. A few of the off duty drones did show up, but not to work. This used to be booked up not only for VUE but was sold all over the country. The informal ratings on Mardi gras coverage would have to go #1 WDSU followed closely by WWL and a distant third place would go to VUE. The lack of engineers was obvious. Speaking of the lack of engineers ,not only was VUE in that boat ..WDSU was also spread thin to the point that I helped there photogs on more than one occasion. I also rescued The VUE people a bunch of times. Every one thinks they can get by with out engineers and I am sure the teams at both those stations did not know how close they were to failure of shots. DSU did lose one when the photog plugged into the wrong cable, not enough tech people to watch both ends of the wire. VUE had so many different video levels during there show ,I thought I was scanning COX cable each time they switched. On Sunday I had some time to kill so I tuned in TCM and caught the 1959 version of Ben-Hur, at many points during the flick I broke out laughing and the other media types did not get the joke. I had to tell them "You would have had to work for EMMIS to get the humor." So to close this exclusive VUE Blues report I will quote Quintis Airious as he spoke to #41 " Hate keeps a man alive." & " We keep you alive to serve this ship, row well and live." Battle speed!!

2/26/03 More trouble in the hive,"KHON-2-Fox General Manager Rick Blangiardi called primary anchor Joe Moore on the carpet last week and told him to stop promoting on-air a play he wrote, called "Dirty Laundry." "a no-holds-barred, uncensored look at what I think goes on behind the cameras and behind the scenes of the TV news business." Some think it may include some not so flattering exploits of corporate (EMMIS) mismanagement." I would love to see this one. The play opens in April and the Anchor may be "retired" at that time. First a web site,now a play,next who knows ...a made for TV movie? Back in the local cube,Brek re-marries and a news desk person heads for the lone star state. As the market takes a tumble, Emmis plunges at three times the rate of any one else in town.I will be doing Mardi Gras this week end so the next update will be after carnival ends. Throw me some thing mister, just make sure it is not Emmis stock.


2/23/03 Cube status update, Some have noticed that a new counter was added to the page. The old one was set up in the early days of ,they supplied free counters to auction sites and some web pages.As one viewer said two weeks ago "Your counter has been stuck for three weeks." This is not the first time, since honesty was sold and changed hands a few times ,the old counters seem to get moved from server to server and stop counting quite often. So I just decided to take the data and create a new one on the Andale system, the owners of the old honesty stuff. I let both run to see if they would count differently and sure enough the honest one gets stuck and lost count a few times in just a week or so. The honesty counter must have been assimilated by the collective so it has been retired like a replicant (Blade Runner). With guest in from out of town and prep for Mardi Gras ,I have not been paying too much attention to Emmis.I am sure they are still up to there old tricks.I did get a humorous email from an FE who said " The company I now work for promised profit sharing and a few other bennies related to the stock. I took this with a grain of salt after hearing such a load from Jeff when he took over WVUE. I was so shocked to get the ESOP statement and then I just got a note on a stock DIVIDEND, yes I said DIVIDEND... a word Emmis does not know. I am glad I dumped the Emmis crap when you said too. As you recommended I am keeping one share just to get the State of Jeff reports." Sounds like we have another satisfied FE. He also said " Living well is the best revenge." I have heard this from a few FE`s. The FCC is going to be focusing on EEOC compliance and discrimination complaints vary closely when license renewal time comes around for radio and TV stations. This should be fun to watch when the Emmis stations come up for renewal, There are no minorities or females in The VUE management team now that Big M and Big E are both gone. A CE sent in this comment " We are waiting for Captain Cook to hold a concert in studio A with Great White as the headliner!". I do not think Emmis would spend that kind of money to retire drones. Ramming speed!

2/14/03 M5 Update... Emmis high level drones drop in on the VUE cube. What are they here for? Budgets? Terminations? one CE put it this way " VIC is on vacation and they are here, it has to be bad." VUE in now totally committed to the M5. Master control has been gutted "we are now in the same boat as WALA.". WVUE loses Travel channel gig for Mardi Gras, as a result of this they are now tightening up on spending and doing all production in house. The Travel channel gig used to pay for Mardi Gras ,now with a reduced staff they will try to make the pig fly, good luck. I am glad I am not there ,because it would have been up to me to make it work with less. To quote another CE "Emmis is a true believer in FM ,if you can do more and more with less and less ,soon you will be able to do any thing with nothing." While on a visit to the WYES transmitter site to see if they could squeeze the low power DTV transmitter into the YES building, the Emmis drones started discussing heat load, power requirements and last on the list was were to put it... one drone said to the YES transmitter guy "we can just knock down the transmitter guys office/control room." at that point they were escorted to the door by the WYES guy. Typical Emmis making friends and trying to eliminate carbon based employees. The fun never stops in the collective. This info only available on VUE blues, your Emmis authority. Row Well and live.

2/9/03 More Trouble in paradise. Emmis installs dishes with out proper land use permits , sounds like big "E" has gone to work for KHON. The home owners and Emmis are now trying to resolve this illegal installation, it would be interesting to see them have to take jack hammers to them. The fourth CE has confirmed " Breck has signed a life time contract." I waited for four independent confirmations on this one, I could not believe it. Also Emmis is thinking of central casting weather, talk is VUE will be the hub, but others think they will move breck to Florida and shut down the VUE weather operation. If you check the Archives you will find this has been part of the plan from day one. Additional scuttlebutt is that "Emmis is going to automate audio and maybe the production switcher." "low quality was not good enough for Jeff, he is shooting for pi$$ poor." Will they ever learn? This was sent in by another local engineer, " How in the he11 can they think any one would believe the lies they are spreading about you. As far as I know it was there chief engineer who threatened you with bodily harm and death in the Shoneys parking lot." it is called spin control. As more of the Emmis gag orders expire ,I get the same question " How do I start a web site?" for the most part I do not recommend it, they (Emmis) will go after you. If you must I will be glad to help. If you to take my advice and not start a site, send in what you want to vent about, if it can be confirmed it will be posted. "Be happy in your work." Bridge On The River Kwi.

2/2/03 This week in Cube Talk,

Emmis loses Federal court case

Jeff signs WVUE IBEW contract

TV Technology article tells what Jeff did wrong

Emmis loses Federal court case between KHON and female drone. $77k awarded. "A federal jury decided that KHON executives violated news reporter Mary Zanakis' rights when they gave her a new assignment and later fired her after she returned from maternity leave. litigation for lost future earnings pending, it may amount to high six figures. The station had argued during the two-week trial that Zanakis' reassignment and later dismissal in 1999 had nothing to do with her going on maternity leave but was the result of budget cuts imposed by the station owner, Emmis Communications of Indianapolis, and a decline in the quality of her work. Zanakis had been at the station for more than 18 years." This sounds familiar, I was with VUE for 18 years. Jeff and the gang finally signed the IBEW contract and the VUE drones get a three year deal of 3/2/2% They also get random drug testing and a few other changes.As one CE put it "He was afraid we all would leave, but I think they changed enough if,and & buts to make the changes he wanted ." I have not seen the entire document but I think the CE is probably correct.The big W rejected the Belo offer and they will continue to try to work it out. In the Jan 22 issue of TV technology ,page 10 tells the pros and cons of centralcasting. Had Jeff read this and under stood it, He would have never gone this rout. As one CE said when he let me know the article was out " Emmis has done all the wrong things for the wrong reasons, that is why it does not work.They could have saved time in the article by just using Emmis as the "do not do it this way" model." Three CE`s told me of the article before my copy showed up. Once again I had the opportunity to compare the major stations running the same feed during the state of the cube address this past Tuesday. Not much changed NBC had the best signal followed by ABC then CBS and yep FOX/VUE was a distant fourth. The following factors were used, Signal to noise, resolution,distortion and over all picture quality. The M5 also had VUE running two words behind the other network feeds.Two Drones thinking of severing ties with the hive,2 of 4 and 1 of 2. An E-Mail asked "If they gave us the 3% ,how much will Jeff get?" I will let you know when it is filed with the SEC.Many reports of the M5 putting up a video trouble slide, that may not seem to be unusual if it was not for the ID of FOX 4....4 ,8 its all the same.It was most likely the blue haired one who screwed up by trying to explain the M5 to its viewers.More later from VUE Blues ,Your Emmis authority!

1/26/03 Emmis discrimination update..."Emmis is being sued by former reporter Mary Zanakis, who claims KHON improperly demoted and then fired her after she took maternity leave in 1999." One of the emmis clones who was told of her plans to sue ,backed Emmis claims ,probobly out of fear. "when he was asked yesterday to compare the reporting skills of Channel 2 investigative reporter Tina Shelton to those of Zanakis, Moore used a sports analogy saying it would be like comparing "an NFL all-pro and a high school player."

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"It's our people that make the difference" Jeff Smulyan

Cube status update, IBEW contract still not signed, Emmis now holds another record at WVUE. As I have mentioned before- keeping your on site info up to date can bring bucks $$. Thanks to some CE`s and FE`s I received quite a bit of NATPE freelance work and I was able to pass some video shooting work to an FE. You never know were the next job will come from! Please check your link, some have been updated. One FE said "I hope your new year is off to a pleasant and prosperous beginning. I keep in touch with several CE’s and it's both interesting & sad to see/hear what has happened and continues to occur at WVUE. Quite simply, I'm glad I relocated 4 years ago to the Emerald Coast of Florida and AV sales aint too bad! When you get a chance, please update my e-mail addy on your site…it is now: (XXXX) Say “HEY” to any FE’s you may bump into for me. Talk to you soon." As another FE put it " Thanks for the tip, I got three days out of it." I also wish to thank those who sent me work from Australia, Japan and Las Angeles. Propaganda update... some disinformation was spread about six months after my departure when the team could not fault the content they tried to discredit the bulletin board host/me. The newest round of these consist of two variations of the same story, 1 I " Have put a WVUE news director under a riffle scope from my back yard." the second version of this story is that I "put a WVUE GM under a riffle scope from my balcony." You can start laughing now, just as many of those who have heard these urban myths have done. The truth is my life is to boring so they took my membership in the NRA and made up a story and as one FE put it " they do not even have a good imagination, if they are going to make some thing up be creative." another said " If any of it was true you would be in jail. Emmis would love for you to make such a move. They would be rid of you." This is true but they hope people are not smart enough to figure that out. I wish it had been some thing more original like " He ate the brains of a news director with some fauver beans and fine wine." opps that has been used :-). I guess it is up to the M5 to come up with an original bit of fiction. If you hear one of these " rumors from the cube" send it in so we can all get a laugh. This will save time waiting for the newest one to circulate. If they were to spread the truth about me it would be a cure insomnia, not the desired effect they are going for. Resistance is not futile ! So let it be written ,so let it be done. VUE Blues your Emmis Authority. Some times referred to as CUBE TALK.

1/19/03 M5 update...VUE takes delivery of new tuna can transmitter, transmitter CE soon to be FE. The only time Emmis buys silicon is to replace carbon. This from an FE " WYES promotes FE VUE chief engineer back to chief level at YES. This should be fun to watch." In last weeks SBE meeting a audio board company brought there product in a real nice demo truck . This may not seem to be M5 related but one of the nice features the guy showed the group was that the faders recognized if a human was touching it and it would allow it to be moved, if it was bumped by a non human ( a clip board,script or some thing) the fader would fight the move and return to its last human set position. I could not help my self, I turned to a CE in the truck and said " you will never get one of these" and some one else said "why" and I replied " They do not want humans working for them" every one had a good chuckle. Honolulu reporter sues Emmis, claims rights were violated.Source NEWBLUES and other online mags. If stats are correct and only one of every ten cases get filed and only one of a hundred are ever persued by a wronged worker ,Emmis is as we all thought .I keep getting questions on " Should I sue them?" A reminder again, keep me up to date on your email link. A full time job for a CE was just blown because the employer got an outdated link from this page. I do not have a new one so when they contacted me I suggested another photog, I think they got it. The Cube is trying a disinformation and propaganda aimed at this web master, if you can not fault the information try to discredit the source. More on this next week.Row well and live.

1/12/03/b M5 update of the update. A CE sent in the following

"This was a planned outage for equipment upgrades in Orlando; we were
informed of it a week ago."

Under a normal station operation ,upgrades do not put you off the air like the M5 does. You do every thing you can to plan to stay on line. If you replace your STL ,you rig a temp, work on a transmitter you switch to a back up, work on a antenna switch to a back up,work on master control switch to a back up switcher. Not with the M5. Humans would have made spot reels and had all needed programming and commercials laid off to tape ,then shut down the automation for up grade. There are no humans left to do this, all the media is in Florida. Just another flaw in Jeffs system. Keep rowing.


1/12/03 M5 update Last night the M5 spewed again, I noticed this at 12:30am while I was scanning and it was still off line at 1:30am when I went to sleep. I do not know the full length of the M5 failure and I am sure no one at Emmis does either. Once again the back up servers FAILED!! ,at least the lack of video detector shut the transmitter down. They did save on electrical cost.You may wander how I know this was an M5 failure, simple , VUE like all other stations feed the cable system with fiber so if it was just a transmitter failure you would still be on cable. Bonus update, Jeff did come through with a 0.5% bonus about $200 per drone. If this formula is applied to Jeffs compensation he should get $4,500 based on last years $900K in compensation. For those who do not want to do the math ,Jeff gets 22 times what a drone gets in pay, this does not take into account the $14mil + in stock options he voted him self last year. I will post what he gets when the SEC releases that data. IBEW contract update, "Those SOB`s still have not signed." is what was sent in. List update, please check your email link. Many people still are using this site for its primary function...a links page. If your link is out of date I get the mail asking for the correct one. If I have it ,it is posted. You never know were that next gig or job will come from?


1/7/03 M5 Flash.... Former Portland anchor sues Emmis for age discrimination. This seems to be a pattern at Emmis. As this site has reported in the past ,they (EMMIS) continue to cull the heard using age as one of there criteria. As much as the try to mask this ,all that have been forced out receive a document that gives ages of those terminated and those who remain. It has been noted by more than one FE that only low paid new bees were left while seasoned veterans in the same position were terminated. As one CE put it " Skills and loyalty did not count for @&$#( when the time came, only pay rate,sex and age. Boot licking did help." This is the compleete story from Shop Talk,

"Former TV Anchor Sues KOIN
Portland Oregonian

Former Portland television news anchor Shirley Hancock has sued KOIN,
claiming management did not renew her contract in 2001 because of her
age and because she had complained about a hostile work environment.

The lawsuit also claims that management discriminated against her by
refusing to pay her as much as male co-anchors.

Hancock joins a growing number of women television anchors who've
filed civil-rights lawsuits against their former employers. The suit,
filed Aug. 6 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, has been shifted to
U.S. District Court in Portland.

The suit seeks unspecified back and lost future pay, but does not
specify an amount.

Robert Carey, an attorney for Emmis Communications, the
Indianapolis-based owner of KOIN, declined to comment. A call to the
station last week was not returned.

Hancock also declined to comment.

Hancock worked for the station for 18 years as a reporter and anchor,
according to the suit. She and Mike Donahue were co-anchors for about
16 years, the longest-running team in Portland.

Emmis bought KOIN in October 2000. In March 2001, the company laid off
between 20 and 30 employees in Portland.

The suit claims that most of the employees were older than 40, but in
court papers Emmis and KOIN officials deny that age was a factor in the
personnel moves.

Emmis continued its personnel moves in June 2001, reassigning Donahue,
laying off several employees and declining to renew the contract of
Hancock, who was then 43. Jeff Gianola and Kelley Day replaced Donahue
and Hancock.

"I think this is a blessing," Hancock said at the time. "I just need
to find a healthier place where I can go to work without a knot in my
stomach every day."

She now works as a public relations consultant in Portland.

In her suit, Hancock says the station repeatedly ignored her
complaints that she was paid less than her men co-anchors, as well as
other anchors in the Portland television market.

She also says the work environment included derogatory comments by an
on-air personality and some managers about women and gay people and
bullying of women interns by an on-air male personality.

In addition, the suit says, a former news director shouted obscenities
at Donahue and Hancock, made negative comments about Hancock's work to
her peers and urged the staff to "whore up the news."

In court papers, Emmis acknowledges that Hancock complained in writing
about the dynamics of the newsroom, including some of the examples in
the suit.

But KOIN and Emmis officials deny in the papers that they
discriminated against Hancock because of her age or gender or that
management retaliated against her because she complained.

Shortly after she left the station, Hancock said the failure to renew
her contract was the last straw.

"I feel like I've endured some really tough times with some
questionable management practices," she said.

Other women anchors older than 40 have sued their former stations in
recent years alleging age and gender discrimination.

In 1999, Janet Peckinpaugh won a $3.8 million court verdict against
WFSB-TV in Hartford, Conn., after a jury found the station guilty of
gender discrimination. The jury did not uphold her claim of age
discrimination. Peckinpaugh lost her job when she was 44.

Last year, 55-year-old Beverly Williams sued KYW-TV in Philadelphia,
claiming race, gender and age discrimination, and Carol Kaplan, 41,
made the same claims in her suit against WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, N.Y.

Anthony L. Liuzzo, professor of business and economics at Wilkes
University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., notes that federal law prohibits
employers from discriminating on the basis of age or gender, except
under limited circumstances.

Movie-makers, for example, can consider age, gender and race when
casting a film, said Liuzzo, who holds has a law degree.

On the other hand, he said, courts in the 1970s rejected the policy of
many airlines to hire only women as flight attendants.

More recently, Hooters, a restaurant chain that features voluptuous
and scantly clad women as servers, paid $3.75 million in 1997 to settle
a class-action lawsuit filed by men who said the company was
discriminatory in refusing to hire them because of their gender.

Liuzzo said the burden on Hancock is to prove that KOIN discriminated
against her because of her age or gender. At the same time, he said, TV
stations have generally preferred to avoid trials that could reveal
embarrassing details about their newsrooms.

"The vast majority of these cases are settled," he said. "

The last one filed against Emmis was "settled".

1/4/03 M5 and Emmis ,2002 the year in revue


This kind of sums it up, thanks for sending it in. This represents another year of M5 gains. Jeff has been hinting at a 10% cost cutting measures. Cost cutting at Emmis is in drones. This could mean expanding central crapping or deeper cuts at M5 stations. I can say it will not be in his compensation package. Big E is now in control of Cable World funding ,how long will it be before Angelico does a series on this? IBEW contract still not signed, they are going for a record. Breck signs a 3 or 5 year contract, depending on who you hear it from.This had me rolling on the floor for a while.


I got a bunch more via email but I will have wade through it. Please no more pics of Jeff and the board doing it with farm animals. Keep rowing.